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Carnegie Hill is a small residential neighborhood on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The area is popular with buyers and has a booming real estate market, in part thanks to its proximity to Central Park.
The neighborhood got its monicker from Andrew Carnegie and his mansion, which was built in the neighborhood in the early 1900s. It is due to Carnegie’s residency and the other well-heeled homebuyers who follow him that Carnegie Hill has come to be known as one of the most affluent and desirable neighborhoods in New York City. 
Within Carnegie Hill, you’ll find plenty of cultured activities to do. This includes historical landmarks, museums, parks, and plenty of quiet space that is ideal for families. For those who want access to New York City and all the amenities that come along with it but still want an area that is safe and quiet for their family, Carnegie Hill is the ideal option. It is a sanctuary away from the hustle of New York. As with other desirable areas, real estate is expensive, with apartments for sale in Carnegie Hill commanding top dollar. 
Today, Carnegie Hill continues to be a center for both culture and wealth, with many new museums going in and the expansion of existing museums to accommodate more. Carnegie Hill residents have a strong sense of community and feel that it is their responsibility to maintain the history that is contained within the neighborhood. For that reason, there are many groups dedicated to expanding and maintaining museums.
Living in Carnegie Hill shows residents quickly that they are not just finding a place to live--they are living in a part of New York City history. This kind of community identity makes Carnegie Hill a very desirable place to live. 
Prices on homes for sale in Carnegie Hill have been rising for years, and this trend shows no signs of stopping. As the years go on, the residents continue to help improve the community and make it a higher value area for people to live. The strong sense of community pride, many amenities, and relative peace & quiet make real estate in the neighborhood highly valuable and desirable. 

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