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About Harlem

Recent years have seen a surge in demand for apartments for rent in Harlem. Rental prices have also skyrocketed as more and more new residents have moved into the burgeoning neighborhood. This increased demand has been driven by a combination of lower prices (compared to neighboring areas) and the fact that Harlem is centrally located in the heart of Upper Manhattan while also being at the heart of the cultural and entertainment scene of the area. This means renters enjoy a plethora of benefits including cheap rent (compared to the UES and UWS), great subway access, and proximity to Central Park. Some benefits of all of the additional development and interest in the neighborhood have been an increase in new businesses, with trendy new restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, and bars opening their doors on a seemingly daily basis. It has also become easier to find no-fee apartments and luxury apartments thanks to increased new development throughout the neighborhood. For those looking for a more traditional living space renting a Harlem brownstone might be a perfect choice.
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