Top 10 Celebrities That Live in Florida

By PropertyClub Team
May 22nd 2024
Florida remains an incredibly popular and plush place to live, provided that you have the money for it. With sandy beaches, Disneyland, and a booming nightlife world all just a drop away, it’s clear that this is one of the most popular places for celebrities to move. 

But who, exactly, calls Florida home? The sheer number of household names who live in this part of the States might just shock you.

hash-markTop 10 Celebrities Who Live in Florida

  1. Pitbull
  2. Flo Rida
  3. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  4. Serena Williams
  5. Tiger Woods
  6. Gloria Estefan
  7. Venus Williams
  8. Julio Iglesias
  9. Shaquille O’Neal
  10. Vanilla Ice


Yes, it’s true. Everyone’s favorite cueball, who keeps blurting out “Mr. 305” in every single track he produces, is still one of the most famous celebrities that lives in Florida. He’s been a local to the state for ages and always rocks his Florida pride in his tracks. 

As his fame suggests, he is a huge fan of Miami. When he isn’t on tour being Mr. Worldwide, he’s in Miami. Because let’s face it, he’s Pitbull, and he's one of the most famous celebrities that lives in Miami. It would be really weird to see a man who built his career around Miami live elsewhere. 

hash-markFlo Rida

“No Handlebars” singer and rapper Flo Rida is also from Florida. Much like Pitbull, he has no problem telling people about his love of the state. It’s literally his name. Flo. Rida. Unsurprisingly, he was originally from the state and also chose to stay there. 

Flo Rida’s home is now in the luxurious part of Miami Beach. His mansion allegedly has a dock so that he can go boating whenever he feels like it. Somehow, this makes a lot of sense. 

hash-markDwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The Rock has been a fan of America’s Southeast for ages, and it makes sense. He was raised in North Carolina. While he still (allegedly) has property in North Carolina and several other locations, he also remains a huge fan of his Florida home.

His Florida mansion has a jaw-dropping, palatial 13,000 square feet. We can’t even imagine how much fun he has there. The landscape and local culture must be amazing. He does live in South Florida, after all. 

hash-markSerena Williams

She’s a world-famous tennis player who gained a ton of clout in the body positivity world, too. She’s Serena Williams, and she’s a huge fan of Florida. Whether it’s the tennis-friendly sunshine, the great beaches, or just the great food, we’ll never know. 

Sources say that she’s living in Palm Springs, in a visually stunning mansion that features a pool, six bedrooms, a movie theater and a gated community. Of course, there is also talk of a certain exclusive island abode that also is right off Florida’s coast, too. 

hash-markTiger Woods

At one point, Tiger Woods was almost inextricable with his love of Scottsdale. Or rather, he was famous for having the police called to his Scottsdale home since his jilted wife chased him around with a golf club. Things settled down for the guy since then…and he also moved out. 

Tiger Woods is now one of many golfers who chose to call Florida home. His estate was bought up for $40 million and features a private dock and boathouse. Like others on this list, he’s happy to live in South Florida.

hash-markGloria Estefan

Cuban singer and cultural icon Gloria Estefan is a major hit in Florida. It makes sense when you realize that Florida is a major hotspot for Cuban refugees. When she’s not doing public performances, she’s living it up in Miami City. 

Estefan’s place in Miami City is a bit more low-key than most other celebrities on here. Her home is a two-story place with a pool, in an upscale side of town. 

hash-markVenus Williams

Venus Williams doesn’t like to be too far from her sister, Serena. Who can blame her? The two took over women’s tennis and became household names. That’s a serious family bond. Venus Williams chose a more “traditional” place for celebrities to live in: Jupiter.

Her Jupiter pad is famous for its large glass walls, gorgeous sunset views, and for having easy access to boating. It seems like having a boat is a prerequisite for being rich and famous in the Sunshine State.

hash-markJulio Iglesias

Father of Enrique Iglesia and legendary Spanish singer Julio Iglesias has a lot of reasons to show his pride in Florida. He’s been a staple in the state for decades and has happily lived for years in a sprawling Mediterranean-inspired mansion. 

His mansion can be found in a secluded part of Indian Creek Island. He’s so into privacy that his community can only be reached by a private bridge. Exclusive? Oh, absolutely. 

hash-markShaquille O’Neal

If you have a pulse, you probably have heard of Shaq. He’s a famous sports star who set multiple records, is incredibly tall, moonlights as a DJ, and has a series of different businesses he runs. (His businesses include a suit company for tall and broad-shouldered men, so you can tell there’s inspiration there.) 

As an A-list celebrity, Shaquille makes a point of having multiple homes across the country. He is a jet-setter, after all. In terms of his Florida real estate, it’s said that he lives in a 31,000-square-foot mansion in Windemere, just outside Orlando. 

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hash-markVanilla Ice

The rapper-turned-developer is not exactly your typical celebrity. Not many rappers make a comeback as a real estate investing TV personality, do they? Quirky as he is, it makes sense that he is a Florida local. 

The money he made off his TV show and records served him well. In fact, it served him so well, his home is his perfect dream come true. His Wellington home features a gorgeous layout, a recording studio, and (most surprisingly) a car showroom. That’s nice, nice, baby!