Richest Neighborhoods in San Antonio

By PropertyClub Team
Feb 20th 2023
In addition to housing popular attractions like the Alamo, San Antonio is also home to many wealthy communities. This list of the eight richest neighborhoods in San Antonio will help you navigate the most luxurious and expensive areas throughout the city. 

hash-mark8 Richest Neighborhoods in San Antonio

  1. Olmos Park
  2. Alamo Heights
  3. Terrell Hills 
  4. Hill Country Village
  5. Waterford Heights
  6. Elm Creek
  7. Monte Vista
  8. Mahncke Park 

hash-mark1. Olmos Park 

The richest neighborhood in San Antonio is Olmos Park. Located only 4.3 miles from the city center, this area covers approximately 1.5 square miles and is home to roughly 2,200 people. It is best known for its peaceful, tree-lined streets, historic residential architecture, and affluent community – all of which keep the area popular among San Antonio families. Additionally, residents of this neighborhood will find low crime rates, several public parks, and convenient access to everything San Antonio has to offer. Home values in this area average $907k, making it the most expensive neighborhood in San Antonio.  

hash-mark2. Alamo Heights

The second wealthiest neighborhood in San Antonio is Alamo Heights. This neighborhood is located roughly 6.4 miles north of the city center and is home to just over 7,000 people. Residents here prefer the area for its unique combination of abundant urban amenities and charming small-town atmosphere. In addition, the area’s convenient access to downtown keeps it central to plenty of local attractions, which include the San Antonio Zoo, the McNay Art Museum, and the Japanese Tea Garden. Home values in Alamo Heights average $810k, making it the second-most expensive place to live in San Antonio. 

hash-mark3. Terrell Hills 

Terrell Hills is another one of San Antonio’s richest neighborhoods. Located just southeast of Alamo Heights, this neighborhood covers about 1.6 square miles and has roughly 5,000 people. Residents of this area can appreciate its numerous historic homes, many of which were built between the 1920s and 1930s. Other featured characteristics of the neighborhood include its numerous local parks, high-performing school districts, and proximity to San Antonio’s best entertainment. The average home price in Terrell Hills is $796k, which makes it an ideal area for those looking for upscale San Antonio living. 

hash-mark4. Hill Country Village

Hill Country Village is the richest area in San Antonio for those who prefer to live a little further away from downtown. Located about 13.8 miles north of the city center, this area is perfect for families and commuters looking for quick access to the inner city without the headache of living there. Only about 1,000 people live in this area, which keeps the local atmosphere exclusive – though the neighborhood’s community is both closely-knit and extremely active. With home values in this area averaging in the $1.7 Millions, Hill Country Village is another top choice among the San Antonio elite.

hash-mark5. Waterford Heights

Waterford Heights is a rich San Antonio neighborhood known for its gated community, luxurious homes, and stunning views. Located about 11.5 miles from downtown, this area offers a manicured selection of large, well-maintained homes that typically range from 4,000-7,000 square feet. Local architecture styles include Mediterranean, Tuscan, and traditional, appealing to a wide variety of home buyers. Residents in this area can benefit from an abundance of luxury amenities, including highly-acclaimed school systems, bustling shopping districts, and quick access to the inner city. Home values here average $1.2 Million, making it one of the overall most expensive neighborhoods in San Antonio.

hash-mark6. Elm Creek

Elm Creek is an upscale San Antonio neighborhood with much to offer. This neighborhood is roughly 11.7 miles from downtown and provides residents with easy access to Interstate 10 and Loop 1604. These highways are convenient to all parts of San Antonio, making Elm Creek an ideal spot for commuters and business professionals. In addition to its favorable location, Elm Creek is known for its numerous amenities, including beautifully landscaped common areas, contemporary residential architecture, and large entertainment spaces. With home values averaging close to $720k, this neighborhood will impress wealthy individuals moving to San Diego. 

hash-mark7. Monte Vista

Monte Vista is another one of the richest neighborhoods in San Antonio. It is located roughly 2.8 miles north of the city center and is home to about 2,300 people. Monte Vista offers residents an upscale place to live with plenty of urban amenities and great walkability. Established in the late 19th century, Monte Vista is an excellent example of the city’s well-preserved Victorian, Gothic, and Spanish Colonial architecture styles. Grand houses and expansive estates line the streets of this area, making it popular among wealthy home buyers. Home values in this area average at $657k, making Monte Vista another expensive neighborhood in central San Antonio. 

hash-mark8. Mahncke Park 

About 3.8 miles from downtown San Antonio is Mahncke Park, another of San Antonio’s most expensive neighborhoods. This area is best known for its namesake, Mahncke Park, an expansive public recreation area complete with a variety of playgrounds, walking trails, and picnic areas. Additionally, this park houses the San Antonio Botanical Garden, which features a stunning display of plant and flower exhibits. Other draws to Mahncke Park include its abundance of local shops, restaurants, and cafes, making it a highly walkable area. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder home values in the park’s surrounding residential district average $530k.