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Prospect Heights is a neighborhood that has roots in classic Brooklyn culture, but some of the modern-day amenities and culture shifts that make it ideal for young homebuyers and new families, especially those who enjoy the outdoors as Prospect Park is right at their doorstep. In addition, Prospect Heights provides the type of diversity that only a few outlying neighborhoods are able to offer residents. It got its start as a neighborhood with European residents, but nowadays, it has residents from the Caribbean and other places around the globe. The unique blend of cultures makes it an exciting neighborhood that is teeming with an entrepreneurial spirit and unique traditions. Real estate prices are also attractive, making it easier to find an affordable apartment or house for sale in Prospect Heights than in other parts of Brooklyn.
Prospect Heights is an excellent fit for buyers who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of downtown Manhattan, but still want to be close enough to have access to some of the fantastic events that can be found nearby. In Prospect Heights, you are more likely to run across a free public art event than a luxury art gallery or club opening. This makes it the ideal location for families or professionals who are planning on buying a home in a neighborhood that can offer a quieter lifestyle. That’s not to say that there’s not much to do in Prospect Heights, however. There are plenty of community events, unique businesses, live music concerts, and other opportunities to mingle and get to know your neighbors. And let’s not forget Prospect Park, the verdant oasis on the southern border of the neighborhood, from which Prospect Heights gets its name.
Much like in the rest of Brooklyn, homes, and apartments for sale in Prospect Heights have been continuously rising in price in recent years due to the many benefits that come along with living here. 

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