Where to Buy a Christmas Tree in NYC

By PropertyClub Team
Sep 10th 2023
Buying a Christmas tree for your home is part of a time-honored tradition. But if you live in a tiny New York apartment, finding the perfect tree for your space may be difficult. Luckily, there are plenty of different places in the city where you can find trees that are perfect for New Yorkers. Here is a closer look at where to buy Christmas trees in NYC.

hash-mark6 Best Places to Buy a Christmas Tree in NYC (2023)

  1. Street Vendors
  2. Grocery Stores
  3. Farmers Markets
  4. Local Vendors
  5. Online Stores
  6. Go Upstate 

1. Street Vendors

The best place to buy a Christmas tree in NYC is from a street vendor. It's fast and convenient, and most also offer delivery. However, like any New York City street market, quality and price will vary from location to location. Some will have fresh trees, while others may be trying to market leftover inventory that's a month old. So if you go this route, inspect the tree's quality before you purchase and try to negotiate if prices are high.

2. Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are another excellent source of fresh Christmas trees in NYC. Not all grocery stores in the five boroughs sell trees at Christmas time, but if you look hard enough, you're bound to find one. Whole Foods Market is known for selling Xmas trees around the holidays and has several locations throughout the city. Plus, they are known to donate some of the money back to American Forests, an organization that replants trees and protects woodlands across the country. So, while you're out doing your weekly shopping, why not pick up your Christmas tree as well?

3. Farmers Markets

Local farmer's markets are another great place to buy a Christmas tree in NYC. Farmers' markets often carry the freshest products and thoroughly vet their vendors to ensure that they follow sustainable practices and don't harm the environment. The Union Square Greenmarket is one notable example that is open every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday and often sells Christmas trees around the holidays. But the trees you'll find at a farmer's market usually have a higher price tag. Plus, delivery may not be available, but it varies from market to market. But if protecting the environment is important to you, it may be worth the extra cost and labor.

hash-mark4. Local Vendors

In addition to street vendors, plenty of permeant local vendors in New York sell Christmas trees around the holidays. SoHo Trees is a local favorite in lower Manhattan that offers trees ranging from 2-25 feet and a decorating and delivery service. Brooklyn Terminal Market is a producer, retailer, and wholesaler in Canarsie that sells trees around the holidays with prices starting at around $10 per foot. Or you can head to the Urban Garden Center in East Harlem, which offers one of the largest selections in the city at some of the lowest prices. So, if you are willing to shop or take a drive, you can find plenty of local vendors offering quality trees at discounted prices.

5. Online Stores

If you don't want to shlep a tree from the vendor lot to your apartment, you may decide to order online. NYC trees is another popular location in Manhattan and Queens that offers the ability to order online with free delivery to every borough except Staten Island. Christmas Trees Brooklyn is a family-owned business near Prospect Park that allows online orders, offers decorations and add-ons, and free, scheduled delivery anywhere in the five boroughs. Tree Riders NYC is another popular option that sells Balsam and Fraser Firs online, in addition to Christmas accessories like bows, lights, and wreaths. Or you can also just shop on Amazon and find a wide selection of artificial trees if you prefer to keep the stray pine needles out of your house. Online vendors offer ease and convenience, but they also tend to be a bit pricier, and you can't inspect the tree before it's delivered. So, make sure to find a reputable vendor with positive customer reviews.

6. Head Upstate 

The other option is to hop in the car and head upstate to shop for a tree. Many reputable farms in Westchester and Dutchess county sell farm-fresh trees at lower prices than you'll find in the city. Plus, it's an excellent chance to get out of the town and enjoy the scenic beauty around the holidays. You'll have to pay for the additional gas, and delivery likely won't be an option. But this is an excellent way to find a fresh, healthy tree at a discounted price.  

hash-markChristmas Tree Prices in NYC

The average price for a Christmas tree in NYC is $145, but prices can vary dramatically, from $50 for a smaller tree up to $1,100 or more for the largest and most impressive Christmas trees. You can expect to pay around 30% more for a Christmas tree in NYC than in other parts of the country, but it's still possible to find an affordable tree. In a city as large as New York there's something available for every budget. 

hash-markBuying a Christmas Tree in New York City Bottom Line

There are plenty of options when it comes to buying a Christmas tree in NYC, from local vendors and farmer's markets to ordering one online. And remember to make sure to research the rules for Christmas tree disposal in your neighborhood, so you won't get fined for leaving it on the curb when the holiday has passed.