12 Richest Neighborhoods in San Francisco

By PropertyClub Team
Jan 12th 2024
In addition to its iconic landmarks, large population, and stunning local scenery, San Francisco is also home to an abundance of wealthy communities. This list of the twelve richest neighborhoods in San Francisco will guide you to the city’s most expensive places to live.

hash-mark12 Richest Neighborhoods in San Francisco 

  1. Presidio Heights
  2. Sea Cliff
  3. Presidio Terrace
  4. Cow Hollow
  5. Marina District
  6. Ashbury Heights
  7. Haight-Ashbury
  8. Noe Valley
  9. Pacific Heights
  10. Glen Park
  11. Russian Hill
  12. Potrero Hill

hash-mark1. Presidio Heights

The richest neighborhood in San Francisco is Presidio Heights, which has a median household income of $209,750 as well as the highest real estate prices in the city. This affluent neighborhood is known for its quiet streets that are lined with rows of impressive mansions. Though this area is convenient to everything San Francisco has to offer, the abundance of surrounding greenery gives it a more secluded, private feel than other parts of the city. Residents in this neighborhood will also appreciate its combination of luxury amenities, family-friendly atmosphere, and stunning local real estate.

The median home price in Presidio Heights is $3,650,000, making this the most expensive neighborhood in San Francisco. 

hash-mark2. Sea Cliff 

Sea Cliff is the second-wealthiest neighborhood in San Francisco. Located along the cliffs of South Bay, this neighborhood is set away from the bustling city center and was founded as one of the city’s eight master-planned residence parks – also known as “garden suburbs.”

This unique design gives the neighborhood the distinct feeling of “living in the country”; however, it remains convenient to all of San Francisco’s best amenities. This makes Sea Cliff the perfect area for those who prefer to be away from the bustle of the city yet still convenient to a wealth of urban essentials. With home prices averaging $3,441,000, Sea Cliff is the second-most neighborhood area in San Francisco. 

hash-mark3. Presidio Terrace

Presidio Terrace is an exclusive and affluent San Francisco neighborhood that exudes elegance and charm. The median home price in Presidio Terrace is $2,475,000, making it one of the most expensive places to live in San Francisco.

Situated near the iconic Presidio National Park, this gated community is known for its stately homes, manicured lawns, and tranquil atmosphere. The architecture of the residences ranges from grand mansions to luxurious townhouses, showcasing a blend of classic and contemporary styles. With its proximity to the Presidio's natural beauty and the Presidio Golf Course, Presidio Terrace is a highly desirable neighborhood in the heart of San Francisco.

hash-mark4. Cow Hollow

Cow Hollow is also one of the richest neighborhoods in San Francisco. Nestled between the Marina District and Pacific Heights, Cow Hollow is a charming neighborhood known for its picturesque streets, Victorian architecture, and vibrant urban atmosphere.

The neighborhood is characterized by its beautiful historic homes, many adorned with colorful facades and intricate details. Chestnut Street, the main thoroughfare, is lined with trendy boutiques, cozy cafes, and excellent restaurants. The median home price in Cow Hollow was $2,460,200 in 2023.

hash-mark5. Marina District 

Marina District is another one of the richest neighborhoods in San Francisco. This neighborhood was initially formed as a result of the 1906 earthquake that devastated San Francisco. But today, it is a beautiful addition to the city’s northern landscape and is known for its pastel-colored homes, Art Deco style, and prime waterfront location. Its location and family-friendly atmosphere make it popular among wealthy families and business professionals.

Residents can also appreciate the convenient access to attractions such as Crissy Field and the Palace of Fine Arts, as well as some of the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge in the city. Home values here average $1,850,000, making Marina District an expensive and exclusive place to live. 

hash-mark6. Ashbury Heights

Ashbury Heights, perched on the hills of San Francisco, is a wealthy residential neighborhood known for its historic architecture, stunning views, and bohemian atmosphere. Situated near the iconic Haight-Ashbury district, this area has retained much of its Victorian charm with a mix of colorful and well-preserved homes lining its hilly streets.

The neighborhood offers a serene and relaxed ambiance, making it a favorite among residents seeking a peaceful retreat within the city. The median home price in Ashbury Heights is $1,840,800.

hash-mark7. Noe Valley 

Noe Valley is another one of San Francisco’s richest neighborhoods, with median home prices averaing $1,763,400. Nestled between Castro and Mission, Noe Valley is a small, sunny bedroom community with a laid-back atmosphere and welcoming attitude. Families and young professionals tend to flock to this neighborhood, as it is home to highly walkable streets, beautiful Victorian-style houses, and quick access to other parts of the city. In addition to its small-town charm, residents here can also enjoy an abundance of urban amenities, such as shops, restaurants, and cafes. 

hash-mark8. Pacific Heights 

In addition to being among San Francisco’s richest neighborhoods, Pacific Heights is also one of the best. This neighborhood is located northwest of the city center and is an excellent choice for those who are looking for classic San Francisco beauty. It is home to colorful Victorian homes and picturesque California mansions, which add to the neighborhood’s allure. Additionally, residents of this area can take advantage of its local shopping scene, which includes a wonderful combination of local boutiques and high-end retailers. With home prices averaging $1.645 Million, Pacific Heights is considered one of San Francisco’s most desirable residential areas. 

hash-mark9. Glen Park 

Glen Park is one of San Francisco’s wealthiest neighborhoods, with median home prices of $1,540,000. Glen Park is an ideal place to live for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts as the neighborhood is located southeast of the city center and is home to some of the city’s best outdoor recreation. It offers residents an abundance of local parks, greenspaces, and hiking trails, such as Glen Park Canyon, Billy Goat Hill, and Walter Haas Playground. Other urban amenities local to this neighborhood include cafes, pizzerias, delis, and more – all of which can be found on the neighborhood’s commercial strip located at the intersection of Diamond and Chenery. 

hash-mark10. Haight-Ashbury 

Haight-Ashbury is a great San Francisco neighborhood for those who prefer a more alternative lifestyle. Locally known as “The Haight,” this neighborhood is tucked near the heart of the city and has a historical reputation for being a focal point of U.S. counterculture. The area retains much of its 1960’s hippie persona, and residents here appreciate its abundance of smoke shops, independent eateries, murals, and Victorian-style houses. Other attractions in this neighborhood include Buena Vista Park and Hippie Hill. Home values in this area average $1,419,000 making it one of the most exclusive and expensive neighborhoods in San Francisco. 

hash-mark11. Russian Hill 

Russian Hill is a wealthy San Francisco neighborhood known for its hilly streets. Located in the city’s northeastern corner, this neighborhood is tucked between Van Ness Avenue, Pacific Avenue, and Columbus Avenue. It is an ideal spot for anyone who prefers a quieter residential area with walkable (albeit sloping) streets. The neighborhood’s most famous attraction is its section of Lombard Street, which is known as one of the world’s most crooked, switchbacked streets. Other local amenities include comedy clubs, restaurants, and a thriving nightlife scene. With home prices averaging above $1.4 million, Russian Hill is an excellent area for wealthy individuals and families. 

hash-mark12. Potrero Hill

Potrero Hill is another one of the most expensive neighborhoods in San Francisco. While this district may be slightly more removed from the city’s hustle and bustle, it is still loved for its sunny climate, understated charm, and beautiful city views. While the neighborhood’s hills tend to attract filmmakers and skaters, locals appreciate the area for its quiet atmosphere and abundance of local bars, restaurants, cafes, bookstores, and local grocers. Other draws include two local music venues, the California College of the Arts, and gorgeous hilltop perches. While home values in this area are slightly lower than other places on this list, they are still among the highest in San Francisco.

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Median Household Income

Avg. Home Price

Presidio Heights




Sea Cliff




Presidio Terrace




Cow Hollow




Marina District




Ashbury Heights




Noe Valley




Pacific Heights




Glen Park








Russian Hill




Potrero Hill