11 Richest Cities in Ohio

By PropertyClub Team
Jan 1st 2024
Ohio is well known for staples like its many halls of fame, delicious food, and numerous waterways. But, this Midwestern state is also home to an abundance of wealthy communities. The following list of the eleven wealthiest cities in Ohio will guide you to the most expensive and upscale destinations in the state. 

hash-mark11 Richest Cities in Ohio 

  1. Indian Hill
  2. Hunting Valley
  3. Pepper Pike
  4. New Albany
  5. Bentleyville
  6. Upper Arlington 
  7. Montgomery
  8. Hudson
  9. Dublin
  10. Powell
  11. Bexley

hash-mark1. Indian Hill

The richest city in Ohio is Indian Hill. Located about 14 miles northwest of Cincinnati, this suburban city is home to about 6,000 people and is known for being one of the best places to live in the state. The area possesses an abundance of expansive estates, well-maintained lawns, and stunning natural scenery, giving its streets a sense of luxury and affluence.

Residents of Indian Hill can also appreciate the city’s family-friendly atmosphere, which includes an exceptional selection of public and private schools and many community events and organizations. With homes for sale in Indian Hills averaging $1.41 Million, Indian Hill is also one of the most expensive places to live in Ohio. The local per capita income is approximately $140k, making this city the single wealthiest area in all of Ohio.

hash-mark2. Hunting Valley

Hunting Valley is also one of the richest towns in Ohio. Hunting Valley is the most presitgious suburb of Cleveland, and has ranked as one of the wealthiest suburbs in America in the past. It is located 17 miles east of the city, and commuting to Downtown takes between 30 to 40 minutes. Hunting Valley is an ideal place for families as it is home to one of the best public school systems in the Cleveland area as well renowned prep school, University School. The average per capita income in Hunting Valley is $103k, and the median home price is $1.37 Million. 

hash-mark3. Pepper Pike

The third wealthiest city in Ohio is Pepper Pike. This quiet residential area is located about 20 miles outside of Cleveland and is home to nearly 7,000 people. The neighborhoods of Pepper Pike are known for their luxury estates and manicured lawns which give the local area a peaceful, upscale feel. Additionally, Pepper Pike boasts several local parks and nature reserves, such as Pepper Pike Park and the South Chagrin Reservation. Here, residents will find various hiking trails, picnic areas, and an abundance of other family-friendly recreation. With a close-knit community and a per capita income of $92k, Pepper Pike is another top choice among the Ohio elite. 

hash-mark4. New Albany

New Albany is one of central Ohio’s richest cities. Located roughly 18 miles northwest of Columbus, this city was originally established as a farming community. But today, it is home to just under 11,000 people, who are known for their affluence and amiable nature. In addition to this wealthy resident base, New Albany also possesses exceptional school systems, upscale neighborhoods, and a vibrant business community – all of which add to the area’s appeal. Other local amenities in this area include a variety of restaurants, art museums, parks, and a bustling downtown area. The median per capita income of New Albany averages $89k, making it a perfect spot for those who prefer quiet, upscale living. 

5. Bentleyville

Bentleyville is also one of the wealthiest towns in Ohio. Located about 30 minutes from Downtown Cleveland, it is a small suburban community that is home to 898 people. The town is known for its safe streets and family-friendly vibe. It is also home to the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village School District, which consistently ranks among the top public school districts in Ohio. The average per capita income in Bentleyville is $88k, while the median home price in the town was $630,000 in 2023. 

hash-mark6. Upper Arlington 

Another rich area in central Ohio is Upper Arlington. Located about 6 miles northwest of downtown Columbus, this city is home to about 34,000 people. Residents of Upper Arlington are primarily drawn to the area for its high-quality school systems, tree-lined streets, exceptionally maintained parks, and the active local community. Other amenities in this upscale neighborhood include a variety of recreational activities, summertime farmers’ markets, and a well-developed downtown area with a thriving assortment of restaurants and shops. With the local business community keeping the per capita income at $74k, Upper Arlington is not to be overlooked when it comes to the richest cities in Ohio. 

hash-mark7. Montgomery 

Montgomery is a rich Ohio city located only 15 miles northeast of Cincinnati. Known for its family-friendly neighborhoods and lush tree-lined streets, this well-established community is a favorite among Ohio’s upper echelon. It is home to roughly 11,000 residents, all of whom enjoy the area for its strong academic emphasis and variety of local parks. The city is also home to a busy downtown area, which has long been a popular pit-stop for visitors traveling along the “3-C” Highway. With both high home values and local per capita income rates, Montgomery is certain to impress those who prefer a more luxurious lifestyle. 

hash-mark8. Hudson

In addition to being one of Ohio’s wealthiest cities, Hudson is also one of the most historic. Located roughly 30 miles southeast of Cleveland, this well-preserved community was founded in 1799 and possesses a unique combination of historic character and modern-day amenities. The area is home to roughly 23,000 residents, all of whom admire its picturesque midwestern culture, highly-acclaimed school districts, and abundant outdoor recreation opportunities. The city also hosts several local events throughout the year, such as the Hudson Wine Festival, the Hudson Art Pop, and the Taste of Hudson food festival. The per capita income in this city averages close to $67k, keeping it a historic staple among Ohio’s richest cities.

hash-mark9. Dublin

Situated between Cleveland and Akron is Dublin, another one of central Ohio’s richest cities. Home to roughly 49,000 people, Dublin possesses an active local community that places a strong emphasis on outdoor recreation. This is primarily due to the area’s abundance of local parks – more than 60 within the city limits. These parks offer residents ample opportunities for exercise and other outdoor activities, which include over 100 miles of biking paths. Additionally, Dublin is home to several corporate headquarters, which help keep the local per capita income rate close to $66k. Overall, Dublin is a thriving city that is perfect for anyone interested in an upscale lifestyle with an emphasis on health and activity. 

hash-mark10. Powell 

Powell is both rich and friendly. Located about 20 miles north of Columbus, this city is known for its charming downtown area, lush local greenspaces, and thriving artistic scene. There are roughly 14,000 residents living within the city’s welcoming streets, all of whom prefer the area for its top-tier amenities. These include several art galleries, theaters, public parks, and a bustling downtown area complete with restaurants, shops, and lively entertainment. Additionally, this area hosts a series of local events throughout the year, the most popular of which is the annual Powell Festival, which features live music, food, vendors, and a parade. Powell’s per capita income is roughly $65k, making it another one of the richest cities in Ohio. 

hash-mark11. Bexley

A bustling city with much to offer its residents, Bexley is a prosperous city located roughly 5 miles east of Columbus. It is home to approximately 14,000 people, most of whom are drawn to the area for its forested streets, historic homes, and charming small-town atmosphere. A family-friendly area, Bexley also possesses a fantastic selection of local school districts, green spaces, and outing opportunities for the whole family. The latter of these activities include the Jeffrey Park and Mansion, as well as the annual Bexley Art and Music Festival. Boasting a per capita income of $65k, Bexley is a sweet, small-town addition to the list of Ohio’s richest cities.