Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Nashville

Oct 30th 2023
Nashville is a rapidly growing city known for its country music heritage, great nightlife, and booming economy. Many of Nashville’s formerly dangerous neighborhoods are rapidly being revitalized with new and renovated homes. However, there are still some areas around Nashville that have violent and property crime rates well above the national average. Read on to discover the ten worst neighborhoods in Nashville. 

hash-mark10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Nashville

  1. Bordeaux
  2. College Heights
  3. Osage-North Fisk
  4. McKissack Park
  5. Elizabeth Park
  6. Buena Vista Heights
  7. Capitol View 
  8. Cleveland Park
  9. Buena Vista
  10. Shepard Hills

hash-mark1. Bordeaux

Bordeaux is the most dangerous neighborhood in Nashville. Besides being dangerous, this area is also one of the most economically depressed areas in Nashville. With sky-high poverty and unemployment, much of Bordeaux’s housing is vacant and dilapidated. Bordeaux’s crime rate is 333% above the national average, and the violent crime rate is 656% above the national average, making it the worst neighborhood in Nashville. Gang activity is rife in Bordeaux, with shootings, drug trafficking, homicides, and robberies being common. Other crimes like vehicle theft and burglary are major problems in Bordeaux. 

hash-mark2. College Heights 

College Heights is a small and dangerous neighborhood located in west Nashville. With a population of just 885, the violent crime rate is 326% above the national average. Common crimes include drug trafficking, theft, car theft, prostitution, and assault. The average resident earns 59% below the national average, with many families living below the poverty line. The schools in College Heights are also poorly rated. 

hash-mark3. Osage-North Fisk

Osage-North Fisk is another transitioning neighborhood that still struggles with some criminal elements. With a population of around 2,144, the crime rate in Osage-North Fisk is 233% above the national average. Residents have a high probability of becoming the victim of some type of theft, especially car theft. Violent crimes such as assaults, shootings, and homicides occur in the area. 

hash-mark4. McKissack Park

Located west of downtown, McKissack Park is a high-crime area with a reputation for violence and gang activity. The neighborhood only has a population of around 500, but the total crime rate is 229% above the national average. The area not only struggles with crime, but poverty is rampant, with residents earning significantly below the national average. There were over 6,000 incidents of property crime recorded in McKissack Park in 2022. 

hash-mark5. Elizabeth Park 

Located just south of Buena Vista, Elizabeth Park is another one of the worst areas in Nashville. Both visitors and locals prefer to avoid Elizabeth Park due to the crime problems. Not only is the neighborhood cut off from downtown, but the total crime rate is 225% above the national average. Crimes like burglary, prostitution, auto theft, and robbery are just some of the crimes that occur in the area. Due to gentrification, much of the crime in Elizabeth Park has been pushed out. However, property crime still affects transitioning areas. Residents report crime being worse around Fisk University. 

hash-mark6. Buena Vista Heights

Buena Vista Heights is another one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Nashville. Despite some efforts to renovate the neighborhood, residents report feeling unsafe, especially at night. With a population of around 1,732, Buena Vista Heights has a total crime rate that is 224% above the national average. The neighborhood’s violent crime rate is staggeringly high, with homicides, shootings, muggings, and robberies happening often. 

hash-mark7. Capitol View 

Due to its proximity to downtown, Capitol View has seen some recent efforts to revitalize the area. Despite this, Capitol View’s total crime rate is 213% above the national average. Property crime remains a concern, with home theft and car theft being common. The average resident earns 34% below the national average, with poverty being a problem in the area. However, as the area becomes revitalized, much of the criminal element is being pushed out. 

hash-mark8. Cleveland Park

Cleveland Park is a historic neighborhood that has quickly become a highly desirable place to live. However, the area still does have some problems with theft and property crime. With a population of 2,336, Cleveland Park has a total crime rate that is 155% above the national average. Many transitioning neighborhoods still experience property crime and car theft. Some areas may have sporadic violent crime as well.

hash-mark9. Buena Vista

Buena Vista is located north of downtown that struggles with poverty and drug addiction. With a population of 709, Buena Vista’s violent crime rate is 148% above the national average. While some parts of Buena Vista have been revitalized, much of the area struggles with theft, homicide, vandalism, and dilapidated housing. Buena Vista also struggles with poverty, with the average resident earning 58% below the national average. 

hash-mark10. Shepard Hills

Shepherd Hills is a small suburban community located in far northern Nashville. While far from being the most dangerous place in the city, Shepherd Hills still has a total crime rate that is 129% above the national average. Residents experience a fair amount of property crime, often involving stolen property from homes and car theft. Shepherd Hills struggles with poverty and unemployment, which contributes to crime in the area.