Famous Celebrities Who Live In Connecticut

By PropertyClub Team
Feb 11th 2023
Are you a fan of living a glitzy life in the suburbs? If so, Connecticut might be the best place for you to go. It's the "forgotten" third state of the NYC tri-state region, and it's known for being a great place to live that still boasts access to the Big Apple. That's why many celebrities choose to live in Connecticut. 

Many people previously chose to live in Connecticut because of its Ivy League colleges and quiet neighborhoods. However, nowadays, celebrities are choosing this state to get away from the buzz of the city while they live it up in style. Curious to see which celebs chose the #CTlife? Read on to discover the most famous people who live in Connecticut. 

hash-mark11 Biggest Celebrities That Live in Connecticut

  1. Michael Bolton
  2. Charli D'Amelio
  3. 50 Cent
  4. Renee Zelwegger
  5. Scott Foley
  6. Christian Siriano
  7. Shonda Rhimes
  8. Annie Leibovitz
  9. Suzanne Collins
  10. Debbie Harrie
  11. Justin Timberlake

hash-mark1. Michael Bolton

One of the most famous celebrities that lives in Connecticut is Michael Bolton. The legendary musician has been a long-time fan of living in Connecticut. His hits are iconic, including "When A Man Loves A Woman" and "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You?"

Nowadays, he still tours on occasion. When he's not performing, the famous songwriter-composer is hangin' out in New Haven. It makes sense. He's originally from the state. 

hash-mark2. Charli D'Amelio 

Another famous Connecticut resident is Charli D'Amelio. If you are a fan of TikTok dance videos, you certainly know Charli D'Amelio. The entire D'Amelio family became famous thanks to Charli's cool dance moves. Since then, they have had their own Hulu series and have become viral sensations. 

The D'Amelio family may be better known for their time in California, but that will change. Charli and her family recently bought a beautiful $1.2 million-dollar condo in Norwalk, Connecticut. So, expect to see more New England charm in their TikToks.

hash-mark3. 50 Cent

50 Cent is another one of the most famous celebs who lives in Connecticut. 50 Cent is a name that has become synonymous with the phenomenon of rappers-turned-moguls. The entrepreneur, author, and hitmaker has been spotted throughout the tri-state area. 

Most people don't realize that 50 isn't a resident of New York City or New Jersey. In recent years, he's been enjoying a quieter life in Connecticut. While he sold off his palatial 52-room mansion after filing for bankruptcy, you can still find him occasionally visiting the region. 

hash-mark4. Renee Zelwegger

If you were alive during the 90s, you already recognize this name. Renee Zelwegger was (and still is) a hot name in Hollywood. The Judy star has been the talk of the town since she almost gave up her Connecticut home back in 2011. 

However, while waiting for a buyer, she realized she loved her country-style home. She then took it off the market and has chosen to stay there ever since. Who can blame her? It's a 39-acre home that was first built in 1770. It's living history!

hash-mark5. Scott Foley

Scott Foley is a Hollywood-grade hunk with a massive following, thanks to his sterling acting talent. But, surprisingly, he doesn't live in Cali. Instead, he chose to live with his wife, Maria, in Westport, Connecticut. 

Like many other celebrities, Foley and his wife are often seen at Gabriele's Restaurant in Westport. It seems like they enjoy fine dining. 

hash-mark6. Christian Siriano

You might never have guessed it, but celebrity fashion designer Christian Siriano is a massive fan of living in Connecticut. The Westport local is often seen mingling with other Connecticut-local celebrities, often right before a major fashion show. 

Most recently, Siriano has been seen dining at Gabriele's following a major unveiling of his latest fashion line. Not much is known about his home, but that's to be expected. Many Westport-local celebrities tend to be fairly private about their lives.

hash-mark7. Shonda Rhimes

Are you a fan of Grey's Anatomy? If so, you already recognize Shonda Rhimes for her pivotal role in the show. But she's also doing a new role as one of Connecticut's newest celebrity residents. 

Recently, Rhimes purchased a sprawling $16 million Westport mansion. That makes her neighbors with quite a few names on this list. This made news headlines for multiple reasons. The biggest reason? It's the highest non-waterfront purchase price in Connecticut's history!

hash-mark8. Annie Leibovitz

If you're a fan of art, then you already recognize this name. Annie Leibovitz is one of the most famous photographers in history, thanks to her beautiful captures of world-famous musicians and celebrities. 

When she wasn't following the Beatles on tour or doing special photoshoots for A-listers, she was kicking back in Connecticut. Rumor has it she's still (at the very least) a part-time resident. 

hash-mark9. Suzanne Collins

Readers already recognize Suzanne Collins as the author behind the hit series, The Hunger Games. Like many other authors, she has a long history of living in Hartford and the surrounding areas. She still lives there today. 

hash-mark10. Debbie Harry

80s icon Debbie Harry used to be the woman who people would turn to for party-ready hits like "Heart of Glass" or "Call Me." The Blondie frontwoman still has a hard-partying reputation despite being fairly mellow these days. 

For the longest time, she was a fan of life near the Jersey Shore near her sister. However, she recently bought a beautiful home in the quiet town of Roxbury. The 2,685-square-foot historic home is absolutely stunning and sits on a plush 3.5 acres.

hash-mark11. Justin Timberlake

When people think of Connecticut celebrity homes, the name "Justin Timberlake" does not typically register. However, he owns a home in the state. However, Justin Timberlake owns numerous mansions throughout the country, and Connecticut is only a secondary residence for him. 

hash-markCelebrities Who Live in Connecticut Bottom Line

Connecticut is not the typical place people go when they want to check out the homes of the rich and famous. In fact, it's hard to find out information about where celebrities live. However, the reputation for being a place of wealth says a lot about Connecticut's history. 

Connecticut is so popular with celebrities because it makes it easy to have a low profile. If you want privacy (a rarity among the rich and famous), then this is one of the best places to move. After all, in a place as "blue blood" as CT, it's easy to disappear into the crowds.