9 Signs You Didn’t Get The Apartment

May 11th 2024
Apartment hunting is a frustrating endeavor. It’s hard to find that perfect area, and when you do, you might not get the apartment after applying. Read on to learn more about eight signs that you didn’t get the apartment. Any of these can jeopardize your chances of signing a lease.

hash-mark9 Signs You Didn’t Get The Apartment

  • Sign 1: You Have a Poor Credit Score
  • Sign 2: You Didn’t Act Quick Enough
  • Sign 3: You Have a Pet
  • Sign 4: You’re Not Making Enough
  • Sign 5: You Haven't Heard Back
  • Sign 5: You Weren’t Professional
  • Sign 6: You Have a Messy Vehicle
  • Sign 7: You Ignored Directions
  • Sign 8. You Lied

hash-markSign 1: You Have a Poor Credit Score

Many landlords want tenants with good credit scores. It will help them determine if you pay rent on time and if you’re a reliable person. A bad credit score is a sign that they might lose money if they accept you as a tenant and that you might be a difficult person to collect rent from.

You can still rent an apartment with bad credit as long as you do a bit of extra work. One option is to take steps to improve your credit score months before the application happens. Alternatively, you can find a co-signer or consider putting up a larger security deposit. 

hash-markSign 2: You Didn’t Act Quick Enough

If you’re in a highly competitive housing market, it’s possible to lose a residence because you don’t act quickly enough. Sometimes, the rental apartment might only be there for a few hours before being snapped up by another tenant. Rather than overthinking things, it’s best to apply as soon as you know you want the apartment.

It’s also vital to have all the fees and payments ready right away if the landlord asks for a deposit. Have a list of the traits you want in a property by your side, and get ready to apply!

hash-markSign 3: You Have a Pet

Pets are an immediate no for some landlords. They can cause damage and irritate neighbors with barks and other noises. Some landlords will even do checks to see if you were lying about the pet on your application. It’s an unfortunate rule, but if you get caught lying about an animal, they have the right to evict you.

Communicate with the landlord ahead of time. If they refuse to let your pet inside the building, you should not apply to the place. There are many pet-friendly options on the market.

hash-markSign 4: You’re Not Making Enough

Landlords want to know they can trust you to make your rent every month. Most landlords follow the 3x rent rule, which states that your monthly income should be 3 times greater than the monthly rent. The requirements will usually be easy to spot, and you can talk to the landlord if you’re unsure. Landlords don’t want someone scrambling to pay them. Ensure you include utilities in this figure.

You don’t want to be in a position where it’s stressful to pay your rent every month. Try to find a more affordable apartment that will make renting a pleasant experience rather than a wildly stressful one twelve times a year.

hash-markSign 5: You Haven't Heard Back

Not hearing back from the landlord or property manager is another sign you didn't get the apartment. The vast majority of the time they will reach out to you within 24 to 48 hours if they are still interested in renting to you. Even if you haven't been approved, they may need additional paperwork, or they might just let you know that they are still processing your application.

It can take 1 to 3 business days to get approved for an apartment, and if they don't want to risk losing you as a potential tenant they will keep you in the loop as they work on your application. 

hash-markSign 6: You Weren’t Professional

First impressions matter. Landlords want tenants that are easy to deal with and if you act in an unprofessional manner, they could see it as a sign of future trouble and might deny your application. When you meet the landlord, act like a professional. This means dressing up and speaking to them in a professional manner. Make every moment count, or your application might get denied. If you’re rude, a landlord won’t take it lightly. The application process is competitive, and you might only get one shot at the apartment.

hash-markSign 7: You Have a Messy Vehicle

As crazy as it sounds, a messy vehicle can let a landlord know that you are not the right person to rent their apartment. If your backseat is full of clothes and wrappers, a landlord might determine that you are too much of a mess. No landlord wants to deal with the aftermath of that after you move out. You’re not worth their time.

Before you apply for an apartment, ensure your car is clean. Prove you can take care of the property you have. The landlord needs to be confident that you will be an ideal tenant before they hand over the keys.

hash-markSign 8: You Ignored Directions

There are often specific instructions on applications. Some might tell you to apply online, while others want you to head to the office to let them know you’re interested. They might ask you to submit documentation or provide further information about yourself. If you don’t, they might ignore your application.

The best way to avoid this misstep is by reading instructions. You should send in the necessary information and apply it the way they request. You want to get off on the right foot with your landlord. It might get you the apartment and prove helpful later on.

hash-markSign 9: You Lied

It’s never a good idea to lie. In the case of apartment renting, this action could lead to losing an apartment. Do not lie to a potential landlord about income, criminal background, or references. And do not submit fake pay stubs or references. Landlords will run credit and background checks, so the truth will unravel at some point and bite you back. They have the right to evict you even if you get the residence.

Act if you’re worried about your background. Be upfront with the landlord and tell them about everything so you don’t waste either your time or their time. Never resort to lying if you think there’s something that will keep your application from going through.

hash-markWhat to Do After Not Getting the Apartment You Wanted 

If you don’t get the apartment you wanted, don’t panic. There are ways to improve before you set out to find another option. Ensure you improve your credit score, dress professionally, and keep everything truthful on your next application. Find a place within your means and search for a pet-friendly area if you have a furry friend.

It can feel impossible to find an apartment, especially if your application is denied the first time you try. Don’t give up! There are plenty of living spaces out there to choose from out there. If you don’t win, try again until you find your new home.