Split Level Houses Guide

By PropertyClub Team
Jan 9th 2023
Split-level houses are making a solid comeback in the housing architectural world with new designs and modifications. First becoming popular in the 1950s, they were most loved for the space they provided for large families.

hash-markWhat Is a Split-Level House?

A split-level house is classified as a building with staggering levels. Most split-level houses are typically designed with a short staircase that leads upstairs and leads to the basement. Split-level houses always come with finished basement areas that can serve multiple purposes and can be used as either a laundry room, a gym, an office, a library, or an extra room.

You probably grew up in a split-level house. You might want to share or relive the feeling and memories with your new family, friends, and loved ones, or you might fall on the other end by not even having considered a split-level house as an option throughout your house hunting. Either way, this article will discuss all you need to know about split-level houses, the advantages and benefits of choosing a split-level home, and why you should choose one for your next housing relocation. 

hash-markTypes of Split-Level Houses

Split-level houses come in different designs and offer multiple space allocations. Asides from the most common three-floor (tri-level) split-level houses, there are also split-level houses that come with plans of about five to six floors. There are two major types of split-level dwellings, which is very important to know if you're considering house hunting in that direction.

1. Standard Split Level Houses

These houses are designed to have their entry at the base of the house, with the stairs very close by leading to other floors. Most times, people design their standard Split Level homes with utility rooms on the middle floor away from guests' access. Most of the private rooms are usually positioned on the top floor.

2. Stacked Split Level Houses

A stacked split-level house is a type of split-level house that has several floors, which can be as high as five floors with several stairs. The entry of this type of split house is located at the base of the house for easy access.

3. Split Foyer Houses

A split foyer house is a type of split-level house that is designed to have two levels. The layout always has the recreational room, garage and informal living room on the lower level. 

hash-markReasons to Choose a Split-Level House

  1. Better Separation
  2. Ample Outdoor Space
  3. Cost-Effective
  4. Easily Modifiable
  5. Worth Every Penny
  6. Increased Privacy

1. Better Separation 

Split-level houses are loved for their provision of privacy and separation of floors. These staggered houses can accommodate two-three generations of a family, with each on a separate floor. 

As much as family members love to spend time together, they also need privacy and a bit of safety. A split-level house provides that with more rooms strategically separated from one another yet proximal and multiple purposes to spaces and basement areas.

The split-level houses can also an excellent option for singles who love their privacy but still want a roommate. The blueprint layout of a split house allows for better distinction and separation of rooms on different floors, which can be rented out, giving you a feeling of privacy with good noise separations and a space for your hobby.

2. Ample Outdoor Space

We all love some outside time with family and friends, and a split house encourages more outdoor time. Split-level homes provide more room for the proper maximization of yard space. Children have more play space and can even get a swing erected to initiate more fun.

3. Cost-Effective

Split-level houses come with a bit of an outdated design, so they tend to be cheaper considering their low demand in the housing market. Split homes encourage low maintenance for families living on a budget. It is also an excellent choice for newlyweds or first-time house buyers who are working with a budget.

4. Easily Modifiable

Mostly accompanied what an old-fashioned and outdated design, a split-level house provides excellent opportunities for modern modifications or space additions.

5. Worth Every Penny

Split-level houses are a guaranteed way to get more value and space for your money. They offer more rooms and areas on a minimal budget.

6. Increased Privacy

As much as a split-level house encourages privacy, they also create the feeling of togetherness amongst families with rooms closely positioned and short stairs that could be easily covered in times of emergency.

hash-markSplit Level Houses Bottom Line

Split-level houses were considered an excellent choice in the 1950s but are not so commonly built anymore, but regardless, they remain a perfect choice for homes and families. These staggered houses provide several benefits and sufficient space to accommodate large families or families who love to have a bit of space.

Split-level houses are easy to find and not so hard to miss, regardless of your choice in the neighborhood. They are cost-friendly and provide much more space than other traditionally styled houses. Split-level houses offer more practical living options for families with better room space utilization than traditional ranch-style houses.

In conclusion, split-level houses remain a great choice the house hunters who want a feel of their childhood, with large families who need space, or anybody working on a budget.