Best Storage Companies in Brooklyn

By PropertyClub Team
Feb 9th 2023
There are many upsides to living in Brooklyn: the arts, the culture, and the nightlife. However, having lots of space in your home or apartment isn’t one of the perks of living in the city. Luckily, there are several top-ranked businesses that specialize in storing your belongings.

These storage companies are ranked the best in the Brooklyn area due to outstanding reviews, services, and value. Depending on your storage needs, these companies are the most likely to yield a satisfactory result. 

hash-mark9 Best Storage Companies in Brooklyn

  1. Clutter Moving & Storage
  2. Safeguard Self Storage
  3. Affordable Self Storage of New York
  4. Storage Post
  5. Lockaway Self Storage
  6. Metro Self Storage
  7. Life Storage
  8. Sunset Self Storage
  9. Stuf Storage

hash-mark1. Clutter Moving & Storage

The best storage company in Brooklyn is Clutter. Clutter is well known for their Smart Storage, which is a bespoke moving and storage service. Clutter’s Smart Storage makes things easy for you, as they send a moving truck to pick up your items and then store them. Clutter's platform is extremely convenient, and you can set up your Smart Storage online in just a few clicks. They also offer discounts for long-term commitments. 

Clutter's Brooklyn storage facility is located at 5601 Foster Avenue. They also have numerous other locations throughout NYC.

hash-mark2. Safeguard Self Storage 

Safeguard storage allows you to store items no matter how big or small. They offer a wide variety of unit sizes and types with a convenient layout and design. Their facilities feature heated and air-conditioned units, computer-controlled access, digital video recording, and any other supplies such as carts and dollies. They provide ACH and credit card payment plans and tools that allow you to pay online. Their drive-in loading area is very convenient, and they provide extra-large elevators for moving. Rental agreements are month to month, and there is no commitment to stay longer than you need. 

hash-mark3. Affordable Self-Storage of New York

Affordable Self-Storage of New York advertises itself as one of the more affordable options in Brooklyn. They offer sizes from 4’x5’x3’ and walk-in units at 5’x5’x5’ to 10’x10’x8. They offer elevators to carry items, plus hand trucks and rolling carts offered for free. In terms of security, it is state of the art, with 24/7 surveillance and digital cameras placed all around the building. 

hash-mark4. Storage Post

Located at 3325 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, Storage Post offers a wide variety of options and storage. They offer room sizes from 5’x5’ to 10’x10’ for $281 a month. If you don’t know exactly what size you’ll need, their staff is more than willing to help. They offer daily access and are open seven days a week. Their facility is safety-minded and offers customers 24/7 camera security and automatic lighting that is motion activated. They also offer free Wi-Fi, covered loading areas, intercoms, and free carts and dollies.  

hash-mark5. Lockaway Self Storage 

Located three miles from downtown Brooklyn, Lockaway Self Storage offers both flexibility and has a great location serving multiple areas. In addition, their compound is always staffed, and the manager lives on-site!

Lockaway offers storage not only for personal belongings but also car, boat, and RV storage. They also offer truck rentals and have a very easy to use online payment system! 

hash-mark6. Metro Self Storage

Having opened in 1975, Metro self-storage has consistently been one of the top-reviewed storage facilities in Brooklyn. They offer a variety of regular and air-conditioned rooms ranging from 5x5 to 10x30. They also offer car, truck, RV, and boat storage services with proper conditions to protect vehicles from the elements. Metro also offers business storage for safe keeping of sensitive information with round-the-clock security. 

hash-mark7. Life Storage 

Located at 150 17th Street in Brooklyn, Life Storage consistently ranks as one of the top-rated facilities in Brooklyn and offers plenty of storage options for customers. Life Storage has over 80 locations alone in the New York City area! They offer all options for personal self-storage, including an online estimator to determine how much space you will need. They also have boat, vehicle, and RV storage. Not only that, but they have wine storage as well! 

hash-mark8. Sunset Self Storage

Located at 4907 1st Avenue in Brooklyn, Sunset Self Storage offers great options at reasonable prices. They offer a wide variety of space options, short or long-term rent, and air-conditioned spaces. They offer a great variety of services to help customers move, such as a freight and elevator station, discounted moving supplies, plus forklift and pallet jacks for heavy material. Security is air-tight, with each storage room being monitored 24/7. 

hash-mark9. Stuf Storage 

Stuf Storage is another one of the best storage companies in Brooklyn. They have 2 locations in the borough, in Bushwick and Clinton Hill. Each of their facilities is modern and clean. Stuf partners with real estate owners to convert underutilized space in commercial buildings into secure, inviting, tech-enabled storage powered by hospitality-inspired service. As people and businesses demand more flexibility, Stuf enables its members to extend the boundaries of home and work right in their own neighborhoods. 

hash-markBest Storage Companies in Brooklyn: Bottom Line 

Whether you are moving out of your home, relocating your business, or simply need a place for your extra junk, these facilities are the best-ranked in Brooklyn. All of these storage facilities offer the best options in terms of services, pricing, customer service, and quality. Your belongings are valuable; it’s important to know they are in the right hands!