Celebrities That Live in Calabasas

By PropertyClub Team
Apr 14th 2024
Nestled in the rolling hills of Los Angeles County, Calabasas has become a haven for the rich and famous, boasting stunning estates and a serene atmosphere. Calabasas is not only a picturesque suburban retreat but also a coveted address for the Hollywood elite. Join us as we unveil the star-studded lineup of celebrities who have chosen to make Calabasas their residence.

hash-mark1. Kim Kardashian

Arguably one of the most famous faces in the world, Kim Kardashian, along with her famous family, has become synonymous with Calabasas. Kim's Calabasas abode, acquired from ex-husband Kanye West for a staggering $23 million, reflects her status as a style icon and business mogul. Beyond her real estate ventures, Kim has found success as a reality TV star, entrepreneur, and advocate.

hash-mark2. Justin Bieber

The pop sensation Justin Bieber made waves when he purchased a sprawling mansion in Calabasas back in 2012 for $6.5 million. Bieber's time in Calabasas was not without controversy, but the singer has since found his footing and continues to dominate the music scene with chart-topping hits and sold-out tours.

hash-mark3. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

Power couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's expansive Calabasas compound is a testament to their Hollywood reign. Worth a reported $42 million and seven years in the making, their estate reflects their status as Tinseltown royalty. 

Both actors have had great careers. Will Smith is known for iconic roles in films like "Men in Black'' and "The Pursuit of Happyness." Jada Pinkett Smith has captivated audiences in projects like "The Matrix" and "Girls Trip.""

hash-mark4. Kourtney Kardashian

Following in her sister's footsteps, Kourtney Kardashian also calls Calabasas home. Her $9 million mansion is a sanctuary for the reality TV star and her family. Beyond her appearances on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," Kourtney has delved into the world of lifestyle branding and advocacy.

hash-mark5. Nas

Renowned rapper Nas joined the ranks of Calabasas residents with his purchase of a $3.5 million home in 2021. With a career spanning decades, Nas has solidified his place in hip-hop history with classic albums like "Illmatic" and "It Was Written."

hash-mark6. John Travolta

Iconic actor John Travolta found tranquility in Calabasas with his Mediterranean-style home valued at $2.65 million. Known for his roles in films like "Grease," "Pulp Fiction," and "Saturday Night Fever," Travolta continues to captivate audiences with his timeless charm.

hash-mark7. Travis Barker

Travis Barker is another celebrity that has lived in Calabasas. Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker's Calabasas residence, available for rent at $23,000 a month, offers a glimpse into his rockstar lifestyle. Beyond his musical endeavors, Barker has ventured into entrepreneurship and television, showcasing his dynamic talents.

hash-mark8. Kylie Jenner

Youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner, resides in a lavish mansion boasting 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and numerous luxury amenities. Beyond her social media prowess, Kylie has built a beauty empire with her cosmetics brand, Kylie Cosmetics, solidifying her status as a business mogul.

hash-mark9. Khloe Kardashian

Completing the Kardashian trifecta, Khloe Kardashian previously owned a mansion in Calabasas, which she sold for $15.5 million. Known for her candid demeanor and entrepreneurial spirit, Khloe continues to make waves in the world of fashion and entertainment.

hash-mark10. Sylvester Stallone

Renowned action star Sylvester Stallone once resided in Calabasas, owning a palatial estate that epitomized Hollywood opulence. Stallone's career, spanning iconic roles in "Rocky" and "Rambo," has cemented his status as a cinematic legend. His tenure in Calabasas reflected not just a home, but a retreat fit for a silver screen hero.

hash-mark11. Kevin Hart

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart's sprawling Spanish villa-style compound sprawls across 26 acres of Calabasas terrain. Beyond his comedic prowess, Hart has charmed audiences with his performances in films like "Ride Along" and "Central Intelligence," carving a niche as one of Hollywood's most bankable stars.

hash-mark12. Brandy

R&B sensation Brandy's Calabasas abode boasts six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, a testament to her enduring success in the music industry. With a career spanning multiple platinum albums and accolades, including a Grammy Award, Brandy's influence extends far beyond the confines of her luxurious home.

hash-mark13. Scott Disick

Though not currently residing in Calabasas, Scott Disick, former partner of Kourtney Kardashian, once called the area home. His Hidden Hills property, which he sold for $5.6 million, exemplifies the luxury lifestyle associated with Calabasas.

hash-mark14. Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn

The Hollywood power couple, Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn, have found domestic bliss in Calabasas alongside their twin daughters. O'Connell's diverse acting career and Romijn's iconic roles in "X-Men" and "Ugly Betty'' have solidified their status as household names, while their tranquil Calabasas abode provides a respite from the glitz and glamor of Tinseltown.

hash-mark15. French Montana

Hip-hop artist French Montana once called Calabasas home, selling his mansion for a cool $5 million. Known for his chart-topping hits and collaborations with industry heavyweights, Montana's stint in Calabasas exemplified the intersection of music, luxury, and celebrity culture.

hash-mark16. Rob Kardashian

Member of the Kardashian clan, Rob Kardashian, resides in a luxurious Calabasas mansion valued at $7.5 million. While often overshadowed by his famous siblings, Rob's presence in Calabasas underscores the family's deep-rooted ties to the community.

hash-mark17. Katie Holmes

Actress Katie Holmes found refuge in Calabasas, her $4.6 million home offering a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. Known for her roles in "Dawson's Creek" and "Batman Begins," Holmes' understated elegance permeates her Calabasas abode, reflecting her timeless appeal on and off the screen.

hash-mark18. Britney Spears

Pop icon Britney Spears made headlines with her purchase of a sprawling Calabasas estate in 2022, boasting seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms across 11,600 square feet. Despite the challenges she faced, Spears' resilience and talent have solidified her status as a cultural icon, with her Calabasas retreat offering a serene escape from the tumult of fame.

hash-mark19. Eddie Cibrian

Actor Eddie Cibrian once called Calabasas home until 2010, his presence adding to the tapestry of celebrity life in the enclave. Known for his roles in "Sunset Beach" and "CSI: Miami," Cibrian's tenure in Calabasas mirrored the ebb and flow of Hollywood's ever-evolving landscape.

hash-mark20. Iggy Azalea

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea's mansion in the nearby Hidden Hills gated community exemplifies the allure of Calabasas living. With chart-topping hits and a distinctive style, Azalea's presence in the vicinity underscores Calabasas' status as a magnet for musical talent and celebrity allure.