Most Affluent Detroit Suburbs

By PropertyClub Team
Jun 19th 2024
Detroit, known as the Motor City, has changed a lot in recent years. While it has suffered from a decline in the industrial sector, the­ city also has new culture and neighborhoods emerging. And just outside the central parts of the city, there are plenty of wealthy neighborhoods and suburbs with a mix of fancy home­s and Midwest-friendly vibes. Read on to discover the 15 richest Detroit suburbs. 

hash-markBloomfield Hills

Bloomfield Hills is the richest suburb of Detroit and is always in the top 5 wealthiest cities in Michigan. It has over 1,000 households, and 39% of homes are worth more than $1 million. People in Bloomfield Hills make a median income of $170,790 per household. 

The city is home to fancy places like the Bloomfield Open Hunt Club, Cranbrook Institute of Science and Art, and the exclusive Bloomfield Hills Country Club.

hash-markGrosse Pointe Shores

Grosse Pointe Shores, another wealthy suburb of Detroit, is famed for its stunning views of Lake St. Clair. It is located north of Grosse Pointe and Grosse Pointe farms, which are also some of the richest neighborhoods in Detroit's metro area. Among the Grosse Pointe communities, Grosse Pointe Shores has the longest shoreline, making it especially appealing for residents. 

The suburb offers the convenience of top-notch medical care and highly-rated K-12 public, private, and parochial schools. Moreover, with a short 15-20 minute commute to Detroit, residents enjoy the best of both worlds—a tranquil lakeside setting and easy access to the city.


Birmingham, the third wealthiest suburb of Detroit, sits halfway between the City of Detroit and the City of Pontiac. With a population of about 20,000, it's a cozy yet affluent community. The median home price in Birmingham is $599,083, and the median household income is $137,907, reflecting the town's upscale living and well-to-do residents. 

This suburb is known for its elegant lifestyle, upscale shopping, and bustling downtown, making it a sought-after place for those who value both luxury and convenience.

hash-markOrchard Lake Village

Orchard Lake Village is one of the richest suburbs in the Motor City. With a median home price of $871,100 and a median income of $203,750, it's a place known for its affluence. About 40% of the city's total area is water, providing a picturesque setting for residents. The allure of woodlands and wildlife has been a long-standing feature, attracting settlers to this charming area. 


Franklin, a cozy village near Detroit, is famous for its big estate-style houses. With a population of 3,139, it's a small but charming place named after Benjamin Franklin. What makes it special is that Franklin is Michigan's first historic district, all thanks to its many original mid-19th-century homes. People living here earn well, with a median household income of $124,014. Franklin stands out for its historic charm and upscale living.

hash-markBeverly Hills

Beverly Hills, Michigan, is a fancy suburb with a population of 10,599. Don't mix it up with the California one. Even though it's kind of a small-town feeling, it's close to big cities like Southfield and Ann Arbor. The houses here cost around $495,608 on average, and people make about $148,101 in a year.

hash-markHuntington Woods

Huntington Woods, often called the "City of Homes," is a cozy suburb near Detroit where most of the area is filled with houses. With a population of 6,300 people, it's a friendly community. You can take a stroll to downtown Royal Oak or have a quick drive to Ferndale and Birmingham. 

Huntington Woods is proud to host the Detroit Zoo and Rackham Golf Course. People here earn well, with a median household income of $125,873, and the homes have a median value of $321,400. It's a nice place with a lot of homes, close to cool downtowns, and with fun spots like the zoo and golf course.


Northville is a lively city with a 150-year-old history. It's the 8th most affluent suburb of Detroit, and the median income for a household is $132,568. Known for having one of the best school districts in Michigan, Northville is a great place for families. 

The median home price in this charming city is $509,115, making it an attractive and well-established community for those seeking a comfortable and prosperous lifestyle.


Plymouth, located about ten miles west of Detroit, is a friendly city with lots to offer. Kellogg Park is a popular spot where people enjoy sitting by the fountain. There are many great restaurants, bars, and plenty of shops to explore. 

You can also find some fun things to do around town. The median home price in Plymouth is $60,724, and the median household income is $107,156, making it a comfortable place to call home.


Troy is also one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Detroit. Located in the Northern part of the Detroit metro area, Troy is known for its shopping center. Back in 2011, it was named the safest city in Michigan. The schools in Troy, like in the Troy School District, are A+ rated, making it a good place for families. 

The houses here have a median price of $397,712, and the people earn a median household income of $107,550. Troy stands out as a bustling hub of safety, education, and prosperity.


Rochester, a cool spot 20 miles north of Detroit, is the perfect mix of historic charm and hip vibes. It's just a hop away from Oakland University, Rochester College, and Oakland Community College. With a median home price of $429,085 and a median household income of $100,021, Rochester offers a sweet spot where history meets modern living.


Novi, an affluent suburb of Detroit, is a thriving community with a median household income of $100,311 and a median home price of $418,159. It's one of Michigan's fastest-growing places, and in Oakland County, Novi stands out for hosting many research, technology, and service companies. 

Additionally, Novi is home to some of the region's largest healthcare systems, contributing to the well-being of its residents.

hash-markWest Bloomfield

Founded in 1833, West Bloomfield, situated in Southeast Michigan, is a charming suburb often referred to as the "lake township of Oakland County." Boasting a median home price of $402,960 and a median household income of $121,282, West Bloomfield attracts residents with its scenic lakeside living. The suburb is served by seven school districts, providing educational options for its community members. 

hash-markLake Angelus

Lake Angelus, the penultimate suburb on our list, stands out as the second-smallest city in Michigan. Despite its size, it packs a punch in prosperity with a median household income of $186,842 and a median home price of $1,565,437. 

This exclusive community boasts one of the highest per capita incomes in the state, making it a haven for those seeking a luxurious and idyllic lakeside lifestyle.

hash-markFarmington Hills

Farmington Hills is also one of the richest neighborhoods in Detroit. Located in the northwestern part of the Detroit metropolitan area, Farmington Hills stands out as a prosperous community that is also one of the safest cities in the United States. With a consistent ranking as the 36th highest-income place in the country, Farmington Hills reflects its affluence with a median home price of $347,287 and a median household income of $101,728. 

hash-markRichest Detroit Suburbs Bottom Line 

Detroit's 15 richest neighborhoods and suburbs are more than just areas with fancy home­s. They provide a top-notch living experience, great schools, and access to fun and culture. Even as Detroit evolves, these suburbs stay as fancy hotspots, drawing people who want a classy, comfy life with pretty views of the Motor City.