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When It comes to affordable real estate in Manhattan, Washington Heights is king. Homes and apartments for sale in Washington Heights are cheaper than anywhere else in Manhattan, averaging $652 per square foot throughout 2019. That’s less than half of the average price for the borough. A lot of this is thanks to an abundance of inventory, as well as the fact that most properties in the area are older, pre-war buildings.
Affordable homes aren’t all Washington Heights has going for it. Buyers also love the fact that the neighborhood has numerous parks and outdoor spaces. In fact, the area is surrounded by parks, making it great for those who like outdoor activities. The region is also the hilliest part of Manhattan and is well known for its step stairway, so be prepared to lose some weight if you buy an apartment in Washington Heights. Then there’s the fact that Washington Heights is primed for further development, and buying here is an excellent investment as real estate prices will likely continue to rise in the coming years. Homeowners also enjoy the fact that the neighborhood is well connected to the rest of the city, with multiple subway stations and bus stops. 
The most desirable real estate in Washington Heights is in the southern and western parts of the neighborhood, with many of the most in-demand co-op buildings being on Riverside Drive. One thing to note, however, is that these are generally older properties, although the individual apartments may be renovated. If luxury is more your thing, the neighborhood has some newly developed boutique condos by Highbridge Park. You can also find a handful of brownstones and townhouses for sale in Washington Heights.

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