10 Largest Cities in Montana

By PropertyClub Team
Jan 16th 2024
Montana attracts many new residents thanks to its affordable housing, more space, and outstanding natural beauty. As the state's population has grown, so have many of its cities. Read on to discover the ten biggest cities in Montana by population.

hash-mark10 Largest Cities in Montana (2024)

  1. Billings
  2. Missoula
  3. Great Falls
  4. Bozeman
  5. Butte
  6. Helena
  7. Kalispell
  8. Belgrade
  9. Anaconda
  10. Helena Valley Southeast

hash-mark1. Billings (Population: 119,960)

The largest city in Montana is Billings. It is a mid-sized city with a population of 119,960 that has seen rapid growth in recent years. Once a historic meeting place of Native American culture and pioneer spirit, Billings is now home to many large companies and industries. Outdoor activities are abundant in the area, with the Big Snowy Mountains, the Absaroka Range, and the Bighorn Mountains offering plenty of activities. Billings is also known for having many free-range wild horses roaming the surrounding area. 

hash-mark2. Missoula (Population: 76,955)

Missoula is also one of the largest cities in Montana by population. Home to the University of Montana, Missoula has a population of 76,955 and serves as the county seat of Missoula County. The city is located along the Clark Fork River and several mountain ranges overlooking the area. Missoula is home to many species of wildlife, such as moose, dear, grizzly bears, bald eagles, and more. Missoula is often considered the cultural center of Montana and hosts numerous college events and film festivals, such as the International Wildlife Film Festival. Missoula also has a large beer culture and is home to famous breweries such as Big Sky Brewing. 

hash-mark3. Great Falls (Population: 60,382)

Great Falls is the third largest city in Montana and has a population of 60,382. Great Falls is located near Glacier National Park and is within driving distance of Yellowstone National Park. The city is also near several military installations, such as Malmstrom Air Force Base. Great Falls has several popular cultural and nightlife attractions, such as the Sip n' Dip Lounge, which is a tiki bar located downtown. The lounge features an indoor swimming pool and live music and has been featured in GQ magazine. 

hash-mark4. Bozeman (Population: 56,123)

Another one of the largest cities in Montana is Bozeman. Bozeman has a population of 56,123 and serves as the county seat of Gallatin County. Bozeman is a magnet for film, music, arts, and event bio-tech in Montana. The city has been the location for many films, such as A River Runs Through It, The Wildest Dream, and A Plumm Summer. Bozeman is also the home of numerous celebrities, athletes, and Montana personalities. The median home price in Bozeman is currently $715,030. 

hash-mark5. Butte (Population: 35,416)

Butte is a historic Montana town with a population of 35,416. Butte has plenty of history to spare, with popular sites including the World Museum of Mining, the Copper King Mansion, and the Hotel Finlen. One of the most popular locations in Butte is the Our Lady of the Rockies, which is a 90-foot statue of the mother of Jesus which sits atop the Continental Divide. Butte also hosts annual folk music festivals and St. Patrick's Day celebrations. 

hash-mark6. Helena (Population: 33,885)

Besides being one of the largest cities in Montana, Helena is also the state capital. Helena has a population of 33,885 and is known for its abundance of local art and shopping. Popular spots include Reeder's Alley, The Governor's Mansion, and the Montana Historical Society Museum. Helena is noted for its prominent Victorian-style architecture and the intricate St. Helena Cathedral located near downtown. The surrounding area is fantastic for hiking, with many state and national parks within driving distance. 

hash-mark7. Kalispell (Population: 28,450)

Kalispell is also one of the largest cities in Montana by population. It's the county seat of Flathead County and has a population of 28,450. Located underneath the peaks of Glacier National Park, Kalispell offers countless outdoor expeditions. Kalispell is located near Whitefish Mountain Resort, Blacktail Mount Ski Area, and Buffalo Hill Golf Club as well. The main employers in Kalispell are the Logan Health Medical Center, Weyerhaeuser Manufacturing, and TeleTech. 

hash-mark8. Belgrade (Population: 11,966)

More of a small town than a city, Belgrade is located in Gallatin County and has a population of 11,966. Even so, it's one of the most populated communities in Montana. Belgrade is located about ten miles west of Bozeman and adjacent to the Bridger Mountains. The Belgrade Special Events Center is a 4,800-seat stadium that hosts many of the town's sports and cultural events. Despite being a small town, Belgrade still has access to a regional airport. The median home price in Belgrade is currently $537,158.

hash-mark9. Anaconda (Population: 9,510)

Anaconda serves as the county seat of Deer Lodge County and has a population of 9,510. Located at the foot of the expansive Anaconda Range and has been the location for many films. The area also offers countless opportunities for hunting, fishing, golfing, skiing, drag racing, and museums. Anaconda has a distinctive western-style downtown that is home to many highly-rated restaurants and breweries. The area is also home to many notable personalities and professional athletes. 

hash-mark10. Helena Valley Southeast (Population: 9,168)

Helena Valley Southeast is a census-designated place in Lewis and Clark County. With a population of 9,168, it's the tenth-largest city in Montana. Helena Valley Southeast is part of the greater Helena micropolitan area and is a short driving distance from the larger city. The area is surrounded by the Big Belt Mountains and the 30,000-acre Gates of the Mountains Wilderness.