Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Seattle

By PropertyClub Team
Mar 14th 2023
Seattle is known for its cosmopolitan feel, great food, and cultural landmarks. However, it also has a crime problem, with many rough areas with high violent crime rates. Read on to discover the ten most dangerous neighborhoods in Seattle. 

Due to Seattle's size and diverse nature, many people may wonder if Seattle is safe. While many neighborhoods are safe, crime rates in Seattle are 134% higher than the national average. Much of Seattle's crime may be attributed to drug use and problems stemming from homelessness.

Here are the worst neighborhoods in Seattle when it comes to crime rates. 

hash-mark10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Seattle

  1. Belltown
  2. Northgate
  3. South Lake Union
  4. Atlantic
  5. Sand Point
  6. Capitol Hill
  7. Lower Queen Anne
  8. Haller Lake
  9. Central District
  10. First Hill

hash-mark1. Belltown

The most dangerous neighborhood in Seattle is Belltown. The area is known for its extremely high violent crime rate as well as its affordable housing. While Belltown may be one of the city's cheapest neighborhoods, the high crime rate is a major tradeoff. The neighborhood has a population of 10,468, and the crime rate is an astounding 480% higher than the national average. Belltown also has a high number of violent crimes, such as assaults, robberies, and homicides. 

hash-mark2. Northgate 

Northgate is one of the worst areas in Seattle due to how dangerous it is. This neighborhood is located in north Seattle and has a population of 4,283, as well as a crime rate that is 414% higher than the national average. The high crime rate stems from rampant drug use in the area, with also contributes to an extremely high incidence of theft. Violent crime is also an issue, with assaults and robberies being common. 

hash-mark3. South Lake Union

South Lake Union is another dangerous Seattle neighborhood. While the area may house the corporate offices of Google and Amazon, it remains an unsafe place to live. Crime in this neighborhood is a stark 350% above the US average, with 10,648 crimes per 100,000 people. Violent crime is an issue, but the vast majority of crimes involve property theft and break-ins. South Lake Union is especially dangerous at night, and walking alone is not advised. 

hash-mark4. Atlantic 

Atlantic is located in the Central District of Seattle and has a population of 5,133. The total crime rate of Atlantic is 10,612 per 100,000, with residents having a 1 in 10 chance of being the victims of any type of crime. Despite having high levels of property and violent crime, Atlantic remains one of the more expensive parts of Seattle, with a median home price of $409,783. 

hash-mark5. Sand Point 

Sand Point is one of the worst places to live in Seattle for safety due to its high crime rate, which is 389% higher than the national average. Sand Point's looks may be deceiving as it doesn't have the appearance of being a dangerous neighborhood. However, the violent crime rate in Sand Point is 2,862 per 100,000 people- a disproportionately high number. 

hash-mark6. Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is one of the city's largest neighborhoods, with a population of 37,489. Capitol Hill is one of Seattle's most active tourist spots being, filled with restaurants, nightclubs, and bars. Despite this, the total crime rate in Capitol Hill is 241% higher than the national average. Most of the crime in this neighborhood involves property crime, but residents mostly feel safe.

hash-mark7. Lower Queen Anne

Lower Queen Anne is one of the worst neighborhoods in Seattle when it comes to theft and property damage. Shoplifting, looting, car theft, and home invasions are common in this neighborhood. Violent crimes like assault and robbery are common. Residents in this neighborhood carry twice the national chance of becoming the victims of any type of crime. 

hash-mark8. Haller Lake 

Haller Lake is another dangerous Seattle area. This neighborhood is built around a small lake in north central Seattle and has a population of 8,563. The property crime rate is nearly eight times the violent crime rate, with drug use, theft, robbery, and burglary running rampant. Haller Lake is mostly a working-class and middle-class neighborhood, but like many neighborhoods in Seattle, it still has a high cost of living.  

hash-mark9. Central District

Central District is one of the most violent neighborhoods in Seattle. It has a population of 16,895 and a crime rate that is 156% higher than the national average. The property crime rate in Central District is 5,143 per 100,000 people. Much of Central District's crime involves petty theft, drug use, and robberies. This part of the city is especially hard hit by homelessness. While residents may pass through this part of the neighborhood often, exercising caution is necessary. 

hash-mark10. First Hill

First Hill has a population of 12,112 and a violent crime rate of 1,787 per 100,000 people. First Hill is one of the city's most expensive neighborhoods with exorbitantly high rent, yet it remains one of the most dangerous areas in Seattle. Crimes like theft and assault are common, and leaving anything of value in your car almost guarantees it will be stolen. Despite this, First Hill maintains a good school district that many families commute into.