Celebrities That Live In Atlanta

By PropertyClub Team
Feb 9th 2023
Atlanta has been getting a spectacular reputation among the people of Hollywood for quite some time. Thanks to the city’s agreeable policies for movie shoots and photoshoots, this Georgia city has become a “mini-Hollywood” on the East Coast. There are plenty of famous celebrities that live in Atlanta, with seemingly more moving all the time. 

The city’s golden rep also sparked major chains like The Real Housewives of Atlanta. With so much going for ATL, it’s not surprising that many celebrities have decided to join the ranks of people who call this peachy city home. Check out these famous people who live in Atlanta!

hash-mark9 Most Famous Celebrities That Live in Atlanta

  1. Justin Bieber
  2. Dwight Howard
  3. Cardi B
  4. Ludacris
  5. Nene Leakes
  6. Shaquille O’Neil
  7. Elton John
  8. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  9. Jeff Foxworthy

hash-mark1. Justin Bieber

The most famous celebrity that lives in Atlanta is Justin Bieber. Apparently, Justin Bieber was not lying when he sang that he gets his peaches down in Georgia. Of course, he would. He has a home in one of Atlanta’s riches suburbs. Like many A-list celebrities, he has multiple properties—including a sprawling $26 million Beverly Hills mansion. 

Most people don’t realize that his portfolio of homes also includes a beautiful 4-bed, 4.5-bathroom home nicknamed “The Space Mansion” in the middle of Georgia. 

hash-mark2. Dwight Howard

NBA fans already have a clue that superstar Dwight Howard might have a thing for living in Atlanta. Along with being on several teams based out of the city, Howard himself grew up in the city. 

After a highly illustrious career with the Atlanta Hawks, he chose to buy one of the largest mansions in the city. It’s absolutely massive, with over 35,000 square feet of living space. It also sits on several acres of land, giving him the total privacy a man like him needs.

hash-mark3. Cardi B

Cardi B is another famous Atlanta resident. While it’s true that Cardi B is mostly known for living in the Bronx and being a New Yorker, her life in Hollywood has changed things up a bit. Since she met Offset, she’s decided to settle in Atlanta’s richest suburbs to raise her child. 

Her home is in Chastain Park, and it’s not an easy purchase to make. The home itself tops the charts at a whopping $6 million. 

hash-mark4. Ludacris

If you’re big into the rap scene, it should be no surprise that Ludacris has a massive mansion in the Georgia area. Luda’s entire discography involves talking about life in the “Dirty South,” and he’s credited with being one of the rappers to usher in the Dirty South rap movement.

Luda’s homes have been featured on shows like MTV Cribs in the past. So don’t be shocked if his mansion is one of the most decadent in town. That’s just the way that he rolls. 

hash-mark5. Nene Leakes

To a point, adding Nene to the list almost feels like we’re cheating. She got her claim to fame for being one of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and she’s also one of the most popular ones. Of course, that’s not all that Nene has going for her. 

When she’s not chilling out in her now-famous palatial home, she’s also running businesses, being a media personality, and helping her friends climb to success. Nene is cool like that, so Atlanta is always happy to have her around. 

hash-mark6. Shaquille O’Neil

Shaq has a career history that is longer than most people’s arms. He played baseball and basketball professionally, making him one of the most talented people on the field. He also was a record-breaker who became one of the first true celebrities in the sports world.

When he wasn’t playing on the courts, he also took time to become an actor. We all saw Space Jam and loved it. While he hasn’t completely given up on living life in the spotlight, Shaq still enjoys resting up away from the masses in one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in ATL.

Inquiring minds need to know: is his home custom-built to accommodate his height? 

hash-mark7. Elton John

Contrary to popular belief, Elton John doesn’t spend all his time in the UK. He also has several homes stateside. What most people might not realize is that Elton John is a huge fan of Atlanta—to the point that he was willing to buy a property just so that he could call it home. 

Elton John didn’t buy a mansion like everyone else did. No, he chose to buy a penthouse condo that spans a jaw-dropping 12,000 square feet. So, it’s still luxurious. It’s just the way that it turned into luxury that changed.

hash-mark8. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Most people know “The Rock” for his time in the wrestling ring. Or, maybe it’s because he’s become one of the most famous actors in Hollywood, not to mention many women’s fantasy man. Regardless of what you know him for, in Atlanta, he’s known as a neighbor.

Dwayne bought up a beautiful equestrian mansion that has a massive horse stall bunch and a ton of amenities. That mansion has been listed on and off again since the pandemic. So, it’s uncertain whether or not he kept it. 

hash-mark9. Jeff Foxworthy

Jeff Foxworthy is one of the most successful standup comedians of all time, especially when you consider that he doesn’t use swear words in any of his routines. It’s clear that the “You Might Be A Redneck” guy is from the south, but did you know he’s actually an Atlanta native?

It’s true. Foxworthy was born and raised here. For the longest time, he had a sprawling $3 million mansion as part of his legacy. However, he recently sold that home. Does that mean he’s moved out of town? Not quite! He still hosts bible study in a local shelter in the rougher part of the city. 

hash-markCelebrities Who Live in Atlanta Bottom Line

With so many celebrities living in the Big Peach, Atlanta has rightfully earned its name as the Hollywood of the East Coast.

If you are looking to move to a place with many opportunities for up-and-coming talent, then Atlanta is the place to be. It’s affordable, and glamorous, and you never know who you might meet. That’s what makes it such a popular place to live and why so many people are investing in Atlanta’s real estate market today.