Cheapest Places to Live in Utah

By PropertyClub Team
Jan 19th 2023
Utah is best known as the home of Salt Lake City and the Sundance Film Festival. But this beautiful state is also home to some of the nation’s most affordable living. This report on the nine cheapest places to live in Utah will guide you to the most affordable cities in the state. 

hash-mark9 Cheapest Places to Live in Utah

  1. Vernal
  2. Roosevelt
  3. Sunset
  4. Washington Terrace
  5. Cedar City
  6. Tremonton
  7. Brigham City
  8. Tooele
  9. Clearfield

hash-mark1. Vernal

The cheapest place to live in Utah is Vernal. Located close to the northern Colorado border, roughly halfway between Salt Lake City and Aspen. Home to a little over 10,000 people, Vernal is a great choice for those who prefer a more secluded area. The city is known for its dinosaur fossils, natural gas production, and abundance of nuanced outdoor recreation. Local attractions in this area include museums, state parks, canyon hiking, mountain biking, geo-caching, and driving through the city’s flower-lined streets. Home values in this area average $260k, making Vernal the cheapest city in Utah.

hash-mark2. Roosevelt

Roosevelt is the second most affordable place to live in Utah. This city is located in the state’s northeastern corner and is best known for its thriving oil and agricultural industries. Another small town, Roosevelt, is home to about 6,881 people, all of whom prefer the area for its western charm and educational opportunities. In particular, this city is the proud proprietor of schools such as Union High School, Uintah Basin Area Technology Center, and Utah State University’s Uintah Basin Education Center. Homes in Roosevelt average roughly $310k, making it Utah’s second-most affordable area. 

hash-mark3. Sunset

Situated just north of Salt Lake City is Sunset, another of Utah’s cheapest places to live. Only a short, thirty-minute drive from downtown Salt Lake City, Sunset is the ideal area for commuters. It is home to only 5,515 residents, making it an exceptional location for those who want both a small-town atmosphere and big-city amenities. Local attractions around this residential community include the Hill Aerospace Museum, Antelope Island State Park, Rock Island Arsenal Museum, and Pioneer Village. With home prices averaging $366k, Sunset is a cheap place to find a little bit of everything. 

hash-mark4. Washington Terrace

Washington Terrace is another one of the cheapest cities in Utah. This city is roughly three miles south of Ogden and was originally established as a temporary military housing project. But today, Washington Terrace is home to roughly 9,276 people and offers residents a wealth of local family-friendly attractions. These include the Roy Historical Museum, Fort Buenaventura, Eccles Dinosaur Park, and Great Salt Lake State Park. Additionally, the Salt Lake City International Airport is less than an hour’s drive away, making it a great spot for business travelers. Home prices in Washington Terrace average $390k, making it one of the cheapest Utah cities. 

hash-mark5. Cedar City

Tucked in Utah’s southwestern quadrant is Cedar City, another one of the state’s cheapest cities. This area sits at the mouth of Coal Creek and rests about 5,800 feet above sea level. The city’s surrounding area is filled with mountains and deserts, giving its 37,000 residents a diverse range of outdoor recreational opportunities. Cedar City is best known as the home of both Southern Utah University and the Shakespearean Festival, which help sustain the local economy. Home values in this area average at $403k, keeping it an affordable part of Utah’s southwestern landscape. 

hash-mark6. Tremonton

Tremonton is the cheapest place to live along the Utah-Idaho border. This city is located only a short twenty-minute drive from the Idaho state line, right in the heart of Bear River Valley. It is home to over 10,400 people and is a popular choice among those who prefer a quieter lifestyle. The city is also a favorite resting place for travelers on their way to other local attractions, such as the Golden Spike National Monument and ATK Rocket Garden. Home prices in Tremonton average $405k, making it the most affordable city along Utah’s northern border. 

hash-mark7. Brigham City

Just south of Tremonton is Brigham City, another addition to Utah’s most affordable cities. This city is nestled between mountain ranges and open plains, both of which add to its year-round abundance of natural scenery. Residents of this area can also enjoy visits to several local attractions, such as the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, Willard Bay Reservoir, and the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. And, in the fall, the city’s streets come alive with the annual Peach Days celebration. With home prices averaging at $409k, Brigham City is a cheap area with access to some of the state’s best views. 

hash-mark8. Tooele

Tooele is the cheapest area southwest of Salt Lake City. This charming area sits along the shores of the Great Salt Lake and is the perfect place for history buffs. Home to just over 37,000 people, Tooele possesses a rich history, which is commemorated through its abundance of historical landmarks and museums. Additionally, residents of this area will find no shortage of outdoor activities, such as camping at Settlement Canyon, visiting Skyline Nature Park, and playing a few rounds of golf at The Links At Overlake. Home values here average at $412k, keeping Tooele a cheap option for those interested in remaining close to the Great Salt Lake. 

hash-mark9. Clearfield

In addition to being one of Utah’s cheapest places to live, Clearfield is also one of the best. Home to roughly 32,238 people, this midsize city was recently ranked one of 2022’s Best Places to Live for Families in Fortune magazine. Clearfield was originally established as a farming community, and while other industries, such as manufacturing and the Air Force, have become more prevalent, agriculture is still a major component of the local economy. Residents of the area will also appreciate its family-friendly amenities, low crime rates, and quick access to the Great Salt Lake. Home values here average just under $413k, maintaining Clearfield’s status as an affordable Utah city.