Most Dangerous Cities in Mississippi

Jun 19th 2024
Mississippi offers plenty of southern charm and is known for its affordable housing, great beaches, and BBQ. However, some parts of the state still suffer from poverty and high crime rates. Before you visit or move to the state, be sure you're familiar with the top ten worst cities in Mississippi due to their high crime rates so you know which areas to avoid. 

hash-mark10 Most Dangerous Cities in Mississippi

  1. Cleveland
  2. Vicksburg
  3. Pascagoula
  4. Jackson
  5. Greenville
  6. McComb
  7. Meridian
  8. Greenwood
  9. Flowood
  10. Philadelphia

hash-mark1. Cleveland

The most dangerous city in Mississippi is Cleveland. Cleveland is located in Bolivar County, which is home to Delta State University and The Grammy Museum Mississippi. Out of a population of roughly 11,199, Cleveland has a crime rate that is 148% above the national average. Out of 616 criminal incidents recorded in 2023, this figure included three murders, 97 assaults, and 77 burglaries. Residents have an overall 1 in 18 chance of becoming the victim of a crime in Cleveland. With few employment options in the immediate area, the average income in Cleveland is 22% below the national average. 

hash-mark2. Vicksburg

Vicksburg is also one of the worst cities in Mississippi due to its high crime rate. Vicksburg is a historic city in Warren County that is home to a large Army base. The town's crime rate is 115% above the national average, with residents having a 1 in 21 chance of becoming the victim of a crime. Common types of crime include burglary, theft, vehicle theft, assault, and robbery. There were four murders recorded in 2023, with much of the criminal activity in Vicksburg involving drug use. 

hash-mark3. Pascagoula

Pascagoula is also one of the most dangerous towns in Mississippi. It is located along the Gulf Coast in the southern part of the state. The town has a population of 22,000 and a crime rate that is 113% above the national average. The majority of crime in Pascagoula relates to property theft and issues stemming from drug use in the area. There were two murders and eight robberies recorded in 2023. 

hash-mark4. Jackson 

Jackson is the capital and the largest city in Mississippi, and it has long struggled with poverty and crime. Out of a population of 153,514, Jackson's crime rate is 30% above the national average, making it one of the worst cities in Mississippi to live in due to its high crime rate. While residents report downtown being safe during the day, the area does have a large homeless population. Violent crime and theft, especially car theft, are common in Jackson. The average income in Jackson is 24% below the national average. 

Jackson is also one of the most conservative cities in the US

hash-mark5. Greenville

Part of the historic Mississippi Delta, Greenville is a medium-sized city located in Washington County. With a population of 29,670, and a crime rate that is 15% above the national average, Greenville is also one of the most dangerous cities in Mississippi. The area surrounding Greenville struggles with poverty, unemployment, and drug addiction, which heavily contributes to the town's high property crime rate. Greenville still continues to be a relatively popular spot for musicians and those interested in Mississippi history. 

hash-mark6. McComb

Located in Pike County, McComb is a medium-sized town 80 miles south of Jackson. Most of the crime in McComb relates to property crime and theft. While most residents feel safe overall in McComb, the area has experienced economic decline in recent years. With employment prospects scarce, the average income in McComb is 44% below the national average. Schools are underfunded and consistently rank poorly. 

hash-mark7. Meridian

Meridian is a town in Lauderdale County known for its pivotal role in the Civil War. Crime in Meridian is 5% above the national average out of a population of 35,052. The vast majority of crime in Meridian involved burglary, theft, and vehicle theft. Meridian struggles with poverty, unemployment, and drug addiction as well. The median income in Meridian is 23% below the national average with schools receiving similarly poor rankings. 

hash-mark8. Greenwood

Greenwood is a dangerous Mississippi town located along the Yazoo River and is known for being a blues and gospel music hub. With a population of roughly 14,490, Greenwood has a property crime rate that is slightly above the national average. Being a small town without major industry nearby means that Greenwood suffers from poverty and unemployment. The median income in Greenwood is 20% below the national average. 

hash-mark9. Flowood 

Flowood is also one of the worst cities in Mississippi due to its high crime rates. Flowood is located in Rankin County and is part of the Jackson Metropolitan area. Flowood is considered to be safer than Jackson and draws more residents and businesses. Some crimes, such as theft, vehicle theft, and burglary, still occur. There were zero murders, one robbery, and fifteen assaults reported in Flowood in 2023. 

hash-mark10. Philadelphia

Located in central Mississippi, Philadelphia is a city and the county seat of Neshoba County. With a population of 7,118, Philadelphia is an area that struggles with unemployment and poverty. While statistically, Philadelphia's crime rate is below the national average, the average income is 24% below the national average. The average test scores for schools in Philadelphia are 32% below the national average, and the district lacks funding.