Richest Towns in Pennsylvania

By PropertyClub Team
Aug 19th 2023
Pennsylvania is known for its industry, world-class educational institutions, and natural beauty. The following list of the ten richest towns in Pennsylvania will inform you about the state's wealthiest areas.

hash-mark10 Richest Towns in PA

  1. Fox Chapel
  2. Upper Makefield
  3. Easttown
  4. Charlestown
  5. Lower Merion
  6. Radnor
  7. Upper St. Clair
  8. Swarthmore
  9. Chesterbrook
  10. Lower Gwynedd 

hash-mark1. Fox Chapel

The richest town in Pennsylvania is Fox Chapel. This small town is home to only 5,000 people and offers an exclusive and upscale suburban experience. The town is known for its beautiful tree-lined streets, spacious properties, and access to stunning views of the Allegheny River. The city's abundance of green spaces, proximity to Pittsburgh, and median household income of $248k make it a popular choice among wealthy Pennsylvania residents. 

hash-mark2. Upper Makefield

The second-richest town in Pennsylvania is Upper Makefield. Home to only 9,000 people, this city is known for providing a peaceful and picturesque suburban lifestyle. Surrounded by the beauty of Bucks County, this town is characterized by its expansive estates, historic farmhouses, and scenic landscapes that create a serene and idyllic atmosphere. With its excellent schools, charming rural character, and close proximity to both Philadelphia and New York City, it's no surprise that the median household income in Upper Makefield is about $195k. 

hash-mark3. Easttown

Easttown is also one of the richest towns in Pennsylvania. Easttown is known for its sophisticated suburban atmosphere and tight-knit local community. The town is home to elegant estates, lush green spaces, and well-maintained neighborhoods. In addition to its historic character, Easttown also offers a variety of recreational activities, including hiking and horseback riding in the nearby Valley Forge National Historical Park. With a median household income of $188k, Easttown is another excellent option for wealthy Pennsylvania families. 

hash-mark4. Charlestown

Another one of the richest towns in Pennsylvania is Charlestown. It's a great place to live for those who prefer small-town living. This township is known for its scenic countryside, rolling hills, and historic charm, all of which make it a tranquil escape from urban life. Favorite attractions include the Charlestown Playhouse, the Valley Forge National Historical Park, and Pickering Creek Reservoir. With its excellent schools, equestrian centers, and easy access to nearby towns and cities, it's easy to see why the median household income in Charlestown is $178k.

hash-mark5. Lower Merion

Lower Merion is one of the richest suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. Equipped with a vibrant suburban community, this township is known for its beautiful neighborhoods, forested streets, and historic architecture. Lower Merion is home to an excellent school district, which has earned a reputation for providing high-quality education, as well as several scenic parks and cultural attractions. With its renowned art museums, a wide range of dining and shopping options, and a median household income of $149k, Lower Merion is a wealthy town that's a wonderful place to live. 

hash-mark6. Radnor

Radnor is also of the richest cities in Pennsylvania, and it is an ideal place to live for those who prefer a family-friendly area. Home to about 34,000 people, this picturesque suburban town is particularly known for its beautiful residential architecture, manicured neighborhoods, and charming downtown area. Residents can also enjoy a variety of recreational activities, including hiking and biking along the Radnor Trail and exploring nature at the nearby Chanticleer Garden. The median household income in Radnor is about $139k.

hash-mark7. Upper St. Clair

Upper St. Clair is a wealthy Pennsylvania city with plenty to offer. Home to over 20,000 people, this city offers its residents a prestigious and family-friendly suburban experience. The township is known for sophistication, boasting elegant homes, stunning neighborhoods, and an excellent school district. One unique aspect of Upper St. Clair is its commitment to recreation and sports, with top-notch facilities, sports programs, and community events that promote an active lifestyle. With safe streets, close proximity to Pittsburgh, and a median household income of $136k, Upper St. Clair is a well-rounded option for high-quality living.  

hash-mark8. Swarthmore

Swarthmore is also one of the richest towns in Pennsylvania. This city offers an intellectual suburban lifestyle and is particularly known for its historic homes and welcoming small-town atmosphere. Swarthmore has a unique connection to education, as it is home to Swarthmore College, a prestigious liberal arts institution known for its academic excellence. With its walkable downtown area, thriving local arts community, and median household income of $129k, Swarthmore is dressed to impress.

hash-mark9. Chesterbrook

Chesterbrook is another one of the wealthiest cities in Pennsylvania. A comfortable community with a family-oriented atmosphere, this area is known for its scenic green spaces and friendly residents. Due to its easy access to major highways and nearby corporate centers, Chesterbrook is often a popular choice for commuters. Residents can also enjoy visiting the local parks, community events, and nearby shopping and dining options. With its top-rated schools, safe neighborhoods, and proximity to both Philadelphia, it's no wonder the median household income is $127k.

hash-mark10. Lower Gwynedd

In addition to being one of Pennsylvania's richest towns, Lower Gwynedd is also one of the best. Home to 12,000 people, this township is known for its spacious properties, picturesque landscapes, and well-preserved historic sites. The city is committed to preserving its natural beauty, which is evident through its abundance of parks and nature reserves, such as Wissahickon Valley Park. With its excellent schools and close-knit community feel, Lower Gwynedd is not to be overlooked when considering the best places to live in Pennsylvania.