Save Big Money With A Buyer Agent Commission Rebates In NYC!

The PropertyClub Team
Mar 2nd 2020
We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with some of New York City’s best real estate brokers to offer PropertyClub users buyer commission rebates. That means the average NYC buyer will now be able to receive around a 2% cash-back rebate on any property they purchase through our partner brokers.

Your Choice, Direct Access to Listing Brokers or Buyers Agents who give Commission Rebates

From day one our focus has been on disrupting the old way of doing things. That started with the launch of our transparent real estate marketplace, which removes third-party agents and enables you to reach out to the listing agents or owners directly. This represents a significant shift from what our competitors like Streeteasy and Zillow do, as their sole focus is on collecting your personal information and selling it to third parties, preventing you from getting real-time answers from the listers in the process. This adds a tremendous amount of unnecessary friction to the buying process as well as drastically reducing your potential negotiating power and therefore increasing costs. With our new buyer agent partners, we’re able to better serve anyone who is looking for buyer representation by pairing them with highly qualified, pre-screened buyer agents, all while guaranteeing them a cash rebate.

All About Buyer Commission Rebates, Why and How They Work

It’s all about efficiency. Our broker partners are amongst the best at what they do (we only work with buyers brokers who have closed at least $10 million in deals in the past calendar year), and our process saves everyone time and money. Instead of spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours each month buying and trying to convert un-vetted leads from our competitors, they can focus better serving their clients and on making the buying process as seamless and painless as possible. This increased efficiency and cost savings are passed on to you through a buyer rebate at closing. 

The Internet Has Transformed Real Estate, but Traditional Brokers Haven't Lowered Their Commissions

Traditionally, the average New York real estate commission would be around 6%. This commission would then typically be whacked up between the listing agent, who represents the seller, and the buyer agent. But since the advent of the internet, consumer behavior has changed dramatically. Marketing a home to massive audiences is easier and faster than ever before, meaning less work for listing agents, and buyers are now finding their properties online. This represents a dramatic change from the late 1990s when the majority of buyers found their property with the help of a real estate agent. Back then, buyer agents acted as gatekeepers to real estate listings and did a lot more legwork, but nowadays the majority of home buyers are finding their home online, without the help of an agent. This means that most real estate agents, and especially buyer agents, are doing less work than ever, but collecting the same, high fees. That being said, purchasing a home is an incredibly important decision and the vast majority of buyers will benefit dramatically from having an experienced agent representing their interests. That's why we're working with a talented group of forward-thinking brokers who are making buying and selling a home more affordable, by offering commission rebates to buyers and low commissions to sellers.   

Great Service, No Compromises

Saving money doesn’t mean compromising on quality. Our broker partners will help with everything from you’d expect from a full-service broker, including...

Searching for and identifying properties that fit your needs

Analyzing and advising you regarding pricing, market conditions, etc

Scheduling and attending showings for properties that interest you

Negotiating and finalizing a deal

Completing board packages

Recommending and connecting you with vetted mortgage professionals and attorneys

Calculating Your Buyer Rebate

Buyer brokers can earn up to a 3% commission in New York City, typically between 2.5-3%. Our partner brokers only keep 1% of the buyer broker commission for themselves and rebate you the remainder. That means that you would get up to a $21,000 rebate for purchasing a $1,000,000 property. Check out our NYC buyer commission rebate page to calculate your rebate today!

Ready to earn a NYC buyers commission rebate? Schedule a call to learn more today!