Tiny House Communities: Everything You Need to Know

By PropertyClub Team
Feb 8th 2023
For a lot of folks interested in the tiny home lifestyle, living in a tiny house community makes a lot of sense. There are plenty of benefits to these communities, ranging from the convenience of not having to worry about zoning laws and other regulations to the pros of being around like-minded people.

It’s often said that virtually every type of lifestyle will eventually create a community around it. This rings true for people in the tiny house world, especially since many towns and neighborhoods don’t allow tiny home construction within their borders. One might say it’s an extreme lifestyle. 

hash-markWhat Does Joining A Tiny Home Community Offer You?

Much like the benefits of having an HOA, joining a tiny home community also has its perks. After all, it can be kind of weird to be the only one in the neighborhood with a home that’s so small, and it also can be a struggle to advocate about your right to have a tiny home.

Being one of many tiny house owners in an area has its perks. People can help you fix your home, advocate for tiny house rights alongside you, and give you pointers on everything from decorating and conserving space to tiny house furniture ideas. Moreover, many communities also have amenities that make tiny home life a lot easier—such as community rooms, dog parks, or councils. 

If you’re a fan of the idea of finding other people who have like-minded abilities, there’s some good news on the horizon. There are tiny home communities out there, both online and offline. You can join one if you want to, as long as you know where to look. 

hash-markWhere To Find Tiny House Communities

You can find tiny house communities throughout the country, but some of the best are located in California, Florida, Colorado, Georgia, Texas, and Maryland. That being said, the truth is that many states do not have a tiny house community. If you want to increase your chances of finding one that you mesh with, make sure that you take a look at these top-rated circles. 

hash-markCalifornia Tiny House Communities

The Golden State is known for having a major penchant for advocating for new lifestyles, which means there are many tiny home communities within the state’s borders. The communities below are highly recommended. 

1. Delta Park Bay

Just a mere 11 miles south of San Diego, this community currently has a full 50 homes inside its borders. The community is all about eco-friendly living and features a farmers’ market on-site as well as edible landscaping. 

The entire neighborhood is meant to be as self-sufficient as possible. So if you want to cut down on bills, this is an excellent place to be. 

2. Tiny House Block

If you’re looking for a new life in San Diego County but just don’t want to deal with San Diego rent, you might want to take a look at the latest RV park to be converted into a tiny house village. 

This community has a total of 18 lots and is home to a very family-friendly vibe. If you love community potlucks around campfires, you’re going to enjoy this area. Of course, living it up in the San Diego area also means you get plenty of fun in the city to enjoy. So there’s that.

hash-markColorado Tiny House Communities

Home of the best views of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado, just makes a lot of sense when it comes to affordable living, legalized cannabis, and retirement. They also have thriving tiny home communities too!

Sprout Tiny Homes

Sprout Tiny Homes is one of the most well-known tiny home communities in the state, and it rests in very retiree-friendly Salida. The homes start at $60,000 and have sizes between 260 to 670 square feet. Rentals exist too, and some of them are even larger.

Currently, Sprout holds the title as the largest tiny home community in the Western United States. It’s a very impressive 200-house gathering. So if you want to have a vast community around you, this is the best way to make sure it happens. 

hash-markFlorida Tiny House Communities

Known for being an RV-friendly state, it comes as no surprise that Florida has a bunch of tiny home communities. These below are some of the most well-known. 

1. Orlando Lake Front

Fancy a trip to a Disney park once in a while? You might like Orlando Lake Front. Like many other tiny home communities, this once was an ailing RV park. With the help of investors and tiny home fans, it turned into a thriving community.

Rents here are between $350 to $550, and there are over a dozen homes here. Soon, there will be around 40 homes in total within the community’s limits. That’s not too shabby!

2. Simple Life

Simple Life is a community that takes all the good vibes of minimalistic living to a new level by providing people with all the tools they need to live a fully health-oriented, eco-friendly life. This community, located right in central Florida, boasts 220 homes, making it absolutely massive.

This sprawling community comes with a slew of amenities, including free dog park use, a yoga room, a community entertainment room, and more. If you’re looking for a healthy Shangri-La, this is it. (By the way, they also have a sister community in North Carolina!)

hash-markGeorgia Tiny House Communities

Though Georgia has plenty of tiny homes in the area, most people just own their own on a plot of land. With that said, you can still find places where communities are allowed.

The Shire At Craigtown

Named after the community found in the classic fantasy novel, The Hobbit, the Shire at Craigtown is one of the most well-known tiny home enclaves in the state. Prices here are very reasonable, and an excellent HOA governs it.

The community is relatively active and gained a reputation for being friendly. Considering how affordable it is, it’s great to know places like this exist.

hash-markMaryland Tiny House Communities

Maryland’s fantastic metropolitan area is filled to the brim with Southern charm. Maybe that’s why tiny house communities are popping up around every corner here, too. 


BLISS stands for Baltimoreans Living In Sustainable Simplicity, and as the name suggests, it’s right outside of the city of Baltimore. Like many other communities, BLISS is all about bringing the world of earth-friendly sustainability. 

Unlike others, this is not primarily a tiny house community. Rather it’s a community farm with a tiny house and is working on bringing tiny home living to a new audience. One might say that it’s a nice crossroads between regular farming and unique home styles.

hash-markMichigan Tiny House Communities

Though the tiny house movement is more prevalent in warmer climates, you can still find some cool communities in Northern states. This includes Michigan!

Tiny House Estates

Petite and sweet, this tiny village is not a partner of the other two communities with similar names. Wheelhaus created it in association with the Traverse Bay RV Resort. A typical plot of land will be 5,000 square feet, though the actual homes themselves are only 400 square feet at most. 

The estates take a more upscale approach to the tiny home vibe, featuring elegant appliances, modern exteriors, and a bunch of classy landscaping. Each estate gives you the feeling of living in a perfectly manicured part of nature. 

hash-markNew York Tiny House Communities

Though you wouldn’t be wrong for believing that many New York abodes meet the requirements for a tiny home, some communities cater to the “official” tiny house look. 

Boiceville Cottages

Nestled right in the outskirts of the Finger Lakes and Ithica metropolitan area, Boiceville Cottages is a small community that is designed to offer all the rural beauty of upstate New York paired with the amenities of nearby Ithica.

Around 140 tiny homes are found inside this community’s boundaries, making it one of the New York state’s largest. With that said, most of the houses are not for sale, but rather for rent. This makes them one of the most unique apartment setups in the region.

hash-markNorth Carolina Tiny House Communities

Not too far off from Georgia is North Carolina, a state where tiny homes are rapidly becoming a must-see. 

Acony Bell Tiny Home Community

Acony Bell gained a strong following among Carolinians simply because this community has so many exciting features. The village features both summer rentals and long-term living, so you never know who you might run into here.

Fifty-six full acres of land, plus awesomely unique homes, along with incredible people, make this one of the best minimal living communities you’ll ever see.

hash-markOregon Tiny House Communities

Knowing that this state is home to Portland, it comes as no surprise that tiny homes are hot in Oregon. Communities can be found around every corner in this state, including a rogue tiny house group in Portland.

Tiny Tranquility Park

Tiny Tranquility Park is right near Waldport, on the Oregonian coast. Originally an ailing nursery, Tiny Tranquility Park is one of the few tiny home communities primarily focused on serving mobile tiny homes. 

Excellent spacing between homes, ample hiking trails, and plenty of amenities nearby made this a tourist hotspot for just about all walks of life. People looking to park their homes in this beachside community will have a hard time doing so. The waitlist is long due to high demand. 

hash-markPennsylvania Tiny House Communities

Considering how pastoral this state can be, it’s not surprising that many Pennsylvanians dig the idea of self-sufficiency and minimalism via tiny home living.

The Tiny Estates

If you love the idea of tiny home living but don’t want to go too “woo woo” with the lifestyle aspect of it, Tiny Estates will be a superb compromise. This community offers both rentals and ready-to-own properties right near Elizabethtown.

These homes are definitely on the tiny side, with some smaller than 200 square feet in size. Petite, yet sweet, it’s a community that is worth checking out. 

hash-markTexas Tiny House Communities

The Lone Star State might not have as much of a “hippie” reputation, but it still has its own communities…

1. SpurFreedom

Taking a cue from the Wild West’s days, this community takes the same bent on environmentalism as their Cali group. The difference lies in the type of environment that you’re going to be surrounded by. Located in Spur, this community involves lots of prairie.

Employment can be a bit of an issue, but the prices are cheap as can be. The price of a house here is 30 percent below the national average, and that’s taking the size of the home into account too. 

2. Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

Designed with eco-friendly, sustainable living in mind, the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is one of Texas’s hottest tiny house communities. It’s entirely constructed of buildings that are petite, with the largest being 864 square feet. 

All the buildings in Dancing Rabbit are made with sustainable materials and feature unique designs that all carry their own names. Admittedly, it’s nice having homes that can be both rented and bought. So if you’re more of a renter, this is a good place to go.

hash-markVirginia Tiny House Communities

Known for being the home of many of the founding fathers, it’s unsurprising that Virginia ended up becoming a hotspot for tiny homes as well.

Autumn Sun

Filled with scenic views and breathtaking homes, the Autumn Sun tiny home community is one of the more promising communities in the DMV area. The homes range from funky dome houses to more traditional-looking tiny homes. 

This area is mostly dedicated to intentional living, with many people enjoying the surrounding farms and quiet community. As of right now, they’ve undergone a major community boost, so it may be a while before they allow new members in. 

hash-markAre All Tiny Home Communities Legal?

Here’s the issue that many people will find if they choose to get a tiny home inside a community: not all of them will be legal. Due to the red tape that comes with creating any housing community (let alone a tiny house community), it can be challenging to find a community that actually happens to be entirely legal. 

If you want to join a community, we strongly suggest vetting your potential community. If it’s not legal, you can probably still move in. Just be forewarned, you might find yourself forced out or asked to leave.

hash-markTiny House Communities Bottom Line

If you’re a fan of tiny homes, there’s a lot of power in numbers. It’s a great idea to be a part of a community where you are surrounded by fellow tiny-home owners. Thankfully, new tiny house communities are popping up every day, so it’s good to check what’s around in your state.