14 Richest Towns in Connecticut

By PropertyClub Team
Oct 20th 2023
Connecticut is one of the wealthiest states in the US. And that makes living in the state expensive. Read on to discover the 14 richest towns in Connecticut in 2023. 

hash-mark14 Richest Towns in Connecticut

  1. Darien
  2. Riverside
  3. Westport
  4. Old Greenwich
  5. Wilton
  6. Weston
  7. Greenwich
  8. Southport
  9. New Canaan
  10. Avon
  11. Ridgefield
  12. Stamford
  13. Woodbridge
  14. Essex

hash-mark1. Darien

The richest town in Connecticut is Darien, with a median household income of $251,200. Darien is a small town on Connecticut’s gold coast that is home to approximately 6,759 people. Home prices in town are also high, ranging from $500,000 to $4,000,000.

This small coastal town is the perfect place for raising children, and you can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities, especially walking in nature.

hash-mark2. Riverside

The second wealthiest town in Connecticut is Riverside. The median household income in Riverside is $250,000, and most homes sell for over $2.5 million. However, depending on the neighborhood, you can also find more affordable housing.

Being a coastal neighborhood, citizens have plenty of opportunities to spend their free time. Riverside also offers residents a quick commute into NYC. The town is also known for having excellent public schools. All in all, Riverside is a town that offers a great quality of life to its citizens.

hash-mark3. Westport

The third on the list is Westport. With an average household income of $236,892 per year, it is one of the richest towns in the state. Westport is a very desirable place to live as it ranks highly for safety. The local school system is also amongst the best in the state. All of this combines to make the local housing market expensive. The median house price in Westport is approximately $1.5 million. 

hash-mark4. Old Greenwich

The fourth wealthiest town in Connecticut is Old Greenwich. It has an average household income of $234,152 and 6,611 residents. A relatively small town, it offers the opportunity of doing great outdoor activities. Because it is a coastal town, you can spend most of your time on the beach and in natural parks. The average home price in Old Greenwich is $1.8 million.

hash-mark5. Wilton

Wilton is also one of the richest cities in Conecticut. With an average family income of $209,635 and a population of 18,460 inhabitants, Wilton is a relatively wealthy town. 

The average home price in town is $780,000. Wilton is surrounded by nature, offering many activities that are perfect for children and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

hash-mark6. Weston

Another one of the richest towns in Connecticut is Weston. It has an average household income of $204,792, and the home prices range between $600,000-$800,000. It is a very safe town surrounded by greenery. Weston is also one of the best places in Connecticut to raise a family.  

hash-mark7. Greenwich

Greenwich is another of the wealthiest towns in Connecticut. It is located about 29 miles northeast of New York City, offering residents an easy commute to the city. Greenwich had a median household income of $180,484 in 2021 and is known as one of the richest cities in America. The median home value in Greenwich is over $1.5 million, and many residents work in finance and banking in NYC. 

hash-mark8. Southport

As the name implies, Southport is a port city that is situated on the coast. It’s also one of the wealthiest towns in Connecticut, with a median annual income per family of $180,057. The city deserves its spot on the list as it’s well above the average US income. The average home price in Southport is $600,000.

hash-mark9. New Canaan

New Canaan is situated right next to Darien and is also one of the richest towns in Connecticut. With a population of 20,622 inhabitants, the average income per household is $145,244. However, the average house prices range from $1,5 million to $3 million.

The benefits of living in this city are numerous, such as good schools, safe neighborhoods, and overall great lifestyle quality.

hash-mark10. Avon

A town covered in vibrant nature, Avon is one of the richest towns in Connecticut. Despite its small size, it is home to 18,932 people. The average income per family is $130,268, and home prices range anywhere between $500,000 to $2 million.

hash-mark11. Ridgefield

The next richest town in Connecticut is Ridgefield. With a median household income of $129,919, it is home to approximately 25,033 people.

The average home price in Ridgefield is $600,000, and it grants many benefits to its inhabitants: reduced crime rate, good schools, and an overall relaxed way of life.

hash-mark12. Stamford

Home to over 136,309 people, Stamford is the richest city in Connecticut. The median household income is $99,791, and the average home price is $672,000. Stamford is situated only 30 miles north of NYC, so it offers residents unparalleled access to the city. It also has a number of highly rated public and private schools, which can be a major plus for families with children.

hash-mark13. Woodbridge

Woodbridge is another wealthy Connecticut town. It’s also known for its rich history and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as Woodbridge Green Historic District. The town is full of greenery and offers residents a tranquil vibe.  

The average household income in Woodbridge is $96,919, and the median home price is $595,000.

hash-mark14. Essex

Essex is another one of the richest towns in Connecticut. Although the town only has 6,754 residents, the median income per capita is $91,618, which is well above the average median income in the US. 

Essex is situated near the Connecticut river, a few miles north of some of the state’s best beach towns. It’s a peaceful town that’s a great place for people who want to get away from hectic city life and enjoy nature. The median home price in Essex was $651,000 in 2022. 

hash-markRichest Places in Connecticut Bottom Line

With Connecticut being so close to New York City, it has become a favorite place for wealthy New Yorkers looking to buy a quaint, suburban home. Many of these towns are wonderful places to live due to their incredible verdant spaces and proximity to the city and ocean. However, if you want to experience a slower rhythm of life in one of the richest towns in Connecticut, you’ll need to be prepared to pay up, as home prices are costly.