Safest Neighborhoods in San Francisco

By PropertyClub Team
May 16th 2023
San Francisco is one of the most iconic cities along the west coast. Surrounded by the sparkling Pacific Ocean, this hilly city is the cultural and economic hub of northern California. While San Francisco may be a popular place to work and live, it’s important to know which areas of the city are safe. Read on to discover the safest neighborhoods in San Francisco. 

hash-mark10 Safest Neighborhoods in San Francisco

  1. Outer Sunset
  2. Bernal Heights
  3. Crocker-Amazon
  4. Oceanview
  5. Excelsior
  6. Financial District
  7. Sea Cliff
  8. Nob Hill
  9. Presidio Heights
  10. SoMa

hash-mark1. Outer Sunset

The safest neighborhood in San Francisco is Outer Sunset. This charming neighborhood offers a peaceful suburban feel in the middle of the city. The Golden Gate Bridge borders Outer Sunset and sits within view of the Pacific Ocean. Sunset has a great school system and public transit, making it easy to get around the neighborhood. The overall crime rate in Outer Sunset is 1.5 per 1,000 residents, making it 80% safer than the state average. 

hash-mark2. Bernal Heights 

Bernal Heights is also one of the safest places to live in San Francisco. This historic Victorian-style neighborhood is located in southeastern San Francisco. Bernal Heights has a great view overlooking the San Francisco skyline and is known for having dozens of independent art galleries. The overall crime rate in Bernal Heights is 3.2 per 1,000 people. Its population is just over 28,000. Overall the Bernal Heights neighborhood is 57% safer than the California average. 

hash-mark3. Crocker-Amazon

Crocker-Amazon is an extremely safe suburban San Francisco neighborhood bordering the Excelsior District. Crocker-Amazon is a winding, hilly neighborhood that is ideal for families. Crocker-Amazon’s homes feature various architecture, including Victorian, Edwardian, and Mid-Century Modern Homes. The neighborhood is very diverse and offers many Mexican and Salvadorian dining options. The total crime rate is 1,041 per 100,000, which is 60% lower than the California average. 

hash-mark4. Oceanview 

Oceanview is a safe San Francisco neighborhood that is considered one of the best places to live for families in the city. Oceanview offers great schools, reasonably priced housing, and great public transportation. The total crime rate in Oceanview is 1,443 per 100,000, which is 44% of the national average. Oceanview is known for being one of the cleanest neighborhoods in San Francisco, with a relatively low vagrancy problem. Many of Oceanview’s residents are staff or students of nearby San Francisco State University and the City College of San Francisco. 

hash-mark5. Excelsior

Excelsior is a quiet, diverse neighborhood located on San Francisco’s south side. Excelsior offers great public transportation while still maintaining great walkability. Excelsior has a strong sense of community, with its local community watch group sponsoring concerts, events, and neighborhood cleanups. With a population of 37,796, Excelsior has a crime rate that is 48% safer than the California average. 

hash-mark6. Financial District

Financial District is a safe and popular neighborhood that younger people love due to its prime location near downtown. Many of this neighborhood’s residents work in the tech and finance industries due to the close proximity of many offices. Financial District of also near Chinatown and Embarcadero, which offers a wide variety of dining options. The total crime rate in this neighborhood is 32% lower than the California average, and apartments tend to be quite expensive. 

hash-mark7. Sea Cliff

Sea Cliff is also one of the safest areas in San Francisco. The neighborhood is located in northwestern San Francisco, directly along the Pacific Coast. Sea Cliff is one of the city’s wealthiest neighborhoods and has been home to many celebrities. Sea Cliff has a population of 36,000, with a crime rate that is 26% lower than the national average. Due to Seal Cliff’s high-profile status, the median home price is over a million dollars. 

hash-mark8. Nob Hill

Nob Hill is another highly affluent neighborhood known for its luxury hotels and historic mansions. Being a luxury destination, Nob Hill is home to numerous Michelin-starred restaurants, boutiques, cultural centers, and art galleries. Nob Hill contains many of the city’s tourist landmarks, including many famous parks such as Huntington Park. The median home price in Nob Hill is $924,939. 

hash-mark9. Presidio Heights

Presidio Heights is a scenic, tree-lined neighborhood featuring many historic Tudor-style homes. Presidio Heights is a popular tourist destination that offers access to high-end country clubs, golfing, and hiking trails. The total crime rate in Presidio Heights is 2,613 per 100,000, which is on par with the US average. Presidio Heights is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in San Francisco, with a median home price over $1.5 million. 

hash-mark10. SoMa

SoMa, also called South of Market, is located near downtown. SoMa is home to many of San Francisco’s museums and serves as the headquarters for many tech companies. With a population of 36,000, SoMa is made up of many smaller communities that make up the neighborhood. SoMa has a crime rate of 5,202 per 100,000 which is only slightly higher than the California average.