Famous Celebrities That Live in Brooklyn

By PropertyClub Team
Jun 10th 2024
Whenever you think of celebrities living in New York, Brooklyn is not usually the first place that comes to mind. You might think of Manhattan and neighborhoods like Tribeca, Soho, and the Upper East Side. However, lots of famous people live in Brooklyn, and many celebrities have been moving to Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo, and other hot neighborhoods in the borough.

hash-markMost Famous Celebrities Who Live in Brooklyn

  1. Adam Driver
  2. Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz
  3. Matt Damon
  4. Jemima Kirke
  5. Mary Louise Parker
  6. Ethan Hawke
  7. Holly Hunter
  8. Patrick Stewart
  9. Steve Buscemi
  10. Michelle Williams
  11. Anthony Mackie
  12. Christina Ricci
  13. Bjork
  14. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

hash-mark1. Adam Driver

Adam Driver is the most famous celebrity that lives in Brooklyn. He’s a renowned veteran turned actor known for iconic roles in Star Wars and Marriage Story. With his six-foot stature and flowing hair, he’s a character that’s hard to miss offscreen.

He is one of the many celebrities that has moved to the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood. Many people living in the area claim they’ve seen Adam Driver around the neighborhood.

hash-mark2. Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz

Daniel Craig, best known for his role as James Bond, and his actress wife, Rachel Weisz, are one of the most famous celebrity couples that lives in Brooklyn. Both are highly regarded for their roles in films such as Skyfall and Black Widow.

The duo shares a townhouse in the Cobble Hill area of the borough, which they purchased from Martin Amis and Isabela Fonseca. As of January 2023, as reports go, they still live in their posh Brooklyn townhouse and can often be spotted around town.

hash-mark3. Matt Damon

Matt Damon is another famous celebrity who lives in Brooklyn. This writer and actor first shot to fame with the release of his film Good Will Hunting. He has since taken on many films, whether in the role of an actor, producer, or writer.

Matt Damon lives in a Brooklyn Heights penthouse, which he purchased for $16 million at the Standish building, setting a price record for Brooklyn at the time. He had his furniture lifted to the top by a crane to avoid the trouble of stairs.

hash-mark4. Jemima Kirke

Jemima Kirke, best known for her role as Jessa on the HBO series "Girls," resides in Carroll Gardens, where she owns a stunning brownstone valued at $2.036 million. This four-bedroom house underscores her deep-rooted connection to Brooklyn, an area where she grew up. 

Kirke enjoys the vibrant artistic community and frequently participates in local art events. Besides acting, she is also a talented painter with her work exhibited in various galleries around Brooklyn, making her a well-known figure in the local art scene.

hash-mark5. Mary Louise Parker

Mary Louise Parker, the award-winning actress famous for her roles in "Weeds" and "Angels in America," lives in Brooklyn Heights. Back in 2018, she bought a $4.3 million, five-bedroom duplex with views of the Brooklyn Promenade and the Manhattan skyline. 

She appreciates the neighborhood's historic charm and peaceful streets. Parker is known for her involvement in local theater and often supports Brooklyn's cultural institutions. She enjoys the balance of city life and the more relaxed, suburban feel that Brooklyn Heights provides.

hash-mark6. Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke is another famous celebrity who lives in Brooklyn. The actor, novelist, director, and writer is most famous for his roles in films like Training Day and Dead Poets Society. 

Hawke was one of the first actors to break into Boerum Hill, the area he calls home in the city. He lives in a gorgeous Greek revival townhouse, which he bought for almost $4 million. You might see him walking the streets of Brooklyn in his spare time.

hash-mark7. Holly Hunter

Holly Hunter is an actress with many accolades under her belt. She’s best known for acting in films such as The Piano, The Incredibles, and Raising Arizona. Everybody everywhere can recognize her voice with ease.

Hunter lives in the Fort Greene area of Brooklyn. She owns a four-bedroom brownstone that she purchased for around $4 million. 

hash-mark8. Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart is a face you can’t miss. From his leading spirit in Star Trek to his endeavors as a superhero in X-Men, Patrick Stewart is an English actor that has been in the industry for years.

Stewart lives in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn. According to sources, Patrick Stewart has been a staple in the neighborhood for years. He’s lived in the same Park Slope home since he moved to the area.

hash-mark9. Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi is one of the most famous people from Brooklyn. He is well-known for his voice in Monsters Inc and his iconic role in Reservoir Dogs. Steve Buscemi was born in Brooklyn and still lives there today. Buscemi lives in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn. He’s made his home in the same brownstone for years. He’s like Patrick Stewart in this way - a Brooklyn staple. 

hash-mark10. Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams is an actress that has made her mark on the acting world. The actress has starred in films like Shutter Island and Manchester By the Sea, proving her talent time and time again.

Williams has been in Brooklyn for a while. She owned a townhouse with the late Heath Ledger first, which she sold later on. Michelle Williams then purchased a mansion in Prospect Park South and a townhouse in Brooklyn Heights. She’s a fan of the city.

hash-mark11. Anthony Mackie

Anthony Mackie is a famous resident of the area. Born in New Orleans, this actor is perhaps most well-known for his roles in films like 8 Mile and Captain America: Winter Soldier. 

Mackie resides in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn. He used to have a bar in the area, but he has since shut it down for undisclosed personal reasons. He’s been a staple for many years and will likely stay there in time to come.

hash-mark12. Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci is another famous celebrity who lives in Brooklyn. She is best known for her edgy roles in indie films. She’s been in features such as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Around the Block. In 2014, Ricci purchased a place close to the expressway in Brooklyn. Her home is not in the traditional area you would anticipate a celebrity to purchase for themselves. 

hash-mark13. Bjork

Bjork is a singer that has garnered wild attention over the years. This Icelandic singer is well-known for her outlandish looks and unique songs.

Another celebrity who is an occupant of Brooklyn, Bjork, lives in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood that is popular with several other celebrities. She had a penthouse she bought back in 2009 for $4 million, but Bjork has since sold it for $9 million. It’s assumed she could still be in the neighborhood.

hash-mark14. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

Another famous celebrity couple that lives in Brooklyn is Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. Both make their living in acting, but John Krasinski has recently branched out into writing and directing with his hit movies, A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place Part Two.

First, they bought a Park Slope townhouse in 2016 for $6 million but sold it two years later. Soon after, they purchased two units for $11 million in the same building Matt Damon resides inside - The Standish.