Twin Homes Guide

By PropertyClub Team
Aug 9th 2023
A twin home is a unique style that can make living affordable for families. Read on to learn about what a twin home is, the difference between one and a duplex, and the pros and cons of owning twin homes.

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What Is a Twin Home?
Twin House vs. Duplex Difference
Is a Twin Home Considered a Single Family Home?
Is Buying a Twin Home a Good Idea?
Pros of a Twin Home
Cons of a Twin Home
Twin Homes Bottom Line

hash-markWhat Is a Twin Home?

A twin home is a conjoined double home that serves as two homes, each on a separate property. It shares a center wall which creates two different houses for two separate groups of people. A typical twin home looks like two homes that have been glued together and seamed down the middle.

This style of home is more affordable than a typical home without disrupting the privacy of a private residence. It’s not the same as a duplex, which we’ll discuss next.

hash-markTwin House vs. Duplex Difference

A duplex and a twin home sound the same to many people. And, most of the time, they look the same. However, there’s a difference between the two that many are unaware of. What separates them lies in the definition.

Here’s the definition of a twin house and a duplex:

  • A duplex: This is a conjoined double home that serves as two homes on one property.
  • A twin house: This is a conjoined double home that serves as two homes, each on a separate property.

One small thing separates the two. 

If you’re in a twin house, you have your property. In a duplex, you share the property legally with someone else.

hash-markIs a Twin Home Considered a Single Family Home?

Because a twin home is considered two homes on two different pieces of property, one-half of a twin home is considered a single-family home. You own half of the twin home and the lot that that particular half sits on the property. 

A twin home is like a townhome in the ownership it provides. A townhome tends to be a little bigger, but there’s not too much that sets them apart.

hash-markIs Buying a Twin Home a Good Idea?

So, is buying a twin home a good idea? Many people may doubt investing in a house split down the middle. Whether you’re buying it to rent or buying it to live inside, is it an excellent idea to invest in this property?

There are certainly some pros and cons to buying a twin home. Let’s talk about some of the major ones that exist when you decide to make this purchase for your life.

hash-markPros Of a Twin Home

Several good things could potentially come with the decision to invest in a twin home. It’s a unique piece of real estate that can bring in twice the income if taken care of properly.

Some of the pros that come with investing in a twin home include:

  • Lack of HOA fees that come with similar homes, like townhomes
  • Properties can have separate exterior maintenance since they’re technically two separate properties
  • Less expensive than a full home costs

These pros are excellent reasons to invest in a twin home.

There’s lots of good that can come with buying a twin home, both to rent out and live inside. Of course, there are also some bad ones. Let’s go over these next, so you can get a well-rounded idea of what comes with purchasing a twin home.

hash-markCons Of a Twin Home

As with the good, there is often bad. Some cons come with investing in a twin home. These are just as critical to understand as the quality things that come with buying this style.

Some of the cons that come with investing in a twin home include:

  • Potential disagreements with neighbors
  • Maintenance can be uneven
  • You’re still attached to another home

These are some of the poor things that can come with a twin home.

Of course, these shouldn’t drive you away from investing in a twin home if you love the concept. It’s a unique and affordable way to live, no matter what your family may look like in reality.

hash-markTwin Homes Bottom Line

Twin homes come in all shapes and sizes, from giant modern estates to tiny country homes. They provide a more affordable way of living for those who can’t afford a house that stands alone, all by itself.

If you buy a twin home, you’ll be sharing a home with other people. However, a wall creates quality privacy, and you own the lot your home is on for yourself. A twin home is an excellent way to live for anyone who wants to try something new for their life.