10 Largest Cities in US by Area

By PropertyClub Team
Jan 9th 2024
The United States is the fourth largest country by land and one of the most diverse geographically. Having such an expansive nation means that the US is also home to some of the largest cities and metro areas in the world. Read on to discover the ten largest cities in the US by area.

hash-mark10 Largest Cities in the United States by Area

  1. Sitka, Alaska
  2. Juneau, Alaska
  3. Wrangell, Alaska 
  4. Anchorage, Alaska
  5. Tribune, Kansas 
  6. Jacksonville, Florida
  7. Anaconda, Montana
  8. Butte, Montana
  9. Houston, Texas
  10. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

hash-mark1. Sitka, Alaska (2,870 square miles)

The largest city in the United States by area is Sitka, Alaska. Located under the snow-peaked Alaskan mountains, Sitka has a total area of 2,870 square miles. Once part of the Russian Empire, Sitka has a long history of human settlement dating back to the Indigenous Peoples. Although it’s the biggest US city by area, it only has a population of 8,458. Sitka is surrounded by expansive Alaskan wilderness and offers countless outdoor sporting opportunities. 

hash-mark2. Juneau, Alaska (2,701 square miles)

Juneau, Alaska, is also one of the largest cities in the US by area. Juneau is a town located in the Gastineau Channel and within the Alaskan panhandle region. This must-see town has a total area of 2,701 square miles. Juneau is a favorite tourist destination, with mist-covered mountains surrounding the historic downtown. The town is located near Mount Juneau and across the channel from Douglas Island, which offers world-class hiking and boating opportunities. Juneau is also a popular destination for many cruise ship tourists. 

hash-mark3. Wrangell, Alaska (2,542 square miles)

Another one of the biggest cities by land area in the US is Wrangell, Alaska. Wrangell only has a population of just 2,127 but is still one of the largest towns in the US, with an area of 2,542 square miles. Some of Alaska’s most breathtaking scenery can be seen near Wrangell, including the Stikine River Delta and the Shakes Glaciers. Wrangell’s history dates back to Native American settlement, with many finely crafted totem poles on display around the town. Much of Wrangell’s local economy is supported by local fishing. 

hash-mark4. Anchorage, Alaska (1,704 square miles)

Alaska’s capital city has a population of 291,247 and an area of 1,704 square miles. Anchorage is Alaska’s largest metropolitan area containing 40% of the state’s population and a land mass that is larger than the state of Rhode Island. Anchorage is a major tourism and industry hub for Alaska, with the city’s history dating back to the first railroads built in the United States. The city limits of Anchorage span the city, Elmendorf-Richardson military base, and Chugach State Park- as a result, less than 10% of the overall city is populated. 

hash-mark5. Tribune, Kansas (778 square miles)

Tribune is also one of the largest US cities by area. It’s also a quintessential midwestern small town with a population of 772. With a land area of 778 square miles, Tribune was founded in 1886 by pioneer settlers. While Tribune’s population is Tiny, the town is surrounded by arid Kansas prairies, farms, and windmills. The median home price in Tribune is $112,854. 

hash-mark6. Jacksonville, Florida (747 square miles)

Another one of the largest cities in the US by area is Jacksonville, which is also one of Florida’s top tourist destinations and vacation spots. The city has an area of 747 square miles and a population of 971,319. Jacksonville is a major economic center in Florida, with large ports supporting commerce and a naval base. Jacksonville is home to over 500 diverse neighborhoods, each with its own character. Jacksonville also contains a large park network, including several large natural state parks. 

hash-mark7. Anaconda, Montana (736 square miles)

Anaconda is located within mountainous Deer Lodge County and has a population of 9,421. Anaconda’s area is 736 square miles, with a landscape characterized by timbered forests, lakes, mountains, and camping grounds. Anaconda is a popular tourist destination, as the town is surrounded by breathtaking scenery and a historic 1950s-style downtown. Anaconda also has a thriving arts and theatre scene, including the Washoe Theater, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. 

hash-mark8. Butte, Montana (718 square miles)

Located in the northern Rocky Mountains, Butte is another one of the largest cities in the US by area. The population of Butte is 34,494, and the city’s total area is 718 square miles. Butte offers stunning views of the nearby Rockies and has access to all kinds of outdoor adventures. There are numerous historic buildings within Butte, such as the Hotel Finlen, built in 1924, and Our Lady of the Rockies, a 90-foot statue built in the image of Mary standing at the top of the Continental Divide. Butte is also known for having many lavish Victorian and Queen Anne style cottages. 

hash-mark9. Houston, Texas (640 square miles)

Houston is also one of the largest cities in area in the US. It’s also one of the largest economic and entertainment hubs in the South, drawing people from all over the country. Houston has an area of 640 square miles and has the largest population in Texas. Houston is home to numerous corporate headquarters, entertainment options, and world-class restaurants. Houston is home to many diverse neighborhoods and is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the United States. The median home price in Houston is $264,540. 

hash-mark10. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (606 square miles)

Oklahoma City is one of the largest cities by area in the Southern United States and serves as the main economic hub in Oklahoma. The city has an area of 606 square miles, with much of the surrounding area being active oil fields. There are also several military installations, such as Tinker Air Force Base and the United State Department of Transportation Aeronautical Center, within the city’s limits. In addition, Oklahoma City has multiple entertainment and sports teams, such as the Oklahoma Thunder.