Most Libertarian States

By PropertyClub Team
Dec 26th 2023
In the diverse landscape of the United States, various states stand out for their commitment to individual freedom and limited government intervention, aligning with libertarian principles. As we step into 2024, let's explore the 13 most libertarian states where the spirit of personal liberty and self-governance flourishes.

hash-markNew Hampshire

Known for its Live Free or Die motto, New Hampshire is the most libertarian-leaning state in the US. The Free State Project, a movement advocating for limited government and personal freedom, chose New Hampshire as its destination. 

The state boasts no sales tax and no income tax on wages, reflecting a commitment to economic liberty. Additionally, its vibrant community of liberty-minded individuals actively participates in local politics, striving to preserve and enhance individual freedoms.

hash-markSouth Dakota

South Dakota is another one of the most Libertarian states in the US, embracing principles of limited government. The secretary of state's office notes about 1,930 registered Libertarian voters in the state. 

It ranks sixth for fiscal policy with a score of 0.218 and eighth for regulatory policy, reflecting its commitment to a business-friendly environment. Moreover, South Dakota keeps its state and local debt below the national average, showcasing a prudent approach to fiscal responsibility. 


Alaska, known for its vast landscapes and independent spirit, ranks #4 in the US with 2.5% of votes from Libertarian voters. The Libertarian Party of Alaska is the state's third-largest active party, proudly claiming the highest percentage of registered Libertarians in the nation. 

Notably, Alaska made history in 1978 by electing the nation's first Libertarian state legislator, a trend that continued with three by 1984. 

The state's commitment to sharing the benefits of natural resources is evident in the Permanent Fund Dividend, which distributes a portion of the state's oil revenue to residents, emphasizing a dedication to economic fairness and the well-being of its citizens.


Florida, with its diverse population and sunny climate, is a state that shines not just in weather but also in its commitment to personal freedom. It's ranked first for fiscal policy and economic freedom score, showing its dedication to a friendly environment for businesses and individuals. 

The state prioritizes personal liberty through its stance on gun rights, privacy laws, and limited government interference, earning it the top spot for the overall freedom score. Importantly, Florida stands out as it does not charge a state income tax, providing residents with an extra dose of economic freedom.


Indiana's commitment to a balanced budget and emphasis on individual rights has earned it a reputation as a libertarian stronghold. The state is recognized for its impressive rankings, securing the 3rd position in the overall freedom score. In addition, Indiana boasts a 5th place ranking in both overall economic freedom and regulatory policy scores. 

Furthermore, the state's dedication to fiscal responsibility is evident in its 10th-place ranking in the overall fiscal policy score. These rankings highlight Indiana's steadfast commitment to principles of limited government intervention, individual liberties, and economic freedom.


Tennessee, known for its welcoming stance toward economic freedom, doesn't have a state income tax, making it appealing to those looking for financial independence. The state fosters a business-friendly environment, drawing individuals seeking economic opportunities. 

With robust Second Amendment protections, Tennessee prioritizes individual liberties, reflecting a commitment to personal freedom. 

Notably, Tennessee's state government is comparatively small, featuring lower taxes and fewer regulations than many other states, showcasing its commitment to maintaining a third-freest regulatory environment.


Nevada, known as the lively city of Las Vegas, is a favored spot for libertarians. The state keeps government rules in check, especially in things like gambling and prostitution. People appreciate Nevada for having no income tax, which means folks get to keep more of their earnings. 

In the freedom rankings, Nevada does well, sitting in 5th place for overall freedom and an impressive 2nd place for personal freedom. These factors make Nevada a haven for those valuing individual liberties and minimal government intrusion.


Colorado is known for its breathtaking natural beauty as well as its liberal social policies, which fit with libertarian values. In 2012, the state made headlines by legalizing recreational marijuana, showcasing its dedication to individual freedom. 

When it comes to fiscal responsibility, Colorado ranks eighth, reflecting a commitment to balanced budgets and sensible financial management. 

Additionally, the state proudly claims the top spot for occupational freedom, emphasizing its support for individuals to pursue their chosen professions with minimal government interference. 

hash-markNorth Dakota

North Dakota, known for its robust agricultural and energy industries, has a tradition of relying on itself with not too much government involvement. 

About 2.6% of the voters in the state identify as Libertarians. With not too many people around, North Dakota has a close-knit community feeling, making it easier for people to govern themselves.


Arizona, with its dry deserts and lively cities, is a magnet for libertarians. People are drawn to the state because of its support for free-market ideas and a simple way of running things. 

Arizona's low corporate taxes and friendly attitude toward businesses bring in a mix of people who believe in liberty. Plus, it's known for having some of the most relaxed gun laws in the whole country.


Kansas, nestled in the heartland of America, stands out for its commitment to individual freedom. The state values parental choice in education, offering options like charter schools and voucher programs, putting parents in charge of their kids' learning. 

With high land use and occupational freedom, Kansas encourages economic opportunity and personal choices. 

Notably, the state takes the top spot in overall regulatory policy, emphasizing a minimalistic approach to government intervention. Additionally, Kansas holds the first position in the nation for its strong protection of gun rights, reflecting the state's dedication to upholding individual liberties.


In Michigan, Libertarians have found success in local elections, securing various elected positions. The Libertarian Party garnered 1.1% of the votes, signaling a growing influence. 

Notably, Michigan has undertaken recent tax reforms with the goal of fostering a business-friendly atmosphere. 

These changes aim to reduce regulatory burdens, attract investors, and empower individuals to engage in entrepreneurial endeavors, contributing to the state's reputation as a place that values economic freedom.


Idaho is the last state on our list of most Libertarian States. The state stands out for its strong commitment to the Second Amendment and property rights, firmly establishing its libertarian stance. The state proudly holds the 4th rank in gun rights, emphasizing its dedication to preserving the right to bear arms. 

Additionally, Idaho excels in economic freedom, securing the 9th position in the overall economic freedom score. Its commitment to minimizing regulations is evident, as the state boasts an impressive 3rd rank in the overall regulatory score. 

hash-markMost Libertarian States Bottom Line 

In the dynamic landscape of American politics, these 13 states have emerged as vanguards of libertarian values in 2023. These states, with their commitment to limited government, individual freedom, and free-market principles, offer a glimpse into the possibilities of a future where the principles of liberty guide governance.