Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Indianapolis

By PropertyClub Team
Dec 28th 2023
Indianapolis is the capital and largest city in Indiana. As with any large city, there are some neighborhoods that are best avoided due to crime. Read on to discover the ten most dangerous neighborhoods in Indianapolis. 

hash-mark10 Worst Neighborhoods in Indianapolis

  1. Tuxedo Park
  2. 38th and Post
  3. Haughville
  4. Martindale-Brightwood
  5. Far Eastside
  6. Riverside
  7. Mapleton-Fall Creek
  8. 38th and Emerson
  9. Hawthorne
  10. The Valley

hash-mark1. Tuxedo Park

Tuxedo Park is the worst neighborhood in Indianapolis for crime. Located in east Indianapolis, this neighborhood has long been associated with gang violence, drug trafficking, and rampant theft. Poverty and unemployment are well above the national average, with many residents lacking access to resources. With poor schools and overall quality of life, this area is best avoided.

hash-mark2. 38th and Post

38th and Post is another one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Indianapolis. The area of 38th and Post is located within the Far East Side and is one of the most violent areas of Indianapolis. Rife with gang activity, murders, and thefts, this part of town should be fully avoided. The homicide rate around 38th and Post is well above the national average, with shootings and gun violence being common. 

hash-mark3. Haughville

Haughville is a dangerous suburban neighborhood located in western Indianapolis. This impoverished neighborhood has long been associated with violent crimes, gang activity, and drug trafficking. Poverty and urban decay have been longstanding issues in Haughville, with property values being historically low. Over 40% of adults 25 and older in Haughville do not have a high school diploma. 

hash-mark4. Martindale-Brightwood

Martindale-Brightwood is an area located just north of downtown Indianapolis. This neighborhood has a population of 12,132 and an average income of $30,817. Common crimes in the area involve theft, burglary, assault, and sporadic violent crime. While some issues of crime remain, many parts of Martindale-Brightwood have been revitalized. 

hash-mark5. Far Eastside

Far Eastside is another dangerous neighborhood in Indianapolis. Although this area is rapidly changing for the better, it still suffers from some growing pains regarding crime. The most common types of crime in Far Eastside include property crimes such as burglary and car theft. The population of Far Eastside is 18,710 with an annual income of around $40,000. The majority of residents in the area rent their homes. 

hash-mark6. Riverside 

Riverside is an area located north of downtown Indianapolis. Despite some recent efforts to revitalize the area, crime statistics remain above the national average. Property crime is common, along with theft, assaults, and car theft. Schools in the area remain below average, but signs of improvement are underway. In recent years, more residents have reported feeling safer in the area, with large amounts of money being spent on revamping the neighborhood. 

hash-mark7. Mapleton-Fall Creek

Mapleton-Fall Creek is a historic neighborhood in Indianapolis bordered by Fall Creek Parkway and Meridian Street. The population of Mapleton-Fall Creek is 7,427, with a majority renter population. The majority of criminal incidents in the area involve property crime, with burglaries, car thefts, and larceny being common. Violent crimes such as robbery and assaults happen, albeit at a much lower rate than the property crime rate. 

hash-mark8. 38th and Emerson

Located within Forest Manor, 38th and Emerson is an area that has earned its bad reputation. The area around 38th and Emerson has a high rate of drug trafficking, gang activity, theft, robbery, and other types of violent crime. The area overall struggles with poverty, poor schools, and lack of access to resources. The majority of the area’s population are renters with an average income of roughly $35,000.

hash-mark9. Hawthorne 

Hawthorne is also one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Indianapolis. Hawthorne is an area located west of downtown Indianapolis. Long considered one of Indianapolis’ poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods, the area has recently begun to rebound. Common types of crime include theft, burglary, car theft, and narcotics-related activity. The safest parts of Hawthorne are along Washington Street, with southern parts of the area experiencing more crime. 

hash-mark10. The Valley 

The Valley is another one of the worst neighborhoods in Indianapolis for crime. The Valley area has a population of 1,718 residents and is located in southwestern Indianapolis. For years, the area has experienced revitalization, which has pushed out much of the criminal element. Common types of crime involve the theft of unguarded property. Violent crime does occur, but many residents report feeling perfectly safe. Certain transient elements are more prevalent after dark.