Best Neighborhoods in Austin

By PropertyClub Team
Jun 12th 2024
Austin is one of the best places to live in Texas, filled with plenty of things to do and exciting adventures to experience. If you’re thinking about moving to Austin, you might wonder what some of the best neighborhoods are in the area.

You’ve come to the right place to learn more! Read on to understand some of the best Austin neighborhoods. We’ll talk about the general atmosphere of each location and other critical things you should know about the place.

hash-mark13 Best Neighborhoods in Austin

  1. Allandale
  2. Downtown Austin
  3. Hyde Park
  4. Milwood
  5. East Austin
  6. Barton Hills
  7. Georgetown
  8. Cedar Park
  9. Dripping Springs
  10. Cherrywood
  11. Mueller
  12. Kyle
  13. Leander

hash-mark1. Allandale

The best neighborhood in Austin is Allendale, thanks to its lush green streets, many parks, and fantastic location that's just a couple of minutes from the city center. It’s a quiet neighborhood and has a close-knit community anyone can feel safe around.

Allandale boasts several restaurants and coffee shops on quaint suburban roads. It has several parks, and its public schools have excellent ratings for those moving to Austin with a family. There is a lot to love about Allandale, no matter who you are. Amid the chaos that comes with a city, Allandale is a breath of fresh air. And it provides easy travel to other areas of Austin. 

hash-mark2. Downtown Austin

Downtown Austin is one of the best Austin neighborhoods for young professionals. It combines the feel of something sophisticated with laid-back, ideal for the busy individual that likes to take time for themself but have fun whenever they want. 

This neighborhood is filled with numerous art spaces and classy restaurants to enjoy. You will also find wonderful live music venues and bars to explore early into the morning hours if you’re a person who enjoys the party scene. It's also one of the richest neighborhoods in Austin, with residents enjoying high incomes and real estate being very expensive. 

hash-mark3. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is also one of the best places to live in Austin. In fact, it was one of Austin’s first planned suburbs. There are a lot of students and families that live here, making it a friendly place to occupy. It's also one of the safest neighborhoods in Austin

There are over 500-acres of outdoor recreation areas in Hyde Park, including plenty of hiking and bike trails. There’s a small business district for work opportunities and a market with shopping opportunities.

hash-mark4. Milwood

Milwood is one of the largest neighborhoods in the northern part of Austin. There are plenty of restaurants to eat at and coffee shops to enjoy. Although it’s not the most walkable area, there are still many places you can reach on foot in the neighborhood.

Homes in Milwood are some of the most affordable in the area. You can find comfort living in this space, no matter your lifestyle.

hash-mark5. East Austin

East Austin is another one of the most popular neighborhoods in Austin. It's one of the most fast-paced and diverse areas in the city. Here, you’ll find tons of live music and an exciting nightlife scene. It’s also more affordable than the downtown area.

There are also plenty of great events in East Austin, including Celtic Fest and Big Android BBQ. Every day, it seems like there’s something new and exciting happening in East Austin.

hash-mark6. Barton Hills

Barton Hills is one of the best neighborhoods in Austin for nature lovers. It’s close to the city, but it also has enough natural aspects to feel like a completely different part of the area. If you want the best of both worlds, Barton Hills is the place for you to live.

Here, you can find Zilker Park, Barton Springs, and the Barton Creek Greenbelt. It’s a popular place to live for anyone of any age. Families will love the high ratings that local schools have received over the years. Outdoor people will love the vibe that comes with Barton Hills.

hash-mark7. Georgetown

Although not within Austin's city limits, Georgetown is one of the best places to live in the Austin metro area. This picturesque suburb has experienced a population boom in recent years thanks to its great location and beautiful downtown. The Historic Georgetown Square has even been called the Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas. It has plenty of charming boutiques and shops for residents to enjoy. The town also has plenty of affordable real estate to choose from for buyers. 

Schools in the Georgetown area are excellent and award-winning. It has the charm of a small town but is also close enough to the city to spark excitement for anyone who loves the best of both worlds.

hash-mark8. Cedar Park

Cedar Park is an Austin suburb that has received national recognition as one of the best places to have a family. It has excellent schools any parent can feel confident sending their child to during the day. There are also plenty of places to eat, relax, and have fun in Cedar Park. 

Cedar Park is also an excellent location if you’re on the hunt for a job opportunity in the tech world. You’ll find some of the biggest companies here, such as Apple and Dell. 

hash-mark9. Dripping Springs

Don't let Dripping Springs' name distract you from this wonderful Austin suburb. It has many natural items, such as rolling hills and glorious springs to explore and enjoy. It’s beautiful and just the right distance away from the urban areas of Austin.

You’ll find the Dripping Spring Sport and Recreation Park to spend some outdoor time and lots of local conveniences. It feels like small-town America, even though it’s close to the main city portion of Austin. It also boasts a quality education system for families.

hash-mark10. Cherrywood

Cherrywood, often known as French Place thanks to the French names scattered throughout, is the next neighborhood on our list. It gives a little bit of a Southern feel and is a popular place for students from the University of Texas to reside.

Here, you’ll find plenty of major grocery stores to fit the needs of workers and students at the university. There are also plenty of places to eat and drink, whether you want alcohol or coffee. It’s one of the most central and hidden areas in Austin, and it’s one of the most walkable cities in the area.

hash-mark11. Mueller

Mueller is a unique eco-conscious community in Austin. This neighborhood resides in East Austin and is ideal for anyone who wants to take a big step in taking care of the environment. There are lofts, apartments, and homes to purchase or rent, so anyone can find a home here.

There’s a community garden here, as well as lake parks, shops, and an exciting children’s museum to explore for the young and old alike. It’s a high-quality space that has proven its popularity in Austin over the years. Mueller is one of the most unique places to call home if you live here.

hash-mark12. Kyle

Kyle is an adorable town, close enough to travel to the city but far enough away to feel like a different world. There are lots of outdoor recreation activities to enjoy here, from the Plum Creek Golf Course to Lake Plum.

You can choose from townhouses, condos, and classic residences if you live in Kyle. Its public schools have won awards, and there are many places to shop and eat right on the main strip.

hash-mark13. Leander

Another one of the best Austin suburbs is Leander. It’s close to the train, meaning you can commute to the city with little trouble. Leander is also one of the fastest-growing communities in the Austin metro. There are varying home sizes to fit a single occupant or a family of six.

Public schools in the area have won awards, and there’s plenty to do in the area. Outdoor recreation spots include Devine Lake Park and Sarita Valley Greenbelt.