10 Safest Neighborhoods in Phoenix

By PropertyClub Team
Jun 3rd 2024
Phoenix is a great place to live and has been attracting many new residents in recent years. With more breathing space and cheaper rents than cities like LA and San Diego, and great desert mountain views, it’s no wonder so many people call Phoenix home. Read on to discover the ten safest places to live in Phoenix.

hash-markIs Phoenix Safe?

Phoenix is a moderately safe city. As with many large cities, Phoenix isn’t immune to problems with crime, and the overall crime rate in Phoenix is somewhat higher than in other large cities. However, you can find many safe and affordable places to live in Phoenix.

For those looking to move to Phoenix, finding the right neighborhood is crucial. Here are the ten safest places to live in Phoenix. 

hash-mark10 Safest Neighborhoods in Phoenix

  1. New Village
  2. Paradise Valley
  3. North Phoenix
  4. Gilbert
  5. Desert View
  6. Deer Valley
  7. Ahwatukee Foothills
  8. Buckeye
  9. Laveen
  10. North Gateway

hash-mark1. New Village 

New Village is the safest neighborhood in Phoenix. Located in northeast Phoenix, New Village is a peaceful, walkable neighborhood with affordable homes and low crime. The total crime rate is 1,871 incidents per 100,000 residents, which is 19% lower than the national average and 50% lower than the citywide crime rate. Violent crime is also 50% lower than the rest of the country, and property crime is 14% lower. That makes New Village safer than 93% of cities in Arizona, and your odds of being the victim of a crime in the neighborhood are 1 in 54. 

hash-mark2. Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley is another one of the safest places to live in the Phoenix metro area. It is a suburb of Phoenix and is also the richest town in Arizona. Paradise Valley has often been dubbed the Beverly Hills of Arizona. In 2018, Paradise Valley reported only three violent crimes, making it among the lowest crime rates in the state. In addition, Paradise Valley offers hiking trails, horseback riding, parks, and plenty of great shopping and eating options. 

hash-mark3. North Phoenix

North Phoenix is the second safest neighborhood in Phoenix. The area is known for its relaxed and quiet atmosphere, ranking safer than 81% of Arizona cities. North Phoenix is known for being a fairly affluent suburban area with a median home price of $391,462. North Phoenix would be ideal for people looking to raise a family with plenty of space. 

hash-mark4. Gilbert

Gilbert is one of the safest Phoenix suburbs. It has such a low rate of theft it was once dubbed the “second saintliest city in the country.” With a crime rate 70% below the national average, this nickname seems to hold true. Gilbert offers a mixture of quiet suburban living and affordability, with a median home price of $264,700. Gilbert is also a highly educated city, with 92% of its high schoolers graduating. Overall, Gilbert is a safe and affordable place to live in the Phoenix metro area. 

hash-mark5. Desert View

Desert View is another one of the safest places to live in Phoenix. This neighborhood is located in a lush part of the city with access to scenic desert views. The crime rate in Desert View is 69% lower than the state average, with violent crime being almost non-existent. Desert View is the ideal place to raise a family, with plenty of green areas and parks within the neighborhood. Desert View is located just outside of Scottsdale, with quick access to downtown Phoenix.

hash-mark6. Deer Valley

Located between Paradise Valley and Desert View, Deer Valley is another one of the safest areas in Phoenix. This neighborhood has a very low crime rate which is 66% lower than the Arizona average. Deer Valley has great access to nature preserves such as the Cave Buttes Recreational Area, one of the city’s most scenic trails. Deer Valley also has great entertainment options like the Norterra Shopping Mall and Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. The residents of Deer Valley trend towards being older, with 1 in 5 residents being over the age of 55. 

hash-mark7. Ahwatukee Foothills

Ahwatukee Foothills is a safe and scenic Phoenix neighborhood located near the South Mountain Park and Preserve with charming Spanish architecture. This neighborhood was originally planned to be a retirement community and was specifically chosen by developers due to its quiet and serene natural surroundings. The crime rate in Ahwatukee Foothills is 57% lower than the state average and 28% lower than the national average, making this neighborhood great for raising a family. 

hash-mark8. Buckeye

Buckeye is one of the safest Phoenix suburbs, which is just a short drive from downtown. Buckeye is known for its friendly atmosphere and quiet and serene vibe. Over the last decade, Buckeye’s population has exploded, going from 6,000 to 56,000. Due to its location, affordability, and amenities, it’s no wonder so many people are flocking to this neighborhood. Buckeye’s crime rate is 56% lower than the Arizona average, with very little violent crime. 

hash-mark9. Laveen

Laveen is a small, secluded neighborhood with a crime rate that is 54% lower than the Arizona state average. Laveen has lots of open space and is sparsely populated while being within driving distance of downtown Phoenix. Laveen sits right under the Sierra Estrella Mountains, which falls within the Gila River Indian Reservation. If you want to live away from the hustle of Phoenix while still within driving distance, Laveen might be the perfect choice. 

hash-mark10. North Gateway

North Gateway is also one of the safest places to live in Phoenix. It is located west of Desert View, with a population of 17,226. The crime rate in North Gateway is 48% lower than the Arizona average, with this neighborhood having a tight-knit community feel. North Gateway is mostly a planned community with a median home price of $260,769. North Gateway has great access to entertainment, healthcare facilities, and grocery stores.