Celebrities That Live In Naples, Florida

By PropertyClub Team
Nov 17th 2023
By now, most people are aware of Florida’s pull when it comes to celebrity homes. There’s a growing market of celebrity home tours for tourists and many stories about celebrity drama that occurs in the state. Read on to discover some of the best-known celebrities who live in Naples, Florida. 

Most people assume that celebrities either stick to Tampa, Miami, or Orlando. Those are the places that people link with the life of a glittery person who has all the right things and does all the right things to become an A-lister. 

However, there’s way more to Florida than just those three big regions. Naples is yet another place where you might run into the rich and famous. These are the most famous celebrities that live in Naples, Florida. 

hash-markFamous Celebrities Who live in Naples, Florida

  1. Judge Judy
  2. Jane Seymour
  3. Dave Wannstedt 
  4. Mike Ditka
  5. Sean Hannity
  6. Brett Baier
  7. Mary Carillo
  8. John Schnatter
  9. Bob Seger

hash-markJudge Judy

Judge Judy is the most famous celebrity who lives in Naples, Florida. And she has been a fan of the state since time immemorial. There’s something about the culture here that the world’s highest-paid judge just adores. She is known for hanging out in several parts of Florida, including Jupiter. 

According to news outlets, Judge Judy is a Naples local. She lives on Pelican Island in a gorgeous part of the region. She regularly goes to the local shops for clothing and whatever else she feels like buying that day. 

hash-markJane Seymour

Do you remember the star of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman? Jane Seymour was a darling of 90s television, especially for fans of Westerns. Though she might occasionally pop out on the red carpet, the truth is that she’s been a longtime fan of the sun and surf of Naples. 

Like Judge Judy, she tends to be seen around Naples when she’s not making a new appearance on television. Her appearances tend to be centered around the artwork that she’s making these days. 

hash-markDave Wannstedt 

Dave Wannstedt is the former head coach for the Miami Dolphins, so it makes sense that he would spend some time in the state during his retirement. A sportsman through and through, he chose Naples because of the sheer number of fellow athletes he gets to be surrounded by. 

Wannstedt’s mansion is nothing short of elegant in that classic all-American style that you would expect from him. No word about whether he hangs out with his neighbor, #4 on our list. 

hash-markMike Ditka

Sports fans might know that Dave Wannstedt also used to be the head coach for the Chicago Bears. It seems like the team has a lot of leadership ties to Naples. Coach Mike Ditka, who also is a retired NFL head coach, also claimed a home in the area. 

It seems like Naples is one of the biggest hot spots for the stars of the NFL—especially coaches. One could only imagine how good their local sports teams are in terms of recruitment, all things considered. 

hash-markSean Hannity

If you are a fan of right-wing politics (or just a fan of hating talking heads like him), you already know this name. Sean Hannity made his fortune on FOX News, parroting right-wing talking points and writing books about conservatism in the United States. 

Though he still occasionally works in New York, DC, and California, the truth is that his actual home is nowhere near that stuff. He lives in Naples, in the Moraya Bay Beach Tower. The views must be incredible from there. 

hash-markBrett Baier

Another major name from FOX you might know is Brett Baier. This FOX host did not choose to live in Naples full-time like Hannity did. However, he did buy a vacation condo in Naples so that he could hang out with his parents and in-laws, who are both local to the area.

Love it or hate it, it’s clear that Baier cares about his family if he is willing to buy a condo in the area like that. Clearly, Naples has been good to the Baiers. 

hash-markMary Carillo

Do you see a pattern here? Because we sure do! Mary Carillo became famous thanks to her time spent in New York as a sports reporter and her time globetrotting as a professional tennis player. Now that she’s settled down a little more, she’s been able to leave the city. Well, kind of. 

Due to her professional obligations, Carillo can’t fully quit New York quite yet. So, she splits her time evenly between Naples and the Big Apple. Make no mistake about it; she’s not that big a fan of New York. Naples is her home of choice.  

hash-markJohn Schnatter

Controversial business owner and right-wing talking head John Schnatter made his wealth by being the founder and CEO of Papa John’s. However, he’s been ousted from that position since. After all the controversy surrounding his views and the rest of the business he created, Schnatter had time to enjoy on his own. 

The good news for him? He was able to snag an amazing home, as well as a vacation home. His vacation home is in the heart of Naples. Whether or not he orders Papa John’s to that place remains to be seen.

hash-markBob Seger

Seger may be more famous for his residence in Michigan but don’t be shocked to find him here. Like many legendary celebrities, Seger owns multiple properties as part of his portfolio. One of the places that he owns is a vacation home in Naples. 

Not much is known about Seger’s exploits in the area, though he is occasionally seen there. It makes sense. He does primarily live in a cold environment. Sometimes, you just need to get away from the winter for a change—and Naples is absolutely perfect for that.