10 Fastest Growing US Cities

By PropertyClub Team
Jan 8th 2024
The United States is a country in constant motion, and nowhere is this more evident than in its cities. While some urban centers face shrinking populations or stagnant growth, others experience booming expansion, attracting newcomers and reshaping the very fabric of the nation. Read on to discover the ten fastest-growing cities in the US, exploring the factors driving their surge and the impact it has on their urban landscapes.

hash-markFastest Growing US Cities

  1. Fort Myers, Florida
  2. Round Rock, Texas
  3. Frisco, Texas
  4. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  5. St. George, Utah
  6. Cape Coral, Florida
  7. Murfreesboro, Tennessee
  8. Concord, North Carolina
  9. Tampa, Florida
  10. Orlando, Florida

hash-markFort Myers, Florida

Fort Myers, Florida, is a vibrant city on the southwestern Gulf Coast that has rapidly gained recognition as the fastest-growing city in the United States. With a current population of 92,245 and a remarkable year-over-year growth rate of 2.98%, Fort Myers is experiencing an influx of residents drawn to its sunny climate, cultural attractions, and flourishing economy. 

The city boasts four designated historic districts - Edison Park, Dean Park, Downtown, and Seminole Park - each contributing to its rich architectural and cultural heritage. Fort Myers consistently ranks among the top places to live, is recognized as one of the safest cities in America, and stands out as a premier destination for retirees seeking an idyllic and welcoming community.

hash-markRound Rock, Texas

Round Rock, Texas, is a vibrant city that gained national recognition for its remarkable growth. According to CNN in 2009, Round Rock was ranked as the second-fastest-growing city in the United States, experiencing an impressive population growth of 8.2% in the previous year. Round Rock is still growing, however the growth rate has slowed to 2.68% in recent years. 

With a current population of 123,876, the city has continued to flourish, attracting residents and businesses alike. Round Rock is well known for being the international headquarters of Dell, one of the world's leading technology companies. 

hash-markFrisco, Texas

Located north of Dallas, Frisco boasts a 2.66% growth rate. This dynamic suburb attracts families and young professionals seeking a modern, master-planned community. Booming sports facilities, anchored by the Dallas Cowboys headquarters and the PGA Frisco golf course, contribute to its economic vibrancy. 

Additionally, Frisco's strong education system and family-friendly amenities make it a magnet for those seeking a suburban haven with urban conveniences.

hash-markMyrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, stands as a vibrant coastal city known for its stunning beaches and lively atmosphere. Boasting a population of 551,126, Myrtle Beach has rapidly become another one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. 

The city's allure is heightened by its impressive 86 golf courses and a diverse culinary scene with 1,800 restaurants, collectively drawing over 20 million visitors annually. In the past eight years, Myrtle Beach has experienced remarkable growth, welcoming more than 104,000 new residents, marking a staggering 28% increase in its population.  

hash-markSt. George, Utah

St. George, located in the southwestern part of Utah, stands as one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. With a population of 95,342 it is also one of the largest cities in Utah by population

Between 2000 and 2005, St. George experienced unprecedented growth, emerging as the fastest-growing metropolitan area in the entire nation. The city's allure lies not only in its rapid expansion but also in its proximity to natural wonders, being nestled near several state parks, including the renowned Zion National Park and the majestic Grand Canyon.

Cape Coral, Florida

Cape Coral, Florida, stands out as the 6th fastest-growing city in the United States, with its population surging to 204,510, a remarkable 26% increase from the 2010 Census. Also known as the "Waterfront Wonderland," Cape Coral lives up to its nickname with an impressive network of over 400 miles (640 km) of navigable waterways, surpassing any other city on Earth. 

This unique feature enhances the city's charm and offers residents and visitors alike unparalleled opportunities for aquatic recreation. Moreover, Cape Coral is not just flourishing demographically; its economy is also experiencing robust growth, boasting a remarkable 9% expansion. 

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Murfreesboro, the next contender on the list of fastest-growing cities in the United States, has experienced remarkable expansion since the 1990s, earning the title of Tennessee's fastest-growing major city and consistently ranking among the nation's speediest in terms of population growth. 

With a current population of 157,519, a substantial increase from 108,755 residents in 2010, Murfreesboro stands as the largest suburb of Nashville. The city boasts a notable growth rate of 2.52%, reflecting its allure as a vibrant and dynamic community. 

Home to Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro is not only a hub for academic pursuits but also a testament to the city's evolving identity and thriving culture.  

hash-markConcord, North Carolina

Concord, located in Cabarrus County, North Carolina, is a vibrant city that stands out as one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. With a current population of 107,697, Concord boasts a notable growth rate of 1.82%. 

As the most populous city in Cabarrus County, Concord plays a pivotal role in the region's development. Beyond its demographic and economic significance, the city is a popular destination, home to some of North Carolina's premier tourist attractions. 

Concord proudly hosts the renowned Charlotte Motor Speedway, a hub for NASCAR enthusiasts, and the expansive Concord Mills, a shopping and entertainment destination that draws visitors from far and wide. 

hash-markTampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida, stands as one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, with a current population of 387,050 and a notable growth rate of 0.80%. Nestled on the Gulf Coast, Tampa boasts over 150 miles of stunning beaches that attract both residents and tourists alike. 

Beyond its sun-soaked shores, Tampa is home to the renowned Dali Museum, a cultural gem housing an extensive collection of surrealist masterpieces by the iconic artist Salvador Dali. 

hash-markOrlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida, stands as the last city on our list of fastest-growing cities in the United States, boasting a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere. With a population of 307,573, Orlando has become a powerhouse of growth and development. 

Notably, it has secured its position as the third-most visited city in the U.S., drawing over 2.9 million visitors in 2022, trailing only behind New York City and Miami. The city's allure lies in its world-renowned tourist attractions, including the iconic Walt Disney World Resort and the thrilling Universal Orlando Resort.