Best FSBO Websites 

By PropertyClub Team
May 31st 2023
Many home sellers who want to avoid paying a commission opt for listing their home as a FSBO or “for sale by owner.” However, if you decide against hiring an agent, you’ll be responsible for marketing the property on your own. Here is a look at the eight best websites for listing FSBOs.

hash-mark8 Best For Sale By Owner Websites

  1. Zillow
  3. Facebook Marketplace
  4. Craigslist
  5. Houzeo
  6. Beycome
  7. HomeCoin
  8. Fizber

hash-mark1. Zillow 

The best FSBO website is Zillow. As one of the most popular online real estate platforms, Zillow has a massive user base and allows sellers to list FSBO properties for free. All you have to do is sign up for a free account and upload photos and info related to the listing. They’ll even syndicate the post to their sister website Trulia, which is also incredibly popular. Zillow brings in an immense amount of traffic, and the site is visited by more than 60 million visitors per month, which makes it great for getting eyeballs on your home. It doesn’t have as many robust features as other paid options, and listings posted by agents tend to receive priority over FSBOs. But it’s also free, which means there is little downside to posting on Zillow. 

hash-mark2. is the largest website dedicated to FSBO listings. For a flat fee of $99.95, users can list their property on the site for 6 months, which includes unlimited photo and video uploads, 24/7 access to edit the post, and a free listing on For $399.95 per month, homeowners can also post their listing on the MLS, including syndication to Zillow, Tulia, and However, you’ll be on the hook for paying a 2-3% buyer’s agent commission for this option. Their packages are fairly basic compared to other paid FSBO sites, and add-ons cost extra, but it is a well-known site that is visited by millions of viewers each month who are specifically looking for homes to buy. 

hash-mark3. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is another one of the best for sale by owner websites. It’s also completely free to list a property, and their location-based targeting makes it easy to find buyers in your area or search for local real estate groups that may be interested in your listing. However, it isn’t optimized for real estate listings because it’s essentially a classified’s page used for everything from furniture to electronics. Therefore, the traffic for visitors looking to buy a home will likely be lower than on other real estate-centric platforms. But if you want as much free exposure as possible for your listing, Facebook Marketplace is a solid option.

hash-mark4. Craigslist

Craigslist is another website that is great for FSBO listings. It’s free to post an ad and gets close to 300 million visitors monthly, making it the world’s largest classifieds site. However, its features are pretty barebones and will only allow you to post photos and a few relevant details about your listing. Plus, it doesn’t offer many security features and has a reputation for attracting scammers, so be careful with the information you divulge. But, like Facebook Marketplace, it’s free exposure, so as long as you use caution, Craigslist is a great resource to use alongside other FSBO sites.

hash-mark5. Houzeo

Houzeo is another popular for sale by owner website. Its listing service offers a flat fee for advertising your FSBO property. They have several packages available that range from $349 to $995, depending on whether you want to list the property for six months or a year and how many additional features you need. All the paid options include listing on the MLS (which means you’ll likely pay a buyer commission) and syndication to all the popular real estate listing sites. The Platinum package ($999 value) also includes advanced features like contract reviews, custom yard signs, pricing assistance, and more. Plus, they also offer a free option to list your home exclusively on Houzeo for six months.

hash-mark6. Beycome

If you’re looking for the most cost-effective way to get your listing on the MLS, Beycome is one of the best options. They offer three flat-fee packages; the basic package ($99), the enhanced package ($399), and the concierge service ($599 plus 1% commission at closing). The basic package includes listing on the MLS and 100+ real estate sites, along with a suite of features like an open house scheduler, access to legal forms, and dedicated support. The enhanced package and concierge service offers the same basic services, along with additional features and add-ons. Beycome is one of the cheapest ways to get your listing on the MLS. However, it’s only available in eight states.

hash-mark7. HomeCoin

Homecoin is another great for sale by owner website as it offers a cost-effective method for getting your listing on the MLS without an agent. They have a single package for $95, which comes with a 12-month MLS listing. They also offer additional services and add-ons such as lockbox and sign rentals, pro photography, and contract help, although these services will cost extra. Their lack of package deals means that if you need additional assistance, it will cost more than some of the other sites. But if all you need is access to the MLS, it’s the cheapest option on the market.

hash-mark8. Fizber

Fizber is another MLS listing service that features a plethora of packages and comes highly reviewed. They offer free listings exclusively on Fizber and three packages ranging from $95 - $295. The $95 package only includes a listing on Redfin, Zillow, Trulia, etc., and basic features like an open house manager and featured listing privileges. Their $270 package includes a 6-month MLS listing, up to 6 photos, and the ability to add on services like showing assistants and open house ads. Finally, their $295 package offers a 1-year MLS listing and unlimited photos, and the add-on services offered in the lower tier are included in the price. However, Fizber is not available in every state, so you’ll need to look into whether they service your area.