Celebrities That Live In Nashville

By PropertyClub Team
Jul 6th 2023
When people think of glitzy cities known for celebrity residents, Nashville isn’t many people’s first choice. However, this city has a massive history of being a cultural hotspot. As a city famous for its music scene and for being close to Dollywood, it’s not surprising to hear that many pop icons choose to reside in this friendly Southern city. 

Believe it or not, Nashville has become hot real estate for people who want to get close to country music stars and celebs. These celebrities, for example, call Nashville home. 

hash-markCelebrities Who Live in Nashville

  1. Taylor Swift
  2. Jason Aldean
  3. Dolly Parton
  4. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
  5. Jack White
  6. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman
  7. Jon Rich
  8. Todd Chrisley
  9. Big Kenny
  10. Kathie Lee Gifford

hash-mark1. Taylor Swift

The most famous celebrity who lives in Nashville is Taylor Swift. It makes sense, too, as Swift started her music career as a country star before she migrated over to the world of pop. She lives in Forest Hills, right next to Nashville, in a gated community. The home has a study, a gorgeous kitchen, and many little amenities. Yet, despite everything she does, Swift keeps it homey and loves chilling by her pool with friends.

Oh, and not to be outdone, she also has a penthouse in a high-rise building right in the center of Nashville. So, needless to say, that’s where she goes when she wants to get a little closer to the action of the Grand Ol Opry.

hash-mark2. Jason Aldean

Country music star Jason Aldean has no problem flaunting his blue-collar roots, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy the finer things in life. Aldean lives with his wife in a beautiful 120-acre home just outside Nashville proper. 

The house sold for over $7 million, features fountains outside the home, and has six bedrooms. It’s a popular place for tourists to check out simply because this house is so over the top!

hash-mark3. Dolly Parton

Another famous celebrity that lives in Nashville is Dolly Parton. And she also has the title of the reigning queen of Nashville. Everyone knows from the Southern twang in her voice that she is a Nashville resident. Her Brentwood home is the stuff of dreams. 

Her massive property has multiple guest houses, a second-story patio, a pool, and a full-size tennis court. Unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to see much there. She had a super-long driveway installed to help offer some privacy to both her and her guests.

hash-mark4. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

The singer of “Live Like You Were Dying” is also a fan of living in Nashville. Of course, Tim McGraw has a tendency of wanting the very best that life has to offer. That’s why he married fellow superstar Faith Hill. 

The iconic couple also has a reputation for having one of the largest homes in Nashville. It is a whopping, jaw-dropping, eye-popping 22,000 square feet. Five bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a pool, and a three-car garage make it one of the most shockingly large homes you’ll ever see. 

hash-mark5. Jack White

Jack White, from the White Stripes, is another famous celebrity that lives in Nashville. The private rock star might be one of the few to have a house comparable to Tim McGraw’s—currently at 18,000 square feet. 

Oddly enough, not much is known about his home. All we know is that it’s done in a black, white, and red theme, which is not surprising, at the least. 

hash-mark6. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman

Yep, it’s another country music star who married a gorgeous superstar wife. (This seems to be a common Nashville celebrity dream, from what we can see.) Urban and Kidman live together in the heart of the Belle Meade section of Nashville, right in the gated community of Northumberland. 

Their $3.8 million-dollar home has about 12,000 square feet they enjoy together. The home has a tennis court and a full-size pool, though not much else is known about the home’s interior. 

hash-mark7. John Rich

John Rich is another famous celebrity that lives in Nashville. This rockstar has no problem flaunting his wealth, not just because of his name. He calls his Nashville estate “Mt. Richmore,” and it’s best described as extravagant for extravagance’s sake. 

This sprawling home has a guitar-shaped pool, a 4,000-square-foot private club, and 20 rooms. Oh, and it also has a toilet that is also in the shape of a guitar. It seems like Rich really enjoys his guitars.

hash-mark8. Todd Chrisley

While many celebs tend to move to Nashville to flaunt their wealth (cough, cough, John Rich), Todd Chrisley tends to take a different approach to things. Unlike most others on this list, Chrisley kept things luxurious but humble. 

The $1.6-million home has four bedrooms and six bathrooms. The interior keeps things elegant with a spiral staircase and marble accents. That’s just like him. He loves to keep things elegant in an understated way. 

hash-mark9. Big Kenny

Big Kenny took the time to turn his home into its own brand. He calls the brick Tudor-style mansion the “Chateau di Amore,” a nod to his love of a plush home. Eight bedrooms, six full baths, an in-home studio, and a full Western saloon are just some of the things that make this home outstanding. 

According to the listing, this sprawling home features over 18,000 square feet of space. It was most recently listed for $10 million, so if you somehow have that much money, you might be able to snag it…If it ever goes on sale.

hash-mark10. Kathie Lee Gifford

Another well-known celebrity who lives in Nashville is Kathi Lee Gifford. She’s a TV show host, comedian, and actress extraordinaire. She’s been a happy resident of Nashville since her move in 2018. From what we’ve heard, her 7,900-square-foot brownstone is the envy of the neighborhood. 

Gifford’s home features tons of nice little touches, including granite countertops, crown molding, and striking views of the neighborhood. She lives alongside her kids and has enjoyed all that living in Nashville offers. 

After all, who could blame her for liking it? Nashville is a celebrity hotspot for a reason. There’s always so much to do in the city’s limits and beyond.