The Best Real Estate Movies

By PropertyClub Team
Aug 7th 2022
Many of the best movies about real estate are award-winning documentaries, comedies, and dramas. Some of the best movies about real estate are Revolutionary Road, The Big Short, and Glengarry Glen Ross. If you’re a fan of this genre, you’ll love our picks of the best real estate movies out there.

hash-markBest Real Estate Movies

  • Revolutionary Road
  • The Big Short
  • Glengarry Glen Ross
  • Pacific Heights
  • The Queen of Versailles
  • The Money Pitt
  • 99 Homes
  • I Love You Man
  • Inside Job
  • Closing Escrow
  • Blandings Builds His Dream Home

hash-markRevolutionary Road (2008)

This involves a story that often gets played out in real-time, especially in eras where there was a lot of strife. In it, you see a young couple from the 50s try to move into their own home. Revolutionary Road shows how their friendship with their real estate agent evolves as their marriage breaks down. 

It’s a bit of a tear-jerker. It can get awkward at times. But at the same time, there is something unsettlingly realistic about it. Real estate agents see a lot of the weirdness of couples during their work.

hash-markThe Big Short (2015)

Part comedy, part serious biography, The Big Short is one of the few real estate movies that is actually meant to explore the impact of Wall Street’s financial finagling on Main Street. It shows an in-person, up-close view of how the financial crisis of 2008 all built up. 

This movie shows the dangers of bad lenders, subprime mortgages, predatory loans, and bad investors. The impact it had on the real estate industry made everyone’s jaw drop. You’d be surprised at how quickly this movie grips you.

hash-markGlengarry Glen Ross (1992)

Most people tend to underestimate how much of a hard time new real estate agents can have when it comes to getting new leads. In fact, it’s one of the most common reasons why new real estate agents quit.

In Glengarry Glen Ross, we see four real estate agents who are trying their hardest to make it. But unfortunately, they turned to the “dark side” and decided to pursue their leads through less legitimate means. The trainer hired by the Glengarry firm then tells them to compete. Two will stay, and two will be fired. Who wins?

hash-markPacific Heights (1990)

Not all real estate movies will be about the buying and selling aspects of home ownership. Sometimes, there is something to be said about rentals, too. Pacific Heights is a horror movie that takes a close look at what happens when you get paired with the wrong roommate.

We’ve all had roommates who have been bad, but have you ever had a roommate that would put you in physical danger? Pacific Heights is a classic that warns you that not all is as it seems in the rental world.

hash-markThe Queen of Versailles (2012)

If a film is made for people who were fans of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, it’s The Queen of Versailles. It’s basically a movie about a home renovation that’s run amok. The film follows the Siegals while they create one of the largest single-family homes in American history. 

The documentary follows them as they pick their amenities, work with architects, and more. Everything goes well until the 2008 housing crisis hits. From there, what do they do? What can they do? It’s a great film for people to see a little bit of the problem with material excess.

hash-markThe Money Pit (1986)

Are you a fan of the hokey style of 80s family comedies? You might like this cheeky and humorous take on the “distressed property” movie. The Money Pit starts out with a couple that’s down on their luck. 

This wonky and campy comedy has a lot of slapstick and acts as a precautionary tale. Sometimes, fixing a distressed property is something you should leave to the pros. Like, maybe always—if you’re these two guys.

hash-mark99 Homes (2014)

The last decade brought about several woefully underacknowledged movies, and that was the case for 99 Homes. This is a story about a real estate broker who’s a bit of a vulture. He foreclosed on a construction worker’s house. There are good and bad guys here.

For the construction worker to get his home back, he has to work for the agent who ruined his life. If you are looking for a shockingly cerebral movie that shows you how bad and desperate the world of real estate can get. Everyone’s a victim here. And that’s what makes this flick so brilliant.

hash-markI Love You Man (2009)

This real estate movie only grazes on the concepts that most of us associate with the industry, but real estate agents love this movie. In it, a high-powered LA real estate named Peter Klaven will try to sell Lou Ferrigno’s estate.

Klaven has worked tirelessly to be the guy that looks trim and neat. Problem: his dad is a total slob and is basically wrecking his shit. What happens when he meets his long-lost dad, all while searching for a best man for his wedding? Chaos. 

hash-markInside Job (2010)

If you can’t tell, one of the biggest upheavals in real estate history was the 2008 financial crash. This real estate movie starts with the Lehman Brothers shuttering after they offered subprime mortgages to people they knew would not be able to afford their loans in the long term. 

The documentary Inside Job provides a chilling look into the world of Wall Street finance and the people who helped orchestrate one of the worst financial crises America has ever seen. Next time you hear a bank tell you to trust them, you’ll want to run the other way—provided you see this amazing documentary, anyway.

hash-markClosing Escrow (2007)

When you have never actually worked in real estate, it often can surprise you to find out how cutthroat the industry can be. Buying a home is serious business. This indie movie features a closer, fictionalized look at what happens when two families end up bidding on the same home. 

While this is a mockumentary, anyone who has ever been stuck in a bidding war will be able to laugh at how insanely real and honest it is. Certain things never seem to change!

hash-markBlandings Builds His Dream Home (1948)

Are you a fan of classic movies? If you are, then you might be shocked to hear that the genre of movies that are dedicated to real estate and building stuff up is a lot older than you’d expect it to be. After finding out that his wife is going to redecorate his apartment, Mr. Blandings decides it’s time to move to the country. 

Off to Connecticut they go, and they decide that it’s time to indulge in building a house that is tailored to their specifications. Of course, this doesn’t quite go according to plan. The house purchase was a con, and the entire ordeal turns into a nightmare. Does Mr. Blandings get his home? Join the hilarity to find out.