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About SoHo

For many, their dream New York City apartment is a Soho loft. Unfortunately, this is unattainable for most thanks to the extremely high prices in the neighborhood. Soho has long been one of the most expensive neighborhoods in NYC, and prices have done nothing but continue to rise. What’s fascinating is that while new development has increased rental inventory in the neighborhood, the average rent has continued to grow. These new buildings house some of the most luxurious apartments for rent in Soho and have only helped drive prices up, although at least no-fee apartments in Soho are now easier to come by. So if a glitzy, new Soho penthouse is what you’re in the market for you’re in luck and will have more options than ever before. In many ways, Soho already is the most expensive neighborhood in the city and is only more affordable than the likes of Tribeca (the most expensive rental neighborhood in NYC) on paper due to the older housing stock. When comparing a similar loft or luxury rental the apartment in Soho will generally be the more expensive.
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