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Sunset Park


Located in southwestern Brooklyn, Sunset Park is a diverse neighborhood that is known for its waterfront location and its namesake park, which boasts jaw-dropping views of the Manhattan skyline. For decades the neighborhood seemed to be forgotten by many, with rents seemingly stagnant, and little real estate development. This made it an ideal landing spot for immigrants and led to the growth of large European, Chinese, and Latin American communities in the neighborhood. Things have quickly begun to change in recent years, however, and Sunset Park has experienced an influx of new, younger residents along with the businesses that cater to them, particularly in the western half of the neighborhood, closer to the waterfront. Nowadays the area can best be described as up-and-coming with Sunset Park West being amongst four neighborhoods named “New York’s Next Hot Neighborhoods” by the NY Times. All in all Sunset Park is a great place to call home, and there are still plenty of deals to be had on real estate in the neighborhood.