10 Cheapest Places To Live In Arizona

By PropertyClub Team
Oct 20th 2023
Arizona is a wonderful place to live, thanks to an impressive combination of temperate weather, outdoor activities, local cuisine, and tax benefits. However, finding an affordable place to live can be challenging, even in a state known for budget-friendly options. Here are the 10 cheapest cities in Arizona for 2023. 

hash-mark10 Cheapest Places To Live In Arizona

  1. Douglas
  2. San Luis
  3. Eloy
  4. Rio Rico
  5. Kingman
  6. Bullhead City
  7. Sun City
  8. Yuma
  9. Safford
  10. Coolidge

hash-mark1. Douglas

The cheapest place to live in Arizona is Douglas. This charming community sits on the border between Arizona and Mexico and is a great place for calm, quiet living. Its surrounding area is filled with open, grassy plainlands, which has historically made it a popular destination for cattle ranchers and agriculturists looking to cultivate its rich soil. Home to roughly 16,000 people, Douglas provides its residents with a wealth of attractions, including historical landmarks, wildlife centers, and quick access to Mexico. With the state’s cheapest home prices and rental rates, Douglas is the best place to find affordable living in Arizona.

hash-mark2. San Luis

San Luis is the second cheapest city to live in Arizona. A suburb of Yuma, this border city is located in Arizona’s southwestern corner and sits close to the Colorado River. Its location makes it popular amongst visitors and tourists, which has helped the city grow into the micropolitan area it is today. Downtown, residents will find an abundance of local shops and small businesses, which provide a range of retail experiences. And, with some of the state’s most interesting outdoor recreation areas and museums, San Luis is fun for the whole family. While rents in this area tend to be slightly higher, low home prices make San Luis ideal for those looking to move to Arizona on a budget.

hash-mark3. Eloy

Eloy is one of Arizona’s cheapest towns for those who prefer a balance between urban and rural living. Located directly between Phoenix and Tucson, Eloy was originally established as a small railroad town. Today, the city’s economy is still sustained by the transportation industry, but it is also growing in other areas, such as manufacturing and logistics. A small town, Eloy only has a population of roughly 15,000 people. However, this size helps to keep both local rents and home prices among the cheapest in Arizona.

hash-mark4. Rio Rico

Rio Rico is a highly affordable place to find some of Arizona’s most beautiful views. Located between Tucson and the Mexico border, Rio Rico sits close to Casa Grande, and all its surrounding amenities. Local attractions include both the Rio Rico History Museum and Country Club. Residents can also enjoy the area’s vast wildlife tours, which include The Paton Center For Hummingbirds and other birding tours. With the third-lowest rental rates in the state, Rio Rico is an affordable place to settle down.

hash-mark5. Kingman

Kingman is another one of the cheapest cities in Arizona. Its downtown sits on the infamous Route 66 and is the longest-running city along this historic road. Its population of roughly 34,000 residents can enjoy the town’s quirky collection of history museums, alpaca ranches, public parks, and wineries – all located right in the city. And it’s the perfect pit stop for those on their way to the Las Vegas strip or the Grand Canyon. With low home prices and rental rates, Kingman is a great place to find an overall low cost of living.

hash-mark6. Bullhead City

Bullhead City is also one of the cheapest places to live in Arizona. Besides being affordable the city is great for warm-weather enthusiasts. This city is close to the Nevada and California state lines and is best known for its temperate climate, crystal clear skies, and gorgeous year-round sunshine. Additionally, Bullhead City is central to the Black Mountain Range, the Colorado River, and the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, making it the perfect spot for those who like to fish, boat, and explore the outdoors. With some of the cheapest home prices and rental rates in the state, Bullhead City is an excellent choice for families. 

hash-mark7. Sun City

Sun City is an affordable Arizona city for retirees; in fact, this city is nearly entirely made up of residents who are 55+. World-renowned for its resort-like amenities and leisurely living, Sun City has raised the bar among retirement communities across the country. Residents can find everything they need for their sunset years, from recreational centers to golf courses. Though rental rates in this area can be slightly higher due to the influx of local amenities, home prices still average under $300k, making this area an affordable option for those who prefer a more laid-back lifestyle.

hash-mark8. Yuma

Sitting between Phoenix and San Diego lies Yuma, another one of the cheapest places to live in Arizona. This area has a reputation for having fantastic weather year-round, making it a premier travel destination. While the town is slightly smaller than other infamous Arizona cities, Yuma’s attitude is big and welcoming. It possesses a host of beaches, authentic local cuisine, and historical tours, making it a fun area for local families. Yuma’s home prices and rental rates are some of the lowest in the state, keeping it an affordable part of Arizona’s landscape.

hash-mark9. Safford

Safford is an affordable place for families who prefer an active, healthy lifestyle. This city is an absolute outdoor recreation haven, including local hot springs, sand dunes, rock fields, and walking trails. This beautiful area features all of the best parts of Arizona wrapped into one unique city, making it perfect for those who are interested in classic southwest living. Other local amenities include the Mount Graham International Observatory, Old Safford Bridge, and Dry Lake Park. With some of the cheapest rental rates in the state, Safford is an affordable place to call home.

hash-mark10. Coolidge

Coolidge is a cheap place for those who are interested in small-town living. Its population of 15,000 people makes this city the perfect place to find peace and quiet away from the big city. The area’s main attraction is the Casa Grande Ruins National Park, which was the nation’s first archeological reserve, and serves as a preservation of the area’s vast history. The city’s primary industries include manufacturing, tourism, and agriculture, making it an ideal option for farmers and agriculturists alike. Overall, Coolidge is an affordable area with rich history and a great place to raise a family.

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