11 Cheapest Places to Live in Georgia

By PropertyClub Team
Jan 9th 2024
With its beautiful landscape, affordable cost of living, and classic southern hospitality, Georgia is becoming one of the hottest destinations in the country. But, before heading south, it’s important to understand where to get the best value for your dollar. Our report on the ten cheapest places to live in Georgia in 2023 will guide you to the most affordable cities in the state. 

hash-mark11 Cheapest Places to Live in Georgia (2024)

  1. Americus
  2. Macon
  3. Sandersville
  4. Columbus
  5. Augusta
  6. Valdosta
  7. Warner Robins
  8. Perry
  9. Savannah
  10. Cordele
  11. Athens

hash-mark1. Americus

The cheapest place to live in Georgia is Americus, a small town of 16,230 people that has a big presence. Located in Georgia’s southwestern quadrant, Americus is home to some of the best history, culture, and education in the state. Georgia Southwestern University and South Georgia Technical College are located here, bringing a youthful spirit to its streets. In the city center, residents can find beautiful historical architecture, local theaters, boutiques, restaurants, and more. Because median home prices in this area stay around $112k, Americus is a great spot for homebuyers who want cheap land with big potential.

hash-mark2. Macon

Macon is another one of the cheapest places to live in Georgia. Founded in 1823, this city is located along the Ocmulgee River in central Georgia. Outdoor adventures are the primary source of local entertainment, which include boating, water skiing, camping, hiking, and more. Additionally, the city is home to an abundance of job opportunities in areas such as transportation, logistics, finance, higher education, and healthcare. With median home values sitting at $127,400, Macon is an attractive option for first-time homebuyers looking for an affordable purchase.

hash-mark3. Sandersville

Another one of the cheapest towns in Georgia is Sandersville, which is home to just over 5,650 people. Sandersville is located in the center of the state, close to the halfway point between Macon and Augusta. The median home price in Sandersville is just $129,500, while the average rent is only $950. Besides being affordable, Sandersville is safer than 64% of Georgia cities, making it one of the cheapest and safest places to live in Georgia. 

hash-mark4. Columbus

With over 200,000 residents and a median home price of $156,000, Columbus is the cheapest city in Georgia, with a population of over 100,000. This city is known for its enormous army base (Fort Benning) and is the second-largest city in all of Georgia. While military personnel makes up a large percentage of the local population, the city is also home to local college students attending Columbus State University. These attractions, combined with the area’s low cost of living and artistic urban atmosphere, make it a fantastic option for those interested in a cheap area with plenty of local entertainment. 

hash-mark5. Augusta

Not only is Augusta one of the cheapest places to live in Georgia, but it is also one of the best. Lovingly known as the “Garden City of the South,” Augusta is well known for its green spaces, nature trails, and stunning gardens. The city is also home to the world-renowned Medical College of Georgia, which attracts a population of both students and young professionals. And, as any golfing aficionado knows, this beautiful city is also home to the annual Masters Tournament. With a population of 127,315 and a median property value of $173,400, Augusta is one of the cheapest cities in Georgia. You can easily find affordable property in a great neighborhood.

hash-mark6. Valdosta

Valdosta is about as south Georgia as it gets. Located along Interstate 75, this city is known for its stunning azaleas, stately historical architecture, highly acclaimed education system, and local amusement parks. Residents will fall in love with this town’s beautiful landscape and delicious local cuisine – complete with all of the classic southern staples. Additionally, the Grand Bay Wildlife Management area provides residents with an abundance of natural walking paths, hiking trails, and an exclusive look at local wetland habitats. Valdosta’s median home prices sit close to $180,300, making it an attractive option for buyers who value affordability.

hash-mark7. Warner Robins

Originally a small farming town in middle Georgia, Warner Robins has since become home to the state’s largest Air Force Base. Situated on 6,395 acres, Robins Air Force Base is the biggest employer in the city and brings in the majority of both the local workforce and revenue. Outside of the base, Warner Robins offers its citizens a well-rounded mix of commerce, outdoor recreation, and local entertainment. These include eating at the Greek Village, taking a hike at Wellston Trail, and fishing over at Walkers Pond. Home prices in this area average around $194,000, making Warner Robins an affordable option for families across the state.

hash-mark8. Perry

A warm, welcoming community nestled in the heart of Georgia, Perry is the embodiment of southern hospitality. In addition to affordable living and cheap home prices ($239,500), residents of this central Georgia town enjoy the comforts of a slower-paced lifestyle. The city is best known for the award-winning Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter, which is an epicenter for trade shows, livestock events, equestrian shows, fairs, and more. From fine dining and local breweries to one of the most charming downtown areas in the state, Perry has something every family is sure to love. 

hash-mark9. Savannah

A city lined with enormous oak trees and Spanish moss, Savannah is truly one of Georgia’s best-kept secrets. Situated along the Savannah River, this southern staple is one of the busiest port towns in the entire United States. Additionally, it is located only twenty minutes from Tybee Island and the Georgia coastline, making it highly beach-accessible. The city’s median home prices stay close to $270,500, making this a perfect area for cheap, waterfront living. 

hash-mark10. Cordele

Cordele is a small agricultural community that is one of the most affordable places to live in Georgia. Affectionately dubbed the “Watermelon Capital of the World,” Cordele is known for its fantastic crops, which include watermelons, cotton, peanuts, and pecans. The city sits roughly two hours from both Atlanta and the Florida line, making it an ideal resting spot for weary travelers. With home prices middling around $274,000, there is no better place to find an affordable piece of classic Georgia acreage. 

hash-mark11. Athens

Home to the University of Georgia, Athens is the perfect place to find both affordable housing and bustling entertainment. During the day, residents can choose from an incredible selection of brunch spots, boutiques, thrift shops, local bookstores, and street performances. At night, the city comes alive with live music, food, bars, craft breweries, and late-night eateries. And, of course, don’t forget to tailgate with the bulldogs on Saturday Game-Days during the fall! While rents in this area tend to be slightly above average, the median home price sits at $289,300, making them some of the lowest in the entire state. 

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hash-markCheapest Places to Live in Georgia Methodology

To determine the cheapest places to live in Georgia in 2024 we looked at various factors including cost of living, and real estate prices in each community. The median home prices and median rents are based off of transactions between January 1, 2023, and January 1, 2024. Additionally, we only considered Georgia communities with at least 5,000 residents.