Best Neighborhoods in Philadelphia

By PropertyClub Team
Sep 9th 2023
Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania. It’s packed full of history, excellent food, and exciting places to live. If you’re interested in moving to Philly, read on to discover our list of the best neighborhoods in Philadelphia for 2023.

hash-mark13 Best Neighborhoods in Philadelphia

  1. Manayunk
  2. Fishtown
  3. Old City
  4. Rittenhouse Square
  5. Washington Square West
  6. Bella Vista
  7. Center City
  8. Chestnut Hill
  9. Fairmount
  10. University City
  11. Cedar Park
  12. Queen Village
  13. Society Hill

hash-mark1. Manayunk

The best Philadelphia neighborhood is Manayunk, a safe and quaint community located on the banks of the Schuylkill River. This trendy area is minutes away from areas like Chestnut Hill and Center City. It also has hilly streets filled with gorgeous lofts and elegant Victorian homes. It’s walkable for those who don’t mind steep streets.

There is more to Manayunk than just visual appeal, it’s also one of the safest places to live in Philly. If a low crime rate is critical to you, Manayunk will give you that. You can feel safe visiting the dozens of bars and restaurants in the area.

hash-mark2. Fishtown

Another one of the best Philadelphia neighborhoods is Fishtown. This artsy neighborhood is located in North Philly. It used to be the home of fishermen in its early days, but now Fishtown has many trendy food and entertainment venues. It’s a quirky venue filled to the brim with art and culture.

This neighborhood is constantly changing. It’s filled with college students, hipsters, young families, and professionals. You’re never far from something to do if you live in the Fishtown neighborhood. 

hash-mark3. Old City

Old City is also one of the best neighborhoods in Philadelphia. History buffs will adore the charm that Old City provides. Here, you’ll find cobblestone streets, historical designs, and proximity to locations such as the Liberty Bell and Penn’s Landing. Old City is an excellent combination of old and new.

If you like to go out, you’ll find plenty of bars and restaurants within walking distance in Old City. It’s also close to entertainment venues like art galleries and theaters for those who want to take advantage of the art side of the city. There’s a lot to enjoy in the Old City neighborhood.

hash-mark4. Rittenhouse Square

Rittenhouse Square is one of the best Philadelphia neighborhoods for young professionals as the area has plenty of new apartments and condominiums, all situated around a gorgeous green square. It’s one of the most desirable places to live in Philly, but it’s hard to beat the beauty and style you can find in the area.

This neighborhood is right in City Center, so you’ll be in the middle of everything. There are restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and plenty of entertainment nearby. If you like living the high life, Rittenhouse Square is for you. 

hash-mark5. Washington Square West

Washington Square West is a Philly neighborhood that is well known for its LGBTQ-friendly environment. You’ll find trendy nightlife and streets filled to the brim with bars, restaurants, and boutiques. There are also many fun Irish pubs in the area if you want to switch up your hangout spots.

This neighborhood is also right by Washington Square. You can enjoy the natural space on a nice day. Washington Square West is right by Jefferson Station if you need to travel to another area or the airport.

hash-mark6. Bella Vista

If you come to Philly for the food, Bella Vista is an area you’ll find yourself in at some point. This neighborhood is home to the iconic cheesesteak, located in Genos and Pat’s King of Steaks. There are also many bakeries and authentic cuisines scattered on the streets that fit any taste.

Bella Vista is one of the best Philly neighborhoods for foodies. From taquerias to the historic Italian Market, you can find something tasty to eat in Bella Vista. It’s an exciting area to explore, whether you’ve been in the area your entire life or are just moving to the Philadelphia area.

hash-mark7. Center City

Center City is what the name implies - the center of Philadelphia. Here, you’ll find iconic locations such as Independence Hall and the Franklin Institute. You can live right in the center of history, inspired by the people who lived here before.

Here, you’re close to plenty of restaurants and nightlife locations. You can shop at the Reading Terminal or hike it to the many nearby cafes. If you want to be in the heart of Philly, City Center is the ideal place for you.

hash-mark8. Chestnut Hill

Chestnut Hill is one of the best neighborhoods in Philadelphia for families as it's known for good schools and a great safety record. This neighborhood has been around since the Revolutionary War and offers a relatively quick commute to the heart of the city. Today, it’s a quaint area with historic homes and lots of outdoor activities for residents and their families to enjoy. 

There are plenty of places to eat and shop in Chestnut Hill. Besides eating and drinking, Chestnut Hill is by Wissahickon Valley Park. This area has tons of trails for any outdoor excursion you enjoy. It’s home to the oldest country club in the country, the Philadelphia Cricket Club. There’s a lot to adore about Chestnut Hill.

hash-mark9. Fairmount

If you love museums, Fairmount is one of the best places you could live. There is plenty of art to explore on these streets, from smaller selections to the incredible Philadelphia Museum of Art. You’re also close to the Philadelphia Zoo, a popular choice among residents and tourists alike.

Of course, this area also boasts plenty of things to do. You can enjoy delicious food or find a fun place to get an iced coffee for your day. If you have a day off, you could spend an entire day exploring the streets of Fairmount.

hash-mark10. University City

University City gets its name from the multiple places of higher education that sit right in this neighborhood. You’ll find Drexel University, the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College, and the University of Sciences. There are tons of young people that live here.

Thanks to the young crowd, there is a lot to do in University City. You’ll find a booming culture, dive bars, and unique food stalls in the area. There are also things to see, such as The Woodlands, the Penn Museum, and the Institute of Contemporary Art.

hash-mark11. Logan Square

Logan Square is a gorgeous combination of old and new. You can find pieces of history here mixed in with the luxuries of the modern world. Tourists frequent this area thanks to the gorgeous views and proximity to everything in the city.

If you love museums, you can find many within walking distance here. Logan Square is close to many things in the city.

hash-mark12. Queen Village

Queen Village is a charming area near the waterfront of the Delaware River. It’s filled with adorable colonial homes that give the streets a charm like no other. The views look like a collage of textures when you stroll down the streets.

Along with the charm, you’ll also find shops to explore and bars to eat and drink inside. There are plenty of eateries and galleries to look at, as well as Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens.

hash-mark13. Society Hill

Society Hill is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Philly, but it’s still an excellent place to call home or visit. It’s an expensive place to live, but there’s a good reason for the cost. Residents of Society Hill are treated daily to cobblestone streets, glorious architecture, and beautiful street lamps. 

You’re close to Washington Square in Society Hill, as well as trendy bars and places to eat. Philly’s first craft brewery, the Dock Street Brewpub, is here. You can enjoy the day looking at the history embedded in every part of Society Hill.