Best Storage Companies in NYC

By PropertyClub Team
Feb 9th 2023
Storage units in NYC are common, understandably so, because they’re somewhat of a necessity. Many New Yorkers utilize storage units since space in the city can be so limited. Many people who live in apartments just don’t have the room to store all of their belongings, so they need to find a storage facility. But what storage solutions are there in New York City, and which ones are best?

Many storage units in New York City have different services and amenities. Some might be better for valuables or larger pieces of furniture, while others can be used to store sports equipment or clothes that you don’t need in your home but don’t want to throw away.

hash-mark6 Best Storage Companies in NYC

  1. Clutter Moving & Storage
  2. Manhattan Mini Storage
  3. UrBIn
  4. Public Storage
  5. MakeSpace
  6. Storage Post

1. Clutter Moving & Storage

Clutter is the best storage company in NYC thanks to their incredible customer service and competitive pricing. One of the unique services Clutter offers is their all-inclusive SmartStorage solution. With SmartStorage you can choose to have Clutter help pack and move your things into storage. SmartStorage is also affordable, starting at $96 per month.  

If you prefer self-storage, Clutter's NYC storage units are also attractively priced, and the company has locations throughout the city, in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. 

2. Manhattan Mini Storage

Manhattan mini storage is a popular storage solution that has 17 different locations in Manhattan. Yes, just as the name suggests, Manhattan mini storage is for the Manhattan area only. They don’t have any storage spaces in other boroughs.

They offer great perks, such as around-the-clock access 365 days a year, and they won’t charge you extra for large items. They also have free rolling racks, shelves, and climate control units.

They offer a range of unit sizes available, anywhere from 48 cubic feet to extra large rooms that have more than enough space to store an entire house worth of furniture. It should be noted that the sizes of the units do vary between their different locations.  

3. UrBIn

UrBIn is a storage option that bases its rates on how much you store rather than the size of the unit. They don’t have any predetermined storage rooms or plans, but you can get a package for about $30 a month. This package holds approximately 3 standard storage bins worth of items. They also offer pickup, and a furniture pickup fee is around the $200 mark. The storage facility is in New Jersey, but one downfall is that you don’t have any public access. This is a pick-up and drop-off storage option only.

4. Public Storage

Public Storage is a large company that has facilities all over the United States. They’ve been in business since 1972 so they’re a fairly sure bet. They have a location in Manhattan as well as a few in Brooklyn and Queens. The rates that they offer vary depending on the location, size, and amenities that you choose. If you need a climate-controlled room, they have that option, but you’re going to pay more for it. They also have units that have enough space to store very large items, such as a car or even a boat. They also offer a number of great deals, such as charging you only a dollar for your first month if you book online.

5. MakeSpace

MakeSpace is a storage company that makes your life a whole lot easier. They do pick up and drop off, and they also serve the entire New York Metropolitan area. That rates are competitive with a 5 by 10-foot space costing a little more than $100 a month. In addition, the facilities are very high-quality, with most of the storage units being temperature-controlled and also featuring 24/7 surveillance.

6. Storage Post 

Storage post has units located throughout the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. They also had some New Jersey units and locations in other states. One of the biggest benefits of Storage Post is that they offer free truck and shuttle services to and from their facility. You can also access your unit whenever you like. Their climate-controlled facilities have round-the-clock security, and they also offer month-to-month rates which means you don’t have to sign any contracts.

If you’re looking for a storage unit in New York City, don’t worry, you’ll have plenty to choose from! But looking for a storage unit can be overwhelming with so many available. Just start by selecting the most important requirements for you and your storage needs and go from there.  

hash-markNYC Storage Unit Considerations

There are a few things that you need to consider when selecting a storage unit in NYC. For example, how much space do you need, and how much are you willing to spend every month for storage?

NYC Storage Unit Prices

The cost of a storage unit will vary quite a lot depending on the size, location, and convenience of the unit. For example, if you need a unit with 24/7 access or pickup services, you’re going to pay for it. Specialty services such as controlled environmental conditions, which may be necessary for storing things like valuable pieces of art, will be a little bit more pricey. Before you start your search for a storage unit you need to have a good idea of what you’re willing to spend. Try not to cut costs too much, particularly if you plan on storing valuables. With that being said, if you’re simply storing things that aren’t delicate or valuable you can probably afford a cheaper storage unit.

Think About Size

A typical small storage unit is about 5 feet by 5 feet. If you’re innovative with how you store your items, you could probably fit some furniture in a unit of that size. If you’re storing a lot of furniture, though, or maybe even the contents of an entire home, you’re probably going to want something more like 10 by 30 feet. Typically, most self-storage companies will offer a range of unit sizes and offer a room size calculator which can help you estimate exactly how much space you need.

Consider Location

In many cases, you might want your storage unit to be as conveniently located as possible, particularly if you need to visit it regularly. In situations where you don’t need to visit your storage often you might be able to get a lower price if you go for one that’s a little bit further outside the city.


Many people need safety to be a top priority because they’re storing valuable pieces of equipment or belongings. If you have family heirlooms, expensive pieces of furniture, or maybe even antiques worth a pretty penny stored away, you don’t want your unit to be insecure. Opting for a storage unit with a convenient pickup and delivery option may also be useful depending on what you intend to store. Many companies will offer NYC storage with free pick-up.

Don’t Forget About Insurance

If you have home or renters insurance it will probably cover your personal belongings in storage, but you should check to make sure this is true. This will vary depending on your policy, but you need to make sure your belongings are insured while in storage. Double-check with your home or renters insurance provider, and if not, purchase insurance for your storage unit.