16 Best New York Suburbs

By PropertyClub Team
Jan 12th 2024
The best New York suburbs provide residents a safe, family friendly environment, and a convenient commute into the city. Although NYC is a great place to live, the fast-paced lifestyle isn't for everyone. So, instead, many residents flock to the suburbs surrounding the city for an easy commute and a more laidback pace of life. Here is a look at some of the best suburbs of NYC.

hash-mark16 Best NYC Suburbs

  1. Hoboken, NJ
  2. Bronxville, NY
  3. Weehawken, NJ
  4. Larchmont, NY
  5. Manhasset, NY
  6. White Plans, NY
  7. Greenwich, CT
  8. Port Washington, NY
  9. Stamford, CT
  10. Montclair, NJ
  11. Tarrytown, NY
  12. Bethpage, NY
  13. Farmingdale, NY
  14. Darien, CT
  15. Ridgewood, NJ
  16. New Canaan, CT

hash-markHoboken, NJ

The best NYC suburb is Hoboken due to its fantastic location, lively downtown, and low taxes. Thanks to the path train, Hoboken almost feels like another borough within New York City, and the commute to Manhattan from Hoboken is lightning fast. In fact, Hoboken is closer to most NYC landmarks than most parts of Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and the Bronx. 

Hoboken has a popular downtown with plenty of bars, restaurants, parks, museums, and art galleries with gorgeous NYC skyline views. The PATH train can get you from Hoboken to NYC in about less than 10 minutes and runs almost 24/7, making the city great for commuters looking for a lower cost of living.  

hash-markBronxville, NY

Bronxville is also one of the best NYC suburbs. Bronxville is a small community within the town of Eastchester in Westchester County. The suburb is small yet highly desirable and located just 15 miles from Midtown Manhattan. It’s often ranked among the most expensive suburbs in the country, with a median home price of over $2 million. But if you can afford the living costs, Bronxville offers great public schools and a fast commute to Manhattan. The Metro-North train from Bronxville goes directly into Grand Central and takes about 30 minutes.

hash-markWeehawken, NJ

Weehawken is one of the best New York suburbs thanks to its proximity to the city, highly rated schools, and picturesque waterfront. Weehawken is located in Hudson County, right along the Hudson River, directly across from Midtown Manhattan. It’s famous for its panoramic views and close proximity to Manhattan. The Lincoln Tunnel leads directly into Weehawken, allowing commuters to drive into Midtown in about 20 minutes. Plus, several buses can get you into Port Authority in about 15 minutes.

hash-markLarchmont, NY

Larchmont is a wealthy village located in the town of Mamaroneck, New York, in Westchester County. Located just 18 miles northeast of Midtown Manhattan, Larchmont is a great town for commuters with top schools and plenty of parks and beaches along the Long Island Sound. With easy access to I-95 and Metro-North trains that go into Grand Central, commuters can make it into the city in about 30 minutes.

hash-markManhasset, NY

Manhasset is another one of the nicest suburbs of New York City. Manhassat is located in Nassau County, situated at the tip of Manhasset Bay. The town is home to Americana Manhasset, an open-air shopping center with outlets from high-end retailers such as Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, and Brooks Brothers. Nearby is the railroad station on Plandome Road, where commuters can take the LIRR into Manhattan. 

hash-markWhite Plains, NY

Another one of the best suburbs of NYC is White Plains. This city is in Westchester County and is located about 25 miles north of Midtown Manhattan. White Plains is 11th largest city in New York State, White Plains, offers a good mix between suburban living and urban convenience. Often considered the commercial hub of Westchester County, the city is home to a diverse shopping and restaurant scene and renowned educational and medical facilities. Commuters can drive into Manhattan via I-18 and be there in about 40 minutes or take Metro-North directly into Grand Central.

hash-markGreenwich, CT

Another one of the best NYC suburbs is Greenwich, a picturesque town on Connecticut’s Gold Coast. Situated right along the New York / Connecticut border on the Long Island Sound, Greenwich is an affluent area that offers a gorgeous quaint, coastal lifestyle with low property taxes and plenty of entertainment. Express trains from Greenwich can get you into Grand Central, making it an excellent suburb for commuters.

hash-markPort Washington, NY

Port Washington is a hamlet of North Hempstead, a city in Nassau County on the North Shore of Long Island. The area is known for its picturesque, tree-lined blocks, parks, beaches, and gorgeous views of Manhasset Bay. It’s a vibrant community with plenty to offer, located only 17 miles from New York City. Port Washington is one of the best cities for commuters on Long Island, who can take the Long Island Railroad directly into Penn Station.

hash-markStamford, CT

Located just 34 miles outside of Manhattan, Stamford is another city on Connecticut’s Gold Coast that is a haven for commuters. The second-largest city in Connecticut, Stamford offers a good blend of urban and suburban ambiance with plenty of shops, restaurants, museums, beaches, wetlands, and hiking trails. Amtrak and Metro-North offer trains that run through Stamford daily, making it one of the best NYC suburbs for commuters.  

hash-markMontclair, NJ

Located at the base of the First Watchung Mountains, Montclair is a peaceful suburb in Essex County, New Jersey. It boasts a diverse population and flourishing arts community with plenty of museums, live theaters, galleries, and boutiques. The Midtown Direct train offers direct access to Penn Station for commuters, plus Interstate 280 and New Jersey Route 3 allow drivers to get into the city in about 50 minutes.

hash-markTarrytown, NY

Tarrytown is another one of the best suburbs in New York. Tarrytown is a village within the town of Greenburg, situated along the Hudson River in Westchester County. Located just 25 miles north of Manhattan, Tarrytown is among the best suburbs for commuters in New York City. The Metro-North Hudson Line makes a direct stop in Tarrytown, allowing residents to get into Grand Central in under an hour.

hash-markBethpage, NY

Bethpage is a peaceful hamlet within the town of Oyster Bay, Long Island. Residents enjoy a low crime rate and excellent schools, which attracts a lot of families. The most notable attraction is Bethpage State Park, which has tennis courts, picnic areas, a polo field, and five golf courses. It’s just under an hour’s drive into Manhattan, or residents can take the LIRR into Penn Station, which is often slightly faster.

hash-markFarmingdale, NY 

Farmingdale is a village within the town of Oyster Bay in Nassau County. It’s a peaceful, tight-knit community with plenty of movie theaters, restaurants, shops, and good public schools. Located about 37 miles from Manhattan, residents can get into Midtown in just under an hour. Commuters can either drive along via the Long Island Expressway or take the Ronkonkoma Branch train of the LIRR.

hash-markDarien, CT

Darien is another coastal town in Fairfield County, located about 60 minutes outside NYC. The smallest city on Connecticut’s Gold Coast, Darien is home to about 21,500 people, attracting those looking for a quiet, less densely populated town. Darien offers an abundance of parks, golf courses, beaches, and other outdoor attractions. Plus, the Metro-North train can get you into the city in just about an hour. 

hash-markRidgewood, NJ

Ridgewood is also one of the nicest suburbs of New York. This small town in Bergen County is located about 20 miles northwest of Midtown Manhattan. Often named one of the state’s most affluent communities, Ridgewood offers plenty of upscale shopping and excellent public schools. There is no direct train into Manhattan, but commuters can take New Jersey transit and transfer to Secaucus to get to Penn Station or NJ-17 or Route 4 to get into Manhattan by car.

hash-markNew Canaan, CT

New Canaan is a landlocked town within Connecticut’s Gold Coast that offers picturesque architecture and multiple public parks. The area is recognized as one of the wealthiest towns in the country, with a fantastic public school system. Located just over an hour from NYC by car or train, New Canaan is one of the best suburbs to commute to NYC. The New Haven Line runs directly into Grand Central, and CT-15 offers direct access to the city for those who drive.