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Lenox Hill is a highly affluent neighborhood on Manhattan's Upper East Side. The Lenox Hill area is known as a haven for wealthy buyers that are looking to purchase posh living accommodations. With a luxurious blend of old-world architecture, historic townhouses, and modern luxury condos, Lenox Hill is the primary destination for anyone who wants to elevate their standard of living.
The real estate market in Lenox Hill has been known for its eye-popping real estate prices and uber-luxury properties for decades. The neighborhood is home to some of New York City's most exclusive residential addresses, where board approvals can be their own challenge, and it's not uncommon for many Lenox Hill apartments for sale to command 8-figure prices. Apartments in buildings on Fifth Avenue that overlook Central Park, in particular, sell for some of the highest per-square-foot prices in the city. Lenox Hill is also home to two of the most expensive zip codes in the country, with 10065 and 10021 both encompassing parts of the neighborhood. Homes in these zip codes sell for astronomical prices. 
Some of the most exclusive addresses in the neighborhood include 834 Fifth Avenue, 740 Park Avenue, and 998 Fifth Avenue. For the homebuyers who prefer something a bit more unique than the area's numerous storied condo and co-op buildings, purchasing a townhouse or brownstone is also an option. This is, after all, the same neighborhood that was home to many Gilded Age tycoons, including Caroline Astor. Even with all this grandeur and wealth, it's still possible to find a relatively affordable apartment for sale in Lenox Hill as there is a good deal of co-op inventory selling for under half a million bucks. 

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