Celebrities That Live In Ohio

By PropertyClub Team
Sep 6th 2023
At first glance, Ohio is not a state that you would expect to see on a list of celebrity homes. It's far from the glitzy standards of California or New York. But, once in a blue moon, you'll see a celebrity who wants to get far away from the hubbub of Tinseltown—often in favor of a low-key area. Read on to discover some of the most famous celebrities that live in Ohio. 

Ohio's unique charm has been getting celebrities interested in real estate there. Between the cheap cost of living, the friendly locals, and the mouthwatering fine dining of Cleveland, it's easy to see why this state has gained a lot of traction with A-listers. 

Check out some of the famous names you can call "neighbors" if you live in Ohio.

hash-mark10 Most Famous Celebrities That Live in Ohio

  1. Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson
  2. Bill Waterson
  3. LeBron James
  4. Michael Symon
  5. Mark Nolan
  6. Teri Garr
  7. The Russo Brothers
  8. Josh Dun
  9. Saeed Jones
  10. Maggie Jones

hash-markKhloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson

The most famous celebrity couple that lives in Ohio are Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson. You read that right: one of the Kardashians lives in Ohio. It happened for quite some time since Khloe K began dating Tristan Thompson. She went so far as to spend time living in a home in-state as things got more serious. However, Khloe and Tristan have had a volatile relationship due to a major cheating blowout. So, you might not see Khloe around too much. Tristan, on the other hand, still happens to enjoy living in the state.

hash-markBill Waterson 

Bill Waterson is also one of the most famous celebrities that lives in Ohio. But unlike other famous Ohio residents, you won't see him walking on a red carpet often. He is well-known as the creator of one of America's most beloved cartoon characters. Bill Waterson is the creator of the world-famous Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. 

Waterson is not like most other celebrities. He is happy to stay low-key in a large but comfortable home. 

hash-markLeBron James

As one of the most famous sports players of all time, LeBron has the ability to live anywhere that he wants to. He seems to have a particular penchant for Ohio, where he gets to enjoy life in the Cleveland suburbs. 

Get this: LeBron doesn't just live in Ohio. He also bought a special home for his mom nearby, too. What a sweetheart!

hash-markMichael Symon

Are you looking for a truly tasty treat? Then look no further than chef Michael Symon's home in Ohio. The famous chef has settled down in a gorgeous 3.5-bedroom Tudor home that looks absolutely perfect. 

It's a bit old school, but he's a huge fan of Cleveland. As it turns out, being a chef in Ohio is a pretty sweet life. I mean, who wouldn't want to be invited to a dinner party at his house?

hash-markMark Nolan

If you are a local to Ohio, then you probably have tuned into Channel 3, where you go to see Mark Nolan do his thing. Unsurprisingly, Nolan himself is a local to the state. More specifically, he lives in Burton. 

His home is pretty large and has a farmhouse-style layout, complete with a man cave. Somehow, this seems to really fit Nolan's brand—and we mean that in the best way possible. 

hash-markTeri Garr

Teri Garr is a name that you may be familiar with if you're a fan of vintage films. She was a star in Young Frankenstein and also did quite a bit of dancing in her time as a dancer for Elvis Presley. 

While she's been retired from Tinseltown for quite some time, she's still considered to be a Hollywood legend. She chose to retire in the state of Ohio in an absolutely gorgeous home. Not much is known about her home, but somehow, we feel like it looks amazing. 

She just seems like the type of person who makes a home look effortlessly chic. 

hash-markThe Russo Brothers

Are you a fan of the Avengers franchise? If so, then you might be a major fan of the Russo brothers—Anthony and Joseph Russo. The two were the directors behind the ultra smash hit movie Avengers: Endgame. 

The dynamic duo of Hollywood (and Marvel) were born in Cleveland, so it's no surprise that they may want to have a home that's close to their hometown. While they do split their time between Ohio and other locations, we're still going to count them among the many who call this state home.

hash-markJosh Dun

Are you a fan of Twenty One Pilots? The pop-rock band has become almost synonymous with the Columbus rock music scene. (It's a rightfully-earned act. As it turns out, the band was actually formed in Columbus.)

While other members of the band have migrated elsewhere, drummer Josh Dun still lives in the area with his wife, Debby Ryan. What a power couple!

hash-markSaeed Jones

If you're into new media, then you may already follow Saeed Jones on Instagram…or really, any other new social media platform you could imagine. The social media star got his start as an editor at Buzzfeed but quickly became a brand name in his own right. 

Saeed can still be found living it up in Columbus, where people occasionally stop him for a photo. He's fairly popular, to the point that he even had a cameo on Bob's Burgers. Cool, right?

hash-markMaggie Jones

A famous poet? In 2023? It's more likely than you think. Maggie Jones gained a massive following on Instagram and Twitter thanks to her breakout poem "Good Bones." Since then, she's published book after book of amazing, whirlwind-emotion poetry. 

While this may not be the most common definition of celebrity, her Substack and books have changed the lives of many people. Who knows? Maybe you'll be able to catch a reading of hers if you're near Columbus.