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10th Avenue street view and residential buildings, Chelsea, New York



Chelsea, which is located on the west side of Manhattan between 14th and 34th streets, is known the world over for its abundance of high-class art galleries as well as its sophisticated cultural and entertainment scene, stands at the crossroads of Midtown and Downtown Manhattan. This is reflected in the neighborhood’s architecture, an eclectic mix ranging from historic 19th-century brownstones and townhouses to ultra-contemporary, glass, high-rises. Chelsea is also home to the High Line, an elevated park in the western part of the neighborhood which opened in 2009, sparking new interest in the formerly industrial West Chelsea area, and leading to a wave of new residential development. The neighborhood is a popular one due to its prime location in the heart of Manhattan, world-class nightlife and it’s uncanny ability to combine classic New York City sophistication, posh and ritz with a more subtle, and cool downtown vibe.