Most Affordable Dallas Suburbs

By PropertyClub Team
Jan 19th 2024
Dallas is a vibrant and growing city, but the cost of living can be high, especially in the city center. If you're looking for a more affordable place to live in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, there are plenty of great suburbs to choose from. Here are 13 of the most affordable Dallas suburbs. 

hash-mark13 Most Affordable Dallas Suburbs

  1. Willmer
  2. Cockrell Hill
  3. Balch Springs
  4. Ferris
  5. Mesquite
  6. Duncanville
  7. Lancaster
  8. Garland
  9. Cedar Hill
  10. Grand Prairie
  11. DeSoto
  12. Irving
  13. Farmers Branch


Wilmer, the most affordable Dallas suburb, is a cozy community located just 15 minutes from downtown Dallas. With a population of 3,682, Wilmer offers budget-friendly living with a median home price of $202,002 and a median rent of $687. 

Despite its small size, Wilmer plays a big role as a global distribution hub, hosting major companies like Amazon, Unilever, Sprouts, Procter and Gamble, and Whirlpool.

hash-markCockrell Hill 

Cockrell Hill, another affordable Dallas suburb located in southwest Dallas County, is a budget-friendly choice for residents. With a median rent of $1300 and a median home price of $206,906, it offers affordable housing options for those seeking cost-effective living. 

The suburb, with a population of 3,815, provides a community-oriented atmosphere and accessibility to the amenities of the greater Dallas area.

hash-markBalch Springs 

Balch Springs, the third affordable Dallas suburb, has a history dating back to the 1840s when it was first settled. With a population of 25,007, Balch Springs offers a median home price of $226,230, making homeownership within reach for many. 

For those looking to rent, the median rent is $1,114, providing affordable housing options for residents. Balch Springs presents a welcoming community for those seeking a budget-friendly place to call home near the vibrant city of Dallas.


Ferris, an affordable Dallas suburb located 20 miles south of downtown Dallas, is a cozy community with an average rent of $906 and a median home price of $260,014. With a population of 2,788, Ferris offers a budget-friendly living option. The town is known for hosting the Ferris Annual Brick Festival at the end of April, a local event that brings the community together for a celebration.


Mesquite, another affordable Dallas suburb with a population of 150,108, holds the title of the "Rodeo Capital of Texas." Known for its vibrant community and cowboy spirit, Mesquite is easily accessible through its local airport, Mesquite Metro Airport. The median home price is $268,418, offering affordable housing options, while the median rent stands at $1,284, providing flexibility for residents. 


Duncanville, the 6th affordable Dallas suburb settled in 1845, offers a welcoming community for its population of 40,706. With an average rent of $1,145 and a median home price of $275,959, Duncanville provides an accessible living option for those looking to call Dallas home. 

The city's rich history and affordable housing options make it an attractive choice for residents seeking a budget-friendly and community-oriented lifestyle.


Lancaster, an affordable Dallas suburb founded in 1852 as a frontier post, has a welcoming community with a population of 41,275. The median home price in Lancaster is $276,258, making it an accessible option for those looking to settle near Dallas. 

For those who prefer renting, the average rent in Lancaster is $1,053, offering budget-friendly living in a historic and community-oriented setting.


Garland, another affordable Dallas suburb, is the third-largest city in Dallas County by population, with 242,035 residents. The city boasts an average rent of $1210 and a median home price of $293,613. 

Garland takes pride in its welcoming and business-friendly environment, making it an attractive choice for those seeking affordability and a supportive community.

hash-markCedar Hill 

Next on our list is Cedar Hill, a welcoming town with a population of 49,148. Residents here enjoy over 36 miles of trails for relaxation, play, and exploration. If you're thinking about making Cedar Hill your home, the median home price is $307,319, while the median rent is $1,308. 

With its ample green spaces and affordable living options, Cedar Hill provides a comfortable and engaging community for its residents.

hash-markGrand Prairie 

Grand Prairie, the 10th most affordable Dallas suburb, boasts an average rent of $1,287 and a median household income of $314,141. With a population of 204,972, it offers a welcoming community with relaxation, family fun, and friendly neighbors. It's not just an affordable place to live but also a smart choice for those seeking a vibrant environment to both live and do business.


DeSoto, a historic city in North Texas with a population of 55,729, stands as one of the region's oldest settlements. The median home price in DeSoto is $320,767, making it an affordable option for residents. 

The average rent is $1,260, providing housing choices for those who prefer renting. DeSoto boasts several private and parochial schools, offering educational options within or near the city and contributing to a well-rounded community for families and residents.


Irving, our second-to-last city on the list, is located right between Dallas and Fort Worth. The average rent here is $1,289, and if you're thinking of buying a home, the median price is $335,192. The population in Irving is around 254,198 people. 

What's interesting is that Irving is home to one of the most diverse ZIP codes in the United States, making it a vibrant and inclusive community.

hash-markFarmers Branch 

Farmers Branch, with a population of 36,442, wraps up our list of most affordable Dallas suburbs. Nestled in the heart of the big city, it offers a charming oasis of small-town life. What sets Farmers Branch apart is its lower business tax rates, making it an attractive place for businesses. 

The median rent stands at $1,546, providing affordable housing options, while the median home price is $367,522, making it an accessible and welcoming community for those seeking affordability in the bustling Dallas metropolitan area.