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About Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island is one of New York City’s most unique neighborhoods making the rental market distinctly different from anywhere else in the city. The vast majority of the housing stock on the island is rentals, with most of the buildings marketing their listings as being luxury, no fee apartments. This has made Roosevelt Island popular with those looking for a cheap apartment a tranquil setting. That being said, prices have been on the rise in recent years, yet they still remain attractive for many. While rents may be cheaper than in most other comparable neighborhoods, living on the island may prove difficult for some due to limited amenities. Besides the ability to score a deal on a Roosevelt Island luxury apartment residents enjoy a stunning commute via the tram, but there’s little in the way of nightlife and entertainment on the island. The neighborhood remains one of the few in the city that will benefit from having more residents and ongoing new residential development. Besides helping to keep rents in check, an influx of new renters will encourage new businesses to open their doors on the island.
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